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130+ Powerful Marketing Words to use on Black Friday 2022

Powerful marketing words that will inspire your advertisements.

powerful marketing words

The holiday season is almost here. Sure, as a customer you would say that we are still three months away from the holidays, but as a business owner, you know the holiday season is always closer than you think. Between preparing marketing strategies and making sales calls there is one important thing you need to have in mind for the season - your ads.

In the last few decades, advertising has transformed the way we buy our products. And now, with the recent boom in social media and search engines advertisements, you need to start using revolutionary marketing words that can help you in the quest to success. We have compiled a list of words that will engage your audience like never before.

We have divided this list into sections to help you find the words to achieve your marketing goals this season and the next. Take a look at the list below.

Marketing Words to create a Sense of Urgency

Creating a sense of urgency is one of the oldest practices in the book. By reminding your customers that an offer is ending or that your product has limited availability, you can create a "need" in the consumer's mind.

  • Now

  • Expires

  • Limited-time only

  • Hurry

  • While supplies last

  • Last chance

  • Can't miss

  • Download now

  • Sale ends on...

  • Act now before time runs out

  • Going fast

  • Quick

  • Last minute offer

  • Seconds

  • Don't miss out

Marketing Words to build trust

Unfortunately, customers are trusting some companies less and less every year. But with great customer service, excellent products and with the words below, you will build trust in your potential consumers and ensure loyalty from your regular customers.

  • Check our testimonials

  • Reviewed by thousands

  • Check our FAQ

  • Register, and we will contact you

  • Chat live with a specialist

  • Risk-Free Guarantee

  • Customer approved

  • Get a Call-back

Marketing Words to reduce Risk

Tied together with the list above, marketing words can also ensure that customers are risk-free when buying a product. Most companies that use reduce risk words are pioneers in certain products. So, if you have something never seen before, these may be the words to use at first.

  • Moneyback guarantee

  • No obligation

  • No contracts

  • Cancel any time

  • Try it first, purchase later

  • Free returns

  • Book a demo

  • Schedule a free consultation

  • No purchase necessary

  • Free trial

  • No risk

  • Proven

  • Verified

  • Endorsed

  • Secure

Marketing Words to generate curiosity

Now and then, you will find products that spark your curiosity, even though you have no idea what they are. Chances are, the company behind these products is using words that spark your interest and make you want to learn more about the product.

  • Announcing

  • Deal

  • What do you have to lose?

  • A bargain can't be beat

  • Introducing

  • Take advantage of this special offer

  • Compare

  • Challenge

  • Join

  • Imagine

  • Special

  • Discover

  • Real results

  • Achieve growth

  • Find out

  • Learn more

  • Learn how to

  • Click here

  • Release

  • Soon

  • Get access

  • Unlock

  • See why

  • Start

  • Stop

  • Release

  • Soon

  • Discover

  • Experience

  • Explore

  • Venture

  • Adventure

  • Expedition

Marketing Words to give more Value to your Product

Your products are valuable. You take your time making each of them and want your customers to love your product as much as you do. With the words below, you can promote that extra value to your products and ensure consumers you offer top-notch quality.

  • Top-notch

  • Secret

  • Best Value

  • Premium

  • Limited

  • Rare

  • Safe

  • Secure

  • New

  • Edition

  • Efficient

  • Quality assured

  • Custom-built

  • One-of-a-kind

  • Unique

  • Ultimate

  • Exotic

  • Harness the power of...

  • Country's best

  • Select

  • Get the most out of your money

  • Best bang for your buck

  • Authentic

  • Original

  • Official

  • Brand-recognized

  • First of its kind

Marketing Words to suggest Benefits

This section is dedicated to service selling companies. But, it doesn't mean that if you sell physical products, you can't use them. Marketing words that infer growth offer positive thinking to the consumer and can inform them about the benefits of your products or services.

  • Boost

  • Improve

  • Amplify

  • Enhance

  • Satisfaction

  • Painless

  • Gain

  • Simple

  • Prosper

  • Ramp-up

  • Increase

  • Maximize

  • Protected

  • Privacy

  • Tested

  • Achieve

  • Reach

Marketing words to promote Savings

Lastly, on this list, we will take a look at marketing words that promote savings. You can use these words in holiday seasons, announcing a new product or offering deals. These words can infiltrate the consumers' minds and convince them to buy a product they thought was a little expensive before.

  • Collect

  • Free sample

  • Free trial

  • Get your money's worth

  • Without breaking the bank

  • Easy on your wallet

  • Budget-friendly

  • Earn rewards

  • Apply now for a discount

  • Deals every week

  • Loyalty reward

  • Cash-back

  • Lifetime guarantee

  • Moneyback


Marketing words are there to help your business convince its target audience to buy your products or services. Use this guide wisely, as some of these words may sound powerful but may not work for your potential consumers. Mix and match a few of the terms and make one-day tests in your campaigns to see which of them works best for you.

Happy advertising and good luck in the peak season!


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