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22 Small Business Marketing Ideas for 2022

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Small business marketing is the foundation of the future economy. As more and more people take advantage of the thousands of tools created by other small companies, the world's market panorama takes a different route toward creating opportunities.

Within these opportunities, business owners and entrepreneurs can learn and understand their customers better. In this article, you will explore different ideas in the industry to generate brand awareness, attract more clients, and overall increase your ROI.

small business marketing ideas

Small Business Marketing Ideas

1. Refine your Target

Whether you are starting your small business journey or are an experienced entrepreneur, refining your marketing target will help you engage new customers and create opportunities to increase your revenue.

2. Hire a Copywriter

Still have a few loose ends on your website or product descriptions? Copywriters are expert writers who can help your business by making your product descriptions and website values more in-depth and attractive.

3. Update your Business Cards

While physical business cards are on their way out of the market, digital ones are taking over. There are a lot of apps where you can create an e-business card that can contain all of your relevant information along with other features, like a link to your blog or special offers for your products.

4. Build Landing Pages

Landing pages are the foundation of marketing. While sometimes you can get away with your homepages, marketing experts recommend building specific landing pages for each campaign you will manage. This method will provide a better understanding of your campaign to your customers.

5. Increase Variety

While this step is easier said and done, you always need to have some type of "research and development" department, even if it is only in your head! Do you have a good idea? Try it out with only a few units for your loyal customers. Listen to what they say about your new asset, and apply any necessary changes.

6. Marketing Products

From pens to computer mice, marketing products are essential to any company that wishes to engage with its customers. Most people hang on to things they can use, like mugs, magnets, or stationary articles. Moreover, don't stay on the physical side of things. Try to go digital too!

7. Attend Events

Trade shows, workshops, and conferences are some of the most popular events. Try to be social and listen to other entrepreneurs and small business owners. Most ideas can be transposed to other uses, more specifically, uses that can benefit you and your company.

8. Run a Cold Email Campaign

While sometimes on the expensive side, cold email campaigns are a great way to reach out to new customers and convince them to buy any of your products. Be careful with your local laws and try a few platforms before committing to one first. Most of them offer free trials.

9. Re-engage Old Customers

Sometimes customers just stop buying certain products because they do not need them anymore. If you choose to increase Variety or have an ample selection of products and services, you can try to reconnect with customers which you haven't heard from in a while. They already trust your brand. They just need the right product.

10. Physical Advertisements

If you are part of a local business, you can opt for physical advertisements. While some are expensive, like TV or billboard ads, some come at a low price, like the local newspaper or flyers on community boards. Moreover, you can get ads on different websites that your target audience might be interested in.

11. Be your Own Advertisement

Just as you support your favorite sports team or your favorite band by wearing apparel designed by them, you should do the same thing for your company. Make designs for different products like clothing, stationery products, or stickers. Print out a few of them and give them to your friends and loyal customers. It will generate a conversation, trust us.

12. Hire a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are experts in their fields willing to help any company increase their ROI, balance their books, or simply keep a tidy schedule for them. There are many options and plans that you can choose from, and some of them don't have a forced contract.

13. Create Social Media Presence

Social media has been around for 20 years now. The options and variety these platforms present are endless. Therefore, you have an infinite number of opportunities to find new clients. Engage these people and convert them into loyal customers. Do not overlook social media, even if you are a local business.

14. Try the Influencer Market

While some products or services are more challenging to place than others in the influencer market, the chances are that you will find the right influencer to promote your products. The most important thing is not to be led by the number of followers a specific account has. If they are not your target audience, you may have some problems. Look for the audience, then look for the influencer.

15. Be active on Linkedin

Linkedin is one of the most popular social media platforms. Their focus on the job ambit is one of their best features. Take advantage of this feature by posting regularly, interacting with other users, and participating in several topics that relate to your niche market.

16. Write a Blog

Blogs are the foundation of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). By having articles on your website following the SEO guidelines, you will be able to rank higher when someone is looking for a product or a service like yours in any search engine. Blogs help reach out to people and define your company's tone and voice. While blogs are time-consuming, it is vital that you have one on your website.

17. Tik Tok for Younger Audiences

If your primary target is younger audiences, you can try using Tik Tok. This platform is overpopulated by people from Gen X to Gen Alpha. Choose your post designs carefully, as the platform's algorithm tends to promote self-made content instead of big productions.

18. Develop an Instagram Aesthetic

Have you ever clicked on an Instagram profile and noticed that all of its pictures are arranged in a certain way? This composition is specifically designed to generate more attractiveness in your Instagram profile. The better it looks, the most likely people will visit it regularly.

19. Google Ads

Google ads are one of the most effective ways to promote your services or products. But it comes with a price. Navigating it can be challenging if you don't have any previous experience. Fortunately, Google offers several courses on their websites for you to become an expert. If you lack the time, you can hire a virtual assistant or an Adwords expert to do this task for you.

20. Create a YouTube Channel

Whatever your main focus is, products or services, YouTube is a great platform to post videos and get yourself some renown in the community. Youtube has consolidated as the second most used search engine in the world, as more and more people look for tutorial videos on specific topics. An opportunity you would not like to miss.

21. YouTube Ads

The best format for any advertisement is a video, and YouTube is one of the best platforms to advertise your products and services. When advertising on YouTube, the one thing to remember is to keep it short and simple. The shorter the video, the less chance that viewers can skip it.

22. It is Okay to ask for Help

Do not hesitate to ask for help if you need it. All across the world, there are experts who can help you with any tasks, doubts, or concerns you have about certain steps of becoming successful. Try making a group of people and meet over the internet to discuss certain topics, have research meetings, grow together.

We are halfway through 2022. While the New Year's wishes have faded away, there isn't a better time to start working on your small business marketing ideas than right now. Think ahead and make preparations for the stronger part of the year. Make the necessary changes and enjoy all the benefits of being your own boss.

If you need help with any tasks or would like to know more about Virtual Assistants, do not hesitate to Schedule a Free Consultation with us. We will be happy to hear from you.


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