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5 Most Important Marketing Channels for 2022

2021 is almost over. The Holiday Season will be one of the most critical sales seasons due to the pandemic ends. But, even before the season has passed, it is crucial to start focusing your energy on your 2022 marketing goals, and therefore, your marketing channels.

marketing channels

Marketing channels are means of distributing your company's message across your target audience. they should be a bridge between your marketing team and the consumer, whether the parties are part of the same local community or worldwide. In this article, you will learn about the five most important marketing channels you will need to use to increase revenue in 2022. But before learning which channels are the best, let's classify them into the four main types.

Types of Marketing Channels

There are four main types of marketing channels. By identifying these types of media, you will make the best decision of where your targeting audience is. The classes are divided into Direct Selling, selling through intermediaries, dual distribution, and reverse channels.

It is crucial that you do not confuse marketing channels and sales channels. Although they might seem similar, you must understand the difference between them. Moreover, you will need to find a way for both sales and marketing channels to work harmoniously. If you want to check which sales channels are best for you and your company, make sure to check our article about Sales Channels.

Direct Selling

The first type of marketing channel is direct selling. Direct selling is the marketing and selling of products directly to the consumers without a third party intervening in the middle. This third party is called an intermediary, and we will learn more about it in the following type of marketing channel. Direct selling is when you sell your services or product directly to buyers.

Direct selling can include your company having their store and selling products there, offering in-person demonstrations to your potential buyers, or selling through emails, newsletters, or text messages. This type of channel can also include multi-level marketing, such as pyramids, or single-level marketing, such as sellers working on a commission.

Selling through Intermediaries

The second type of marketing channel is selling through intermediaries. As explained above, intermediaries are third-party sellers that purchase your product and sell it for a higher price to get revenue. In addition, companies that choose this type of channel can also offer deals to the retailer they are partnering with and bring more brand awareness.

This type of channel is also called an indirect channel. It is called indirect because you don't have direct contact with the customer. A retailer must obtain your product through deals or an agent and then reaches the consumer through retail and wholesale stores.

Dual Distribution

According to Lumen, dual distribution describes a wide variety of marketing arrangements by which the manufacturer or wholesalers simultaneously use more than one channel to reach the end-user. This means that your company will sell directly to consumers as well as retailers will sell your product.

Dual distribution is used when you have different target audiences, like local and worldwide, and cannot use local means to get to consumers outside of your inner buyer circle. The most common example of this type of marketing is franchising. You sell the rights to your services and products to affiliates that manage franchises while you operate and manage the franchises in your community.

Reverse Channels

For the last type of marketing channel, we will take a look at Reverse Channels. Long before our economic system was implemented, the market only went from the supplier to the consumer. Well, reverse channels are the exact opposite. In this situation, the flow is reversed. Products go from a consumer to an intermediary and then to the seller.

The best example of Reverse channels is recycling. Recycling starts with the consumer, then goes through gathering services and finalizes its journey with the seller. The seller then makes the relevant operations to make that product usable again, and the journey repeats itself.

Most Important Marketing Channels for 2022

Now that you have each marketing channel in mind, it is time to explore the best marketing channels for 2022. The channels mentioned below are based on hundreds of articles across the web and repeatedly appear in all of them.

These marketing channels are the best way to improve your marketing campaign and expand your content. There is no specific order between them, but before you choose a few to try in your next marketing campaign, you should do extensive research on what these channels need to be successful.

1. Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Marketing is based on trust. You trust a company to take care of your needs. And this is where the problem arises. Most consumers don't trust companies due to the extensive offer in products and stories they have heard about that company. Your marketing team can override this situation with good word-of-mouth marketing.

People trust other consumers more than companies because of the personable fact. It is easier to trust a person you know than a team you do not. Businesses are now responsible for breaching that trust wall and offering perks to those that help them breach it. For example, a referral program is where the company provides discounts to customers who bring their family or friends to purchase their product or service.

2. Email Marketing

Although it may seem a little old-fashioned, most people across the globe still use emails as a vital part of their day-to-day shopping. Consumers can subscribe to different programs with their email and get the best offers on their devices every day.

You can also use emails to deliver newsletters to your customers. Moreover, you can use emails to promote relevant content like the new product's launch and, most importantly, to nurture your leads. By nurturing your leads, you will maintain regular consumers and offer promotions to newcomers and people who have not bought your product in a while.

3. Social Media Marketing

With new technology advancements in their platforms, social media has become one of the most critical marketing channels. Consumers use social media to escape their real life for a while, entertain themselves and connect with friends and relatives.

You can also use social media to connect with businesses consumers are interested in. By having a good social media page, you will show the human side of your company, and people will start to trust your business as they can now see the face behind your products. One thing to keep in mind is that social media is one of the channels which will take more time to nurture. Be patient.

4. Video Marketing

Without a doubt, video has made its way to the top of the content types in the last few years. Video can boost conversions and, most importantly, can help you build relationships with your target audience. One great asset of choosing video as a marketing channel is that it is non-restrictive.

You can make a simple video with only words and simple transitions or hire a whole production crew to have a fantastic video commercial. But it doesn't stop there. Video can also offer different types of content such as tutorials, unboxings, and even live videos, in which customers can ask all their questions and get a prompt response.

5. Influencer Marketing

The creator business is booming right now. With help from social media, influencers have taken over the market with their lifestyles. This marketing model has become popular with the rise of platforms like Instagram and TikTok. They have thousands of followers, and if you find the right candidate, they will help you promote your products or services from a fraction of the price of TV or cinema advertisements.

As we mentioned before, consumers trust marketers less than ever before but can easily trust a figure they admire, like an influencer. Buyers view influencers as people like themselves, especially when they have common interests. You can work deals with these entrepreneurs to let your product shine in their content.

marketing channels

Marketing in 2022

Most of the marketing panorama has changed in the last two years. Marketing channels have shifted and will continue to change as technology advances. Choosing a marketing channel that resonates with your product and your audience is crucial to maintaining constant revenue for your business.

The last tip of this article is to combine these channels to maximize your effort at attracting clients. Different channels offer a variety of pros and cons. You must study each one first before committing to one.

Marketing is about variety. The more target audiences you find in your campaigns, the higher ROI you will get.


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