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10 Reasons why you should hire a Virtual Assistant

There are many reasons why you should hire a virtual assistant. Ranging from simple task delegation to creating unique designs or effective marketing strategies, virtual assistants can help any company complete its task on time.

why you should hire a virtual assistant

If you are still unsure if a virtual assistant is suitable for your company, you will find ten reasons below why you should hire a virtual assistant. These reasons are not only to highlight a VA's skills. Others can make you realize the amount of money you can save by having a virtual assistant instead of a regular employee.

10 Reasons to hire a Virtual Assistant

1. Recruitment

Whenever you need extra help, you will likely consider hiring a new employee to carry out a specific task within your company. Whether it is sales or customer service, a regular employee needs to be recruited for the assignments to be completed.

When hiring a new employee, you must follow the recruitment process. You will start by posting an ad online, reading dozens of resumes, and interviewing the best candidates. While this may not take a big part of your budget, it does take a lot of time.

In contrast, hiring a virtual assistant eliminates the tedious part of the process. You will only need to explain your company's needs to a consultant, and they will provide you with the right worker for your company. Furthermore, you can interview these prospects if you are unsure about them, but the screening process is something you will not have to worry about anymore.

2. Equipment and Office Space

If you work in a small office, you know that space is of vital importance. Moreover, if you want to recruit a new prospect, you will need to make some space in your office to arrange their workstation, including a computer, a desk, a chair, and all the necessary things an employee needs to perform their job.

Virtual assistants have no problem with office space simply because they are not located inside the office. They will constantly communicate with all related employees and allow you to use that "spare" space for other things, like expanding the rest of your employees' space.

3. Training

Every time you hire an employee, you must train them in the arts of your company. You will need to teach them specific processes and give them a few weeks to get used to how your company works.

On the other side of the spectrum, we can find virtual assistants. VAs are trained in the most common tasks of any company, even if the company they are working for is in different industries. With a virtual assistant, you can forget about training a new worker and avoid the errors all of us make during the first weeks at a new office.

4. Benefits, Payroll, and Perks

Acquiring a new employee comes with some extra budget preparations you will need to make before even thinking about hiring someone. You need to take into account all the benefits, like insurance, the payroll, and the different perks you will offer to the new prospect.

VAs can easily save you that extra budget you were planning to use for these benefits. Virtual assistants are paid by the agency they work for or take care of the perks themselves. You can rest assured that they are treated well within their company and that those benefits are paid by the agency, not you.

5. Delegate menial tasks

Moving on to time-saving reasons why you should hire a virtual assistant, delegating is part of any business process. If delegation wouldn't exist, the truth is that most companies would not survive during the first six months.

Delegating tasks to a virtual assistant is like having another employee in your company. Furthermore, it is like having a grade-A employee in your business. They will take care of all the tasks you assign and deliver them when you want them delivered without constantly checking up on the VA.

6. Cultural Knowledge

Virtual assistants have worked with dozens of companies in their lifetimes. They have learned all of the practical aspects of each company and can apply them to new industries worldwide.

Not only will you be saving money from hiring a virtual assistant, but you will also have a cultural asset in your business. This cultural aspect can help you tackle problems you might haven't even considered.

7. Expertise/Consultancy

Most virtual assistants can be hired to complete any task of a company. But did you know that they can also be employed as consultants? VAs possess the knowledge of a hundred workers. Since they have worked with many companies before, it is tough for them to encounter a problem for which they do not already have a solution.

Hiring a VA as a consultant can help your company grow in specific areas that need to be taken care of, like sales or marketing. You can even assign them to a particular department while you work on another to maximize sales, which is an excellent strategy for Black Friday.

8. Flexible Working Hours

Ever wondered how big companies have working employees working graveyard shifts? The fact is that some companies like having these types of shifts, but it is also the truth that most of them have employees located in different parts of the world to maintain a 24/7 schedule.

If you would like to be part of that elite few, you do not need to hire hundreds of employees every peak season. Virtual assistants can perform their tasks effectively from anywhere in the world. They can also take care of your customer service during off hours, so you don't lose a single sale or client.

9. Team Management

Just as you can hire a VA as a consultant, you can hire a virtual assistant to lead a team to success. Many VAs have previous management experience and can easily make a team of workers bond together to create the perfect sales team or the best medical billing experience.

Their knowledge, skills, and experience working with many clients provide them with incomparable wisdom in people. They are able to get the best out of an employee and focus it on generating more revenue for your business.

10. E-commerce

As Black Friday and Cyber Monday approach, you might need an extra pair of hands on your eCommerce website so the shopping experience is as smooth as possible. This situation is where a virtual assistant can come in.

VAs have experience with eCommerce websites like no other employee. They can keep track of your current stock while connecting all of the most important eCommerce websites, like Amazon and eBay, to one single platform and manage everything from there. The only step you will need to make for yourself is to sit back and watch the magic trick that transforms inventory into revenue.

You should hire a Virtual Assistant

Now that you have read all these reasons why you should hire a virtual assistant, we ask you, what is stopping you from releasing your company's full potential while saving the most budget you can?

If you want to know more about virtual assistants, we await your call. We can clear any doubts about VAs and provide you with all the information you need to hire one.

Become part of the future of the workforce.


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