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5 Benefits of Using a Staffing Agency

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Hiring a staffing agency for your business has never been easier. Staffing agencies specialize in getting the best candidates for any type of business without you having to deal with the recruitment process. They also take care of providing the employees with the relevant benefits and perks so you can be able to hire them for short periods or large projects.

staffing agency

In this post, you will find the five most important benefits of hiring a staffing agency. Ranging from time-saving tasks to money-saving duties, these agencies can quickly provide the right employee to the right company, making this perfect match an investment in which you will see results in less time.

Staffing Agency

Before you get to learn about the benefits, it's vital that you understand how a staffing agency works. According to Indeed, a staffing agency is a business that provides qualified employees for businesses. As agency clients, companies can hire temporary, part-time, or full-time associates depending on the job vacancies they need to fill.

The process of a staffing agency is relatively straightforward. They do the tasks of any human resources department, but with a few extra steps to ensure that the right candidate goes to the business that hired the agency. Take a look at those steps below.

  1. Detail interview with the business to understand what it needs.

  2. Post to several job boards and/or run social media campaigns to find suitable candidates.

  3. Screen resumes.

  4. Shortlist candidates

  5. Schedule Interviews with candidates

  6. Pick a candidate for the business to interview

  7. The candidate becomes an employee

While some steps may vary from agency to agency, depending on which one you choose, the fact is that staffing agencies are bridges between a company and the employee the company needs.

5 Benefits of a Staffing Agency

1. Employee Cost

Permanently hiring employees is much more than just the salary they are being paid. You also must consider factors like permanent benefits and what they cost you in the long run.

Staffing agencies are different from traditional recruitment agencies, which take an employer's security in place of payment. In contrast, staffing agencies pay the worker for their time, meaning employers avoid the financial risks associated with the employee onboarding process - like paying for health insurance or sick leaves.

2. Training and Equipment

A new employee's training process might take up to 2 weeks, which is expensive. Plus, you also need to provide the necessary equipment to do their job, which can even be more expensive. Luckily, staffing agencies can replace those considerable costs by providing an employee who is already trained and has all the necessary tools to perform the task you need.

Most staffing agencies provide their employees with time-based jobs, like virtual assistants. Some popular tasks for VAs include writing, design, social media management, and even bookkeeping. You can also hire a VA for one-time projects, which could be helpful if your job is project-based.

3. Talent Networks

A staffing agency that is committed to a candidate will invest in them for the long haul. They will get through to their friends in the industry, network with other people who may have resources for qualified candidates, and speak with prospects on a regular basis. Meanwhile, most employers are too busy running their own companies and don't have time to do all this networking themselves.

Staffing agencies live for this excitement. When a candidate is referred to an employer by a staffing agency, they are well-rehearsed and ready to discuss their experience. They can present a list of references and professional connections in many industries. The agency already identified the skills and knowledge that a candidate has that are relevant to the job at hand during the recruitment process, providing you with the best candidate possible.

4. Free Trials

Wouldn't you love to have a free trial for everything? Would you like to perform a little test on anything before you commit to something in particular? We bet your answer is yes, and if you have thought about this regarding some of your employees, then a staffing agency is the right option for your company.

Most staffing agencies offer a free trial or a money-back guarantee when providing a business with an employee. But the fact is that most companies who hire these types of agencies will ask to maintain the employee for more time due to the knowledge and expertise the new employee has.

5. Overtime

Overtime is one of the most dreaded things a small business owner may encounter. If overtime is not handled well, it can lead to disastrous consequences due to the amount of money an employer needs to pay their workers.

A staffing agency is one of the most elegant solutions for fighting overtime. Since you can hire employees through the agency to only work a few hours, these virtual assistants can help you achieve those tasks that take considerable time to complete.

Hiring a Staffing Agency

Businesses today are looking for ways to save time and effort. Thankfully, there's plenty of help out there with staffing agencies that can provide virtual assistants. These VAs can perform tasks you don't want to or are unable to, so you can now focus on your business better. In addition, you can find VAs on freelancing sites and staffing agencies who offer assistance by the hour, day, or project. Some VAs can even help with your personal life as personal assistants!

Schedule a free consultation with us here at New Age Cubicle! We have a significant number of plans with a ton of options to modify. Our team is eager to help your company release its full potential. Don't waste more time and try a virtual assistant today!


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