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22 Ecommerce Business Ideas for 2022

Ecommerce businesses have had a boom over the last couple of years. If you are considering adding an e-store to your company, here are 22 eCommerce business ideas for 2022 you should try. These ideas include ways to make your newly founded e-commerce company grow faster and different products you can add to your inventory to maximize sales.

ecommerce business ideas

1. B2B Companies

When starting an eCommerce company, most people think all of their products will be distributed to customers, and that's it. On the contrary, you should not limit the company's possibilities to increase revenue. Selling your products in bulk or offering services like marketing and customer service from within your company to other businesses could help you expand your market.

2. Handicrafted or Personalized Items

One of the first thoughts leaders have when creating an eCommerce business is how they are going to compete against Amazon or eBay. The reality is: you shouldn't. Competing with monsters like Amazon or eBay is an impossible task unless you have the means to do it, which most likely exceed most budgets combined. But, you can offer a little extra that these platforms don't, like personalized or handcrafted products. You can even take advantage of these platforms and sell your merchandise there at a higher price.

3. Influencer Market

While it may sound quite complicated, taking advantage of the influencer market is simple. The only negative aspect is finding the right influencer that can help you sell your products. Go into social media and try to find entrepreneurs that resemble your brand and values. After finding them, you can contact them through a direct message or through the means of communication they use. It is wise to have several offers prepared as most influencers already know what to expect for companies trying to sponsor them.

4. Product Selection

While the actual advice from this idea could be to expand your inventory, the fact is that you need a lot of the budget to add products to your stock. But, you can save for certain articles that are guaranteed to sell in the holiday season. These articles include toys, flowers, balloons, gift baskets, and many more. You can save as much as you can on the slow season and invest a little more in the holiday seasons.

5. Subscriptions

If you are considering making a blog to position yourself with SEO, you might want to look into the subscriptions your page publisher has. WordPress and Wix both have options for you to set up different subscription plans so your customers can read your complete articles for a fee. Or, you can opt for a plan like many news pages, you have a few pieces to read for free, but after that, you need to pay a subscription. Just make sure that your content is attractive and inspires the reader to learn more about your products and the things your write.

6. Used Products

This tip is specifically designed if you already have a settled eCommerce business and are looking for fresh ideas. You can add a category for used articles within your web page, preferably the same products you sell as new. This category can give your customers an excellent way to get rid of old products and earn a slight discount for buying a more recent version of the product.

7. Recycling Program

Linked to the idea above, you can also provide a recycling program for old products bought in your store. You can have the old product picked up (or the customers can send it to you with a prepaid label) and offer discounts for other products in your store or the ability to use that credit for different purposes within your enterprise.

8. Niche Apparel Products

Selling apparel products to specific niches may be one of the best eCommerce business ideas on this list. For example, many YouTube channels dedicated to comics, superhero movies, and videogames expand their sales by designing clothes with several logos from entertainment enterprises. The only downside for this idea is the trademarks that come behind it. Try contacting each company representative and ask about which deals they have for eCommerce businesses.

9. Newsletters

Newsletters are one of the best ways to keep your customers engaged and nurtured. You can include coupons, deals, and sales in the letter and register every time a customer uses it. You can then generate a list of the customers who are most likely to use this type of discount and send them even more or create a loyalty program.

10. Loyalty Program

Creating a loyalty program has a lot of benefits for your company as well as for your customers. Loyalty programs are based on how much a particular customer spends in your store. Most retailers handle these programs through cards or a point-based system. When consumers reach a certain number of "credits," they are entitled to a discount or an incredible deal.

11. Social Media

Social media is part of our everyday lives. Take advantage of it by creating unique content to attract customers. You can also run ads specifically directed to your target audience. In addition, you can engage customers through direct messages and answer all of their doubts concerning your products or services.

12. Channel Expansion

In this day and age, communication channels are optimized for you to get to many consumers in several ways. Whether you choose to create something bigger like a YouTube channel or a stream, or something smaller like a Twitter account or a Pinterest board, there are a lot of options available for you to reach the correct audience.

13. Eco-friendly Products

Depending on the products you sell, you can opt to go green for the planet's sake. Most customers appreciate when a company is worried about the environment, and being eco-friendly can give your buyers a sense of safety. The only disadvantage of this idea is that it is easier said than done. Going eco-friendly is one of the most expensive things to do if you didn't consider it from the start. Make sure to check with your bookkeepers and accountants if this option is viable for your eCommerce business.

14. Printing on Demand

Similar to the niche apparel products, printing on demand for other companies or customers can generate more revenue than you expect. If you already have the printing equipment, you can sell your services as a printing company to other businesses that may need it. You can also work a deal with your B2B buyers and have them put your name on their webpage.

15. Develop an App

If you have some remainder of last year's budget, you can opt to use to develop an app for your eCommerce business. Having an app allows customers to place and track their orders, contact customer services, and much more. Of course, developing an app is no easy task nor cheap. Analyze this idea with your team before committing to it.

16. Payment Solutions

Over the last few years, payment companies have increased their revenue by making customers feel safe when using their cards online. Businesses like Paypal or Venmo are good examples of this idea. You can add as many payment options as you want when trying to sell a product, though it is advised that you research this app beforehand, as some of them charge fees to sellers when executing the purchase.

17. Testimonials/Reviews

Depending on whether your company sells products or services, a testimonial or a review is a great way to convince consumers about your product. Take a few minutes of your time to nurture your current clients and ask them for a small paragraph about their experience with your business. You can also rely on services like SurveyMonkey or other survey apps to get the best reviews.

18. Landing Pages

Landing pages are a must for all eCommerce companies. You need to create a landing page that is attractive for your customers and represents the best of your values. For our complete guide for Landing Pages, you can click here.

19. FAQ Pages

You can add a FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions webpage to your site and provide the information your clientele can find for themselves. It's imperative to have an easily accessible self-service option. It allows them to quickly find the answers to any issues that may come up when using your product or service. Ensure to include all the questions that customers have repeatedly asked in the past. Moreover, debate with your customer support team what other questions should be on the FAQ webpage.

20. Customer Service Empathy

Remember to always be polite with your customer. There will be times when the customer is uncomfortable with the call, and it is your customer support team's job to turn the call around. Moreover, by matching your customer's tone and using active listening skills, your team will be able to identify the customer's problem and find a solution quickly.

21. Site Speed

One of the main concerns when opening an e-store is the site's speed. While you would want the fastest speed possible on your website, having hundreds of products may be counterproductive for obtaining it. You can check several tutorials online for WordPress and Wix. But, if you did not use one of those platforms to create your webpage, you would want to talk to a web designer.

22. Product Images

While taking pictures of your products in your home might save you a quick buck, the fact is you need a professional to take your product's photographs. Several product photographers specialize in eCommerce and have all the necessary equipment to get the job done. Check with your local photographers and try to work a deal by the number of products.


These eCommerce business ideas are perfect for anyone who is looking to start a new company or for more experimented entrepreneurs. The most important tip of all is to be creative. The more creative your ideas are, the more possibilities your company has to engage new customers and maintain regular ones. Don't be afraid to implement an idea you always had, but always check with your different departments or associates to reach the full potential of that idea. It might be the next big thing!


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