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22 Tasks to delegate to your Virtual Assistant

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

There are hundreds of tasks to delegate to a virtual assistant. From simple time management to marketing strategies, a VA's duty list includes most admin tasks of any enterprise. They can also take management roles to lead your team to higher revenue on Black Friday.

Tasks to delegate to your Virtual Assistant

In this article, you will learn some of the most common categories of tasks you can delegate to a virtual assistant. Remember that some of these tasks depend on the virtual assistant you hire. Remember to describe your company's needs to your VA or an agency so they can provide you with the best worker possible.

25 Tasks to Delegate to your Virtual Assistant

1. Scheduling

From simple appointments with your clients to organizing significant events, virtual assistants can easily manage your company's time and their own so they can complete all duties.

2. Email Management

If you are struggling with space in your email, then a virtual assistant can organize your Gmail, Mailchimp, or other email provider platforms so you can free up some space. Plus, they can also assign filters to your email, ensuring every message goes precisely where it needs to go.

3. Competitor Analysis

As a small business owner, you always have to keep track of the competition. But, between creating the perfect product or service and nurturing your clients, you might be short on time to keep an eye on your competitors. Delegate this task to your VA!

4. Sales

Sales are one of the most important departments in a business, and with it comes thousands of trials and errors to find the right formula to make your customers buy more of one of your products. Virtual sales assistants can not only create sales campaigns, but they can also be used for cold calls, lead nurturing, and funneling.

5. CRM Databases

A database of all your loyal customers and potential leads is a must in this modern era. A virtual assistant can help you create, filter, and organize any CRM database, so you will only have to worry about closing the deal.

6. Cold Email Campaigns

While some say that email is dead, the fact is that it is more active than ever. With the practicality of cold email campaign platforms, you can contact hundreds of potential customers in a single day, although setting it up will require quite some time. Fortunately, your VA can handle any email campaign from the comfort of their home.

7. Market Research

One of the advantages of market research is that it is somewhat of a simple task, but a crucial disadvantage is that it takes a lot of time to perform. Virtual assistants can take that needed time off your hands and do the task themselves so you can focus on what matters.

8. Community Management

Social media has become one of the best channels to get in touch with your customers and generate potential leads. A virtual assistant can take this task by the horns and take care of your social media platforms by responding to messages, creating posts, and nurturing your clients.

9. Social Media Ads

Another great advantage of social media is the advertisement you can create on each one of the platforms you use. Creating ads may be daunting, but your VA can easily make the proper segmentation, create an exciting design, and advertise it across all your social media platforms.

10. Google Ads

Google ads are an exquisite way to promote your company without needing flashy images or lots of text. Virtual assistants can create an Adwords profile that suits your company's advertising needs, plus provide discoverability in all of the most used search engines.

11. Blog writing and SEO

Virtual assistants excel at writing. Their experience talks for itself, and their creativity goes above and beyond any conventional blog writer. VAs can also help you optimize your SEO so your company can rank better in search engines.

12. Copywriting

In some cases, copywriting can be treated like an art form. It is easy to write about what you know, but are those topics the ones your audience is interested in? If they are, you just saved a bit of money but sacrificed a lot of time. VAs can create the best ideas and compress them into a few words so your target audience can feel identified and interested without reading your full company statement.

13. Keyword Research

During the last few years, SEO has become one of the world's top-grossing types of company discoverability. But having a good SEO also means having unique keyword research skills, which a VA possesses.

14. E-commerce

Virtual assistants specialize in everything remote, including eCommerce, from product descriptions to holiday banners, to connecting your company's eCommerce accounts into one platform. Take advantage of their skills and knowledge and revamp your website.

15. Customer Service

Virtual assistants are one of the best workers in the world to work in customer service. Not only can they take care of your customers' concerns and problems, but they can also devise a plan to maintain your customers loyal to your business, like a rewards program.

16. Design

Most virtual assistants have dabbled with design at least a few times in their careers. While some may be more experienced, any virtual assistant can create something beautiful and effective for your clients to see.

17. Image and Video editing

Image and video editing require top-notch skills, and while a VA may possess them, only a few selected can be considered experts in the field. But, if you only want a few videos and simple photo editions for your social media, a VA can easily take those tasks head-on.

18. Interpretation and Translation

In the modern age, translating texts has become necessary for any business that wants to distribute its products around the world. Bilingual and trilingual VAs are available for anyone who needs them. Not only do they possess excellent translating skills, but they can also provide interpretation for certain texts like voiceovers or dubbing.

19. Real Estate

Real estate is one of the most important markets worldwide, not to mention that it is one of humanity's oldest industries. Virtual assistants can tackle tasks like listing management, client follow-ups, and managing open houses, among other related jobs.

20. Bookkeeping

Companies can prosper without a marketer or a designer as long as creativity is the main focus of their campaigns. Unfortunately, bookkeeping is one of the few tasks necessary for any enterprise. Your newly hired VA can keep track of your business expenses and revenue while you use that free time to focus your creativity on something else.

21. Web Maintenance and Design

Your business' webpage is the presentation card of your services to your audience. Without it, you may struggle to find new clients and maintain the ones you already have. Virtual assistants can create or revamp your website to attract more attention to your brand while maintaining a constant website speed and great SEO and fix any programming trouble you can encounter, even with web creators like Wix or WordPress.

22. Medical Billing

Medical billing is an essential task for any insurance or healthcare company. While it is not a difficult task to do, contacting every one of the customers who need help with their insurance or that became late on a payment can be time-consuming. With your new virtual assistant, you can rest assured that your clients are treated nicely and that all the ledgers are transparent.

The Thousand and One Tasks of a Virtual Assistant

The duties of a virtual assistant are never over. As they work for more companies and expand their knowledge and skillset, the opportunities they can create to grow a business are endless. If you are considering hiring a virtual assistant for the holiday season but are unsure if you should go this route, you can schedule a free consultation with us! We can help you clear any doubts about these outstanding workers and can match you with the right employee for your needs at half the price of a regular one.


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