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10 Benefits of having Flexjobs in your Company

Flexjobs is a platform that can help temporary workers find jobs according to their abilities and knowledge. But, before a company appropriated the term, flexjobs was just one of the many terms given to temporary or flexible jobs. These work contracts include many benefits in which employees can experience more freedom than with a regular contract.

Providing your employees with flexjobs can be the difference between loyal and regular employees. In this list, you will learn ten benefits of having this structure in your company. If you would like to experience what it is like to have an employee under these contracts, you can hire a virtual assistant. They are experts in their fields, waiting to help any company achieve its goals. Click here to know more.


Flexjobs Benefits

1. Save on Recruitment

The first benefit of this list is saving on recruitment. While hiring an employee takes a lot of time and a big chunk of the budget, hiring a flexible worker allows you to eliminate some of the most tedious tasks of recruiting, like creating an ad or training a new employee.

With flexible workers, you can skip the first steps of the process and just talk to an agency that handles their resume. After that, you will only need to interview the agency's chosen candidates and pick one. Most of them are already trained by their agency and will be ready to perform the job you need from the get-go.

2. Focus on What Matters

Another great benefit of flexjobs is that they allow you to focus on what matters, like your brand or clientele. These workers can easily take on any admin task your company requires and perform it just the way you want. They will also deliver assignments on time and can even give you recommendations for your next steps.

Some of the most common jobs a flexible worker can do include Social media management, SEO, graphic design, bookkeeping, and personal assistant, among many others.

3. Create Connections

All around the world, there are thousands of remote workers who can nurture your company and become a cultural asset. These flexible employees have plenty of connections that can help your company grow in different communities. And you can take advantage of these connections through them. For this specific benefit, there is something you need to remember, most sales are still made face to face, and having a diverse cultural background is of great help.

Moreover, you will create a connection with your employees, which cannot rival those of regular employees because of their flexibility. But more on that later.

4. Increase your Productivity

It is no secret that flexible work employees like their companies better. With flexjobs, you can give your employees the sense of freedom they deserve, and your workers will appreciate it. A study in 2018 showed that companies that provide their laborers with a flexible schedule increased their productivity by 20% in their second year. Something that you should not treat lightly.

Sure, there are still some outliers who will take advantage of this offer and will just be there for the paycheck, but as remote work becomes more popular, these types of "workers" are going extinct.

5. Save on Employee Benefits

Employee benefits are some of the most expensive things you will have to pay when having a company. You care about your employees, and that is why you provide them with health insurance, vacations, and perks within your company.

One great solution to paying employee benefits and still caring about your regular workers is to hire additional flexible workers for your team. These laborers do not require benefits, as they are already provided by the agency they work for. So, you only have to worry about paying the agency's plan. Neat, right?

6. Save on Equipment and Office Space

When hiring a regular employee, you must provide them with equipment, office space, logins, and several other tools that cost a lot of your budget. Plus, as your company grows, you may find yourself in a limited office space, and you may have to move to a bigger place.

Fortunately, most flexible workers perform their duties remotely. They have their own equipment and tools to do their tasks from other parts of the world, and the best thing is, you do not have to pay for any of it.

7. Access to Global Talent

Have you ever wondered how people get jobs in other parts of the world? That is because they are amazing at what they do, and their work may be underrated in their local companies.

Flexible workers are the definition of success. They have worked with dozens of companies from around the world, gaining experience, knowledge, and most importantly, learning different points of view. They have worked in other CEOs' shoes, so you can learn from their mistakes and apply their achievements to your company.

8. Improve Retention

Employees love companies who can provide them with perks that allow them to enjoy life more. Sure, there are a lot of things required by law, but the fact is that most employees are not happy with the company they are working for, and most of that unhappiness is due to the fact that they have to spend nine hours every day in an office.

Having flexible jobs makes employees happy. They like the availability of doing certain chores within their work hours and the freedom to ask for extra benefits whenever possible. Stop being a dinosaur company and join the workspace revolution!

9. Increase Employee Engagement

As we mentioned on benefit three, the connection you create with your employees when providing flexible jobs is incomparable to those with regular schedules. You might be wondering, how is that possible? The longer you spend with someone, the more you get to know them. While that last statement may be true for most people you meet, you will have to ask yourself: From that nine hours spent in the office, how much time are you actually spending getting to know your employees?

Flexible workers stay in touch with you most days. They can talk about their work worries and their success. The most important principle of having flexible workers is communication. If you do not communicate with your flex workers enough, you will not get the best of them.

10. Extend your Office Schedule

Finally, the last benefit you will learn from flexjobs is extending your office schedule. In previous benefits, we mentioned that remote workers worldwide are willing to work for your company and provide insights and comparisons from other businesses they have worked for. This analysis can even get you to hire a few workers worldwide and transform your schedule from a 9 to 5 base to a 24/7 service.

For example, if you want to offer your clients 24/7 customer service, flex workers are a great answer instead of having to pay graveyard, Sunday, or holiday shifts. An offer which cannot be refused.

Join the Workspace Revolution

Every company's ideal is to save money without impacting the quality of their product or service, and flexjobs is a great way to do it. As you can see from the list above, flexjobs provides companies with great benefits that cannot be compared to regular employees. Moreover, you can rest assured that the flexible workers are experts who will handle their company as if it was their own. Some of them even are skilled entrepreneurs!

Stop copy-pasting ads on job boards and join the workspace revolution with New Age Cubicle! We offer all the services and benefits mentioned above and more!


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