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5 Keys to Using a Staffing Temp Agency Effectively

Working with a staffing temp agency can be a great way to fill in staffing gaps, take advantage of new opportunities, and increase the efficiency of your company. But when it comes to selecting a temp agency, it's essential to find the one that's the right fit for your business. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your decision to work with a staffing temp agency.

staffing temp agency

Align your needs with the agency's services.

Before selecting a staffing temp agency, use this opportunity to review and update your company's hiring needs. This includes outlining job responsibilities, desired qualifications, the number of hours you need to be filled, and any other details to help ensure the temp assignment is successful. When the agency understands these parameters from the start, they can select candidates who will better fit the job.

When looking for the right staffing temp agency, evaluate their services and ask questions to ensure they meet your needs. Do they have additional resources to check job candidates' backgrounds? Is there an onboarding process, or do they use their own platform? Ensure the agency is familiar with any industry-specific terms or regulations that must be followed during the hiring process.

Understanding these factors will help ensure you are partnering with an agency that can deliver quality staff and help you cut through the time-consuming paperwork associated with temp jobs.

Interact with a recruiter and provide feedback.

After the staffing temp agency reviews your hiring needs, communicate directly with a recruiter and provide feedback on the staffing process. Ask whether any additional resources are available from the agency that you could use to supplement your team's efforts. Also, request time to review resumes, look over candidates, and interview top picks to ensure the right fit for each job role. Moreover, be sure to take notes of any questions or concerns you have about finding potential employees through the agency so that you can discuss these later.

Working with a temp agency benefits businesses because it allows you to quickly hire qualified and reliable personnel instead of waiting weeks or months for the right person. Dedicate ample time and effort to building strong relationships with recruiters to ensure you get the most out of your staffing temp agency. Take advantage of their help preparing job descriptions, running background checks, and setting up interviews. A seasoned recruiter can offer insight into various processes and provide assistance throughout the recruitment journey so that you hire the right candidate swiftly, efficiently, and comfortably.

Be proactive in determining the suitable duration for an assignment.

The right duration for a temporary assignment can mean finding a great employee or missing out on someone with a suitable skill set. Talk with your assigned recruiter to get their professional opinion and determine the best length of temporary assignments. Be sure to ask how long they recommend each job should be filled and consider what is in your company's best interest, both financially and figuratively. Include a date when candidates must be made permanent or let go to prevent future issues.

Take current economic conditions and geographic location into account when making these calculations. If positions must be filled during a tight labor market or are in a rural area, consider longer assignments to increase the chances of sourcing qualified candidates. On the other hand, in areas with an abundance of available talent and well-paying positions, short stints work better for your business.

When staffing temp agency services, homework is key to finding the right duration for each assignment.

Leverage Temps to strengthen your hiring process and extend your network.

Temp assignments can be beneficial for long-term projects, side projects, and peak seasonal needs. You can evaluate potential full-time employees without the commitment of a full-time role, fill gaps that need to be filled quickly, or test a candidate before making a final decision. Additionally, temp workers offer valuable connections through their online networks and past employers. This gives you more significant access to potential talent pools beyond what is available through staffing agencies and your permanent staff.

Knowing how to efficiently jump-start your relationship with a staffing agency is also essential. Creating and managing relationships with external agencies can get complicated, so it's best to arrive prepared with well-defined goals, budget parameters and preferred hiring timelines. This will help ensure an efficient process and the right fit for the candidate concerning both the position and the culture of your organization. By leveraging temp assignments through external staffing agencies, you can save time in your recruitment processes, get expertly-matched gig workers quickly, and build valuable professional connections.

Develop comprehensive onboarding and training materials.

It's important to have documented onboarding and training materials that provide an overview of the work, instructions on processes, an understanding of the desired outcomes, setting expectations in terms of performance, and details on how to report issues to management. You want your temp assignments to be as successful as possible so all staff members work toward the same goals and produce the same results.

To ensure consistency amongst each staff member, creating comprehensive onboarding and training materials for all temp positions is a good idea. These should include expectations and guidelines regarding performance, processes, reporting issues, understanding desired outcomes, etc. Following a well-outlined training program will guarantee that all temporary staff members are on the same page in producing consistent results across positions. Clear documentation will also make it easier to keep track of each temp's progress throughout their assignment.

staffing temp agency

Working with a Staffing Temp Agency

Staffing your company can become a nightmare, especially if you need help knowing where to start. Temp agencies offer a variety of workers that you can pick from to fulfill your company's needs, at least temporarily. If you want an employee who will not only wants your company to succeed but is also available, flexible, and costs less than an actual employee, then a virtual assistant is right for you!

Virtual assistants are workers who can fill different roles within a company. Ranging from simple tasks like scheduling to more challenging duties like creating marketing strategies, VAs are the future of the workforce. And the best part is that you do not have to worry about recruitment costs, training, office space, equipment, or benefits. We will take care of those for you!

Try a virtual assistant today!


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