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5 Reasons Why Marketing is Important for Entrepreneurs

Updated: Jun 21

Learn the best reasons why marketing is important for entrepreneurs.

why marketing is important

Being an entrepreneur is one of the most rewarding jobs you can have in a lifetime. Furthermore, entrepreneurship is considered by many to be a lifestyle. But even the most simple of companies have to create specific marketing goals to reach success.

In this article, you will learn ten reasons why marketing is important for anyone looking to follow an entrepreneurial path. Most of these reasons can also be applied to any small business or company. Marketing is essential to get your message to adequate people regardless of what you sell or service.

Reasons why Marketing is Important

Before getting into the specific reasons why marketing is important for any enterprise, we would like to share this definition we found on Indeed so you can better visualize what we will mention below. According to Indeed, the purpose of marketing is to help businesses grow efficiently and reach their highest potential for ROI by promoting brands, products, and services.

What the writer of this excerpt means is that you can use several available channels in your region to expand your business to new local customers or use tools like the internet to engage with consumers worldwide. All this while maintaining a defined graphic line and following your company's values.

Sure, that is a well-established definition of marketing for a company, but what about entrepreneurs? The fact is that it is precisely the same. Entrepreneurs worldwide use several channels at their disposal to get their message heard all across the globe. As you might know, one of their favorite channels is social media, where they can reach millions in just a few clicks.

1. Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is the first reason we will get into about why marketing is important. Brand awareness is essential for any entrepreneur who wants to grow in one or several markets. It refers to people knowing your brand. For example, if we mention the black soda with the red label, you would have most likely thought of Coca-Cola, and that right there is brand awareness.

Marketing can help you create a message that can adhere to your company's values and represents the products you sell so they can be recognizable and relatable. The stronger the connection your brand creates with its customers, the more likely you will find success.

2. Analytics

Not only can marketing get your message heard, but it can also let you know where, when, and how your message is heard. You have probably heard about terms like CRM or ROI. These terms are part of a larger group of acronyms called KPIs or Key Performance Indicators.

Knowing to read your analytics is a must for any entrepreneur. They can help you reach new clients by analyzing the data of previous posts on social media, advertisements, etc. The clearer your KPIs are, the more chances you will have to reach new audiences. Furthermore, you also need to create a Buyer Persona, which will be the ideal buyer for your products or services.

3. Engagement

You probably have heard the word engagement more times than you can count, but what exactly does it mean? Engagement refers to the way you and your customers communicate with each other. Engagement is an essential part of any marketing plan, whether it is a post on Facebook or welcoming a customer every time they come into your store. Moreover, engagement may be the difference between a successful business and one doomed to fail.

You can engage with the correct people interested in your product by answering comments and DMs on social media or talking about your business at a conference. It doesn't matter which channels you use as long as your niche audience is active on those channels. It is not a matter of which platforms you use but how you interact with your target consumers on those platforms.

4. Trends

We all live in a world of repetition. Many marketers across the globe follow a simple rule called the 30-year rule. This rule talks about how fashion trends, TV shows, and even music repeat themselves every thirty years due to a human factor called nostalgia.

Marketing can easily help you keep track of those new trends to be ahead of your competition. You can analyze competitors, see results for previous ad campaigns from other companies, and even measure your success through various KPIs. Although it is not an exact science, jumping on a trend related to your entrepreneurial business can make such an impact that your sales may skyrocket for some time.

5. Advertising

The purest of the marketing forms is advertising, and we all have seen how a great advertisement can be an absolute game changer for businesses. Take BMW and Audi, for example. A few years ago, each company bought one billboard on a busy intersection in one of the most populated cities in the US. The catch here is that each billboard was in front of the other, and knowing the American market, both companies started dissing one another. While these strategies took social media by storm, they worked in the three ways both companies were expecting. One, they devised a plan to separate themselves from the competition, making the consumer decide which car is better. Two, they only needed to do this once so their physical ad would transfer to social media without having to post almost anything. And three, their sales went up during that period because of "Team Audi" and "Team BMW."

You do not have to buy a billboard with your competitors to spark your audience's interest. Instead, you can research which market you are selling to. What do they like and don't like, what other interests do they have, what are the demographics, etc.? The better you know your audience, the better your advertisements will be, and you will not have to worry about dissing the competition, which is dirty work.


If you are still asking yourself why marketing is important for entrepreneurs, consider rereading the article. No new business can survive without marketing. If you see a business that does not advertise itself, it means they already have its niche audience targetted to perfection, and you may not be part of that target. Companies target who they want to sell to; whoever else buys their products is a happy coincidence.

If you are still struggling with your marketing needs, you no longer need to worry. Here, at New Age Cubicle, we offer solutions for those busy entrepreneurs who do not have the time or money to expand their marketing channels. You can contact us with your specific needs, and we will find you a virtual marketer who can help you with all your various tasks.

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