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60 Small Business Ideas under 10k

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Most of these business ideas will not require the whole $10,000, but it helps to have a little extra when starting your own company. Remember that you will need to do market research for each business described below before committing to any idea.

If you are also looking into starting a local business, there are many ways to start one. In fact, there are so many options that it’s hard to know where to begin. But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. We’re going to show you different types of businesses that you can start today.

small busines ideas under 10k

1. Freelance Writer/Blogger

If you have writing skills, this may be the best option for you. Content writing is one of the most solicited works in today's market. Blog posts, magazine articles, copywriting, and resume writing are some of the most common types of work you can find as a freelance writer.

The Basics: There is not much needed to start a writing business, be sure to create an attractive website. It is also vital to get in touch with potential customers from the beginning.

2. Graphic Design

Graphic design has been one of the most thriving industries in the last decade. With the creation of small businesses and the need to invest in self-made companies, designing needs are becoming more and more crucial in any business rotation. The most common inquiries are logo design, website design, visual concept creation, and layout design.

The Basics: Similar to the idea above, graphic design does not require a significant investment in equipment. The only difference is the software you are going to need. Apps like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Canva will help you take the first steps in this small business idea.

3. Streamer/Vlogger

Vloggers and streamers are some of the top-grossing entrepreneurs in the entertainment business at the moment. All you need to do is make one of your videos go viral. Although easier said than done, all vloggers concentrate on a specific theme. Whether it's video games, movies, software tutorials, or tech reviews, make sure to pick a topic that covers a lot of subtopics.

The Basics: You will need a camera (try investing in something on the higher end of the spectrum), video editing software, and a stable internet connection. You can also find tutorials online on starting your streamer/vlogger career with as little as $500.

4. Photographer

Chances are you have a semi-professional camera lying around in your house. If you do, you can become a freelance photographer. If you have composition and technical knowledge about photography, you can take any photography path of your choosing. If you don't possess the skills, try learning them through tutorials and practicing to master the art every day.

The Basics: As a photographer, you will have to invest according to the type of photography you want to make. Portrait photography will require professional lighting. Event photography will need batteries and memory storage more than anything else. Architecture and real estate photography are the cheaper ones but will also be one of the most competitive.

5. Videographer

Another great small business entertainment idea is video. As a videographer, it's your job to capture moments or scenes previously scripted. Then you will manage them in editing software and show them to your clients.

The Basics: While also on the pricey side, starting a video business will include a camera, lighting equipment, and video editing software. Don't forget to have your demo reel updated and on Youtube. Having a Youtube link will showcase your abilities to all clients without sending your portfolio to every potential client.

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6. Translator

If you dominate more than one language, translation is a well-suited business for you. There are two main types of translators. The first one is a general translator. A general translator works with resumes, audits, and public documentation within a company. The second one is a technical translator. A technical translator works with medical, legal, or scientific documents that require more attention to detail.

The Basics: Try to invest in a thesaurus or a scientific dictionary, as well as apps like Grammarly. These tools will be helpful when making sense of different texts.

7. Landscaper

Living in the suburbs doesn't mean less work. It means you can become a landscaper. Designing gardens, mowing, tree trimming, or simply putting a seasonal taste in an outdoor space are the most common tasks for a landscape gardener. Definately, one of the best small business ideas for couples!

The Basics: A landscaper's first investment might be one of the highest in this list of 60 small business ideas under 10k. But after that first investment, you will only have to give maintenance to the equipment, which you will need to do twice a year on average.

8. House Cleaning

House cleaning is, without a doubt, one of the cheapest options on this list. Consider launching online ads with a specific target audience or print flyers and distribute them in your neighborhood.

The Basics: Even though you already have these items at home, try investing in new ones. Also, find online reviews about specific products. Eco-friendly and organic products are more accessible to market but more expensive. Chemical products are cheaper, but not many people agree with them anymore.

9. Home Inspector

Working as a home inspector requires certification and a great deal of knowledge about properties. It also offers a flexible work schedule and a stable income. A home inspection includes recognizing significant building defects, such as rising damp, wall movement, safety hazards, and faulty roofs.

The Basics: Before you decide you want to be a home inspector, you must check the licensing requirements in your state.

10. Massage Therapist

Soothing people's pain was one of the first jobs in history, and it has also become trending in the last decade. With your touch, you will relieve pain, help heal injuries, improve circulation, relieve stress, and aid in the general wellness of clients.

The Basics: As a massage therapist, you will need proper certification and knowledge of the human body. Another aspect to consider is the materials you are going to use. Essential oils, a portable bed, and towels are crucial.

11. AirBnb/Bed and Breakfast Owner

One of the best investments under 10k you can make is renting your extra space. If you have spare rooms in your house, being a Bed and Breakfast owner could be a great small business for you. Renting the rooms for the holidays or advertising them on AirBnB could generate the steady income you have been looking for.

The Basics: There is not much needed for bed and breakfast. Just make sure the rooms are always clean and that you have enough space for cooking and serving. Some Bed and Breakfast owners have a particular theme within their houses. Try to find your style or stick to the basics.

12. Crafts

Creating novelties by hand is a fun and unique way to start a small business. Crafting ranges from making jewelry, knitted comfort items, woodwork, and creatively changing everyday items. An excellent way to start is From there, you can open your online store and start mass-producing your products.

The Basics: Depending on the path you would like to take, materials will be essential when starting this type of business. Additionally, leaving part of the budget for a website and a designer.

13. Event Planner

Event planners often specialize themselves in specific types of events, such as weddings or parties. You will need to be organized and detail-oriented. Moreover, try to contact party suppliers and deal with them to provide your client with cheaper options.

The Basics: You can find online applications or software that can help you keep a better strategy when planning an event. Look into the possibility of business cards and what the competition is offering. Doing competitor research will help you establish a presence and build a better bundle for your customers.

14. Interior Designer

Also called Home Staging, interior design is a career that has grown 50% over the past decade. You will require exceptional space organization skills and a sense of decor like no other. Though it may sound quite complicated, both are skills that you can learn quickly. Just make sure to carry a measuring tape with you.

The Basics: A portfolio is necessary. Try to build one with the help of friends and family who have already furnished their home with specific patterns. Another trick is to visit stores like Pottery Barn or Ikea to give you some ideas.

15. Tour Guide

Chances are that if you live in the same city your entire life, you will know a thing or two about the local buildings or monuments. A tour guide is responsible for making the tourists enjoy wherever they may go. A critical aspect of this job is research. The more you know about a place of interest, the more audience you will attract.

The Basics: Knowledge is the key factor in this business. If you know funny or strange facts about a specific landmark, don't hesitate to mention them while on tour. A tablet for important notes and customer organization is also a helpful piece of equipment.

16. Tutor

College students take tutoring as a serious job, and it can pay very well. Put your expertise to work. Math, chemistry, piano, and literature are some of the most common tutors you can find. Advertise your services at local schools, community centers, and even on social media.

The Basics: You can start printing a few flyers and distributing them in the places mentioned above. A few targeted ads can also be an excellent place to start.

17. Consultant

Similar to the last idea, being a consultant is about using your expertise. The difference is the target audience. Identify your expertise and market yourself on the web or directly with local business owners.

The Basics: An attractive website will go a long way. Also, make sure to display your portfolio and the companies you have worked with before on the website.

18. Caterer

You can start a catering business from the commodity of your own home. You can decide only to sell pastries or go the whole way and make a full menu. Catering is a business where your creativity is the best tool you can have.

The Basics: You can find most of the equipment in a standard house or apartment. The initial investment should be ingredients for specific recipes and also for experimentation. Don't be afraid to explore fusion cuisine.

19. Coffee shop

Starting a coffee shop may be one of the most expensive small businesses on this list, but it's also one of the most rewarding. You will get to meet people with different tastes and interests. Owning a coffee shop is not only about coffee. It is about building a community.

The Basics: Espresso maker, microwave or electric grill, a fridge/freezer, a counter, and a cash register. The espresso maker is the only vital component of a coffee shop. The rest you can invest in once the business starts to generate some income.

20. Pet Services

In this day and age, most people own one or several pets. Pets are a part of the family, and some owners are more concerned about their pets than themselves. Some standard pet services include but are not limited to dog walking, dog trainer, pet grooming, pet sitting, and pet nutritionist.

The Basics: Depending on the specific task you want to take, the Basics will be variable. Most of the items you will need can easily be found in a pet store. Don't forget to check reviews of each specific item.

21. Social Media Management

Social media management or community management has amplified how customers can interact with companies. Suppose you know a thing or two about the leading social media platforms. In that case, Social Media Management may be the small business idea you have been looking for. Remember to keep different accounts separated and use marketing strategies to stand out.

The Basics: Have an account on all the necessary platforms. This way, all customers can give you access to their pages without creating a specific profile for each account.

22. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants operate remotely and can perform all kinds of time-consuming tasks that the client cannot worry about all the time. You can also specialize yourself in a specific branch, like bookkeeping or customer support.

The Basics: A computer is a given, but definitely, the things you will want to invest the most in are a good internet connection and advertising. Moreover, establishing a relationship with your customers will help you satisfactorily grow your business.

23. Audio or video editing services

Time to put that editing software you bought a long time ago to good use. Most of us have editing software on our computers. While the software may not be the most valued by the market, it is a perfect way to start your editing journey.

The Basics: If you are looking to invest in editing software, da Vinci and the Adobe suite are a perfect choice. Watching tutorials and tricks can also give you a better understanding of this business opportunity.

24. Voiceover Artist/Podcast

Has anyone ever told you that you have the voice of a radio DJ? If yes, then well, look no further. Speaking on podcasts or making a voiceover for commercials and TV shows is a well-paid business. The only disadvantage is the competition. Make the most of your website and keep your demo reels up to date with the latest styles and trends.

The Basics: Try to invest in a good microphone and a few courses in a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) of your choice. Learning to work with your voice and edit it in software can make you stand above the competition.

25. eBay Buyer

If you consider yourself a Jack of trades, then selling on eBay may be the business for you. On eBay, you can find underrated and undervalued items that sell at a higher price and re-list them to make a profit. Buying things on Wish or Alibaba, and reselling them on eBay can increase your profit too.

The Basics: It all comes down to inventory. If you are not able to stock your inventory upfront, you can also try dropshipping on eBay. Dropshipping can earn you a few extra bucks to start your catalog without spending on inventory.

26. App Designer

The cellphone age is at its dawn. There are millions of apps you can download, and all of them need maintenance. You can choose one of two options in this small business idea. One, create your app, which can be a little expensive. Two, provide IT support for already existing apps.

The Basics: The first investment you will have to make is purchasing software if you do not have it already. Moreover, the more experienced you are in creating code, the faster the app designer business will move forward.

27. Webinars

A webinar is a live video session where experts cover a specific topic. In a webinar, the audience can interact with the lecturer and ask questions. The most covered cases in a webinar involve technology, marketing, and finances.

The Basics: Keep up to date with the latest news and strategies of the topic you selected for the webinar. Also, try to separate part of the budget for social media advertising. Social Media is a great place to advertise a webinar.

28. Transcription Services

Transcription is based on listening to an audio recording, primarily interviews and professional dialogues, and transforming them into written content. Video is also present in this small business opportunity in the form of subtitles.

The Basics: A good pair of headphones, preferably noise-canceling headphones, is highly recommended. There is also a high-price market if you can translate to foreign languages.

29. Equipment Rental

More often than not, businesses will require certain pieces of equipment they do not possess so that they will rent them. That's where you come in. Renting equipment is a well-paid business, but it also is high-maintenance. Keep in mind you'll have to fix everything that breaks, so an engineering degree is recommended.

The Basics: First, you will need to decide which equipment you would like to rent. The most common are audio equipment, lighting equipment, and construction equipment. Consider having a small warehouse or a storage unit where customers can pick up materials as well.

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30. Car Wash

If you lived through the '90s, you would know that a car wash is a perfect business that quickly provides funds. You can give it a modern twist by creating an app and washing cars at home. A car wash will not require much attention, but always make sure to bond with your customers.

The Basics: Soap, wax, and brushes are some of the things you can obtain at a local supermarket. Keep in mind a budget for advertising and technical assistance. The app is not going to run by itself.

31. Driver

Whether you choose to affiliate with Uber or Lyft or start a Town car company yourself, being a driver requires having people skills. You will need to understand the customer's need to get from point A to point B promptly. There are also apps like Turo where you can rent your car to different drivers.

The Basics: A car may seem necessary in this idea, but it is not that crucial. In apps like Lyft or Cabify, you can register yourself as a driver and get paid by the car owner. However, it is better to drive your own car as you know how to handle it and have knowledge about insurance.

32. Life Coach

Life coaching is a lucrative career. You will offer clients the information and training they need to achieve a specific personal life or career goal. You can also work with companies to strengthen bonds between employees and create better working environments.

The Basics: Make yourself available. People looking for a life coach struggle to find the right advice that will help them push through in their lives. Finding someone that is available and is reliable is a relief.

33. Personal Trainer

Being a personal trainer could be a small business you can start if you are more on the fit side of things. Offer in-home consultations, personalized nutrition plans, and therapy exercises to broaden your target audience.

The Basics: While the pandemic is still going on, you can offer online classes and consultations. When the restrictions lift, try approaching a gym to check on offers and training bundles.

34. Bakery

If pastries and desserts could sustain life, a bakery would be the perfect business. Even though we cannot live from bread alone, a bakery is still a pretty good business. If you have a family recipe book, you are already halfway there.

The Basics: Destine most of your investment in bakery supplies, such as molds, a fridge, an oven, and pastry ingredients. You will also have to decide between being an online store or a brick-and-mortar retailer.

35. Market research services

Market research companies research on behalf of other businesses. Market research includes conducting surveys, reviewing competitors, market analysis, lead generations, and many more specialized services. Market research is necessary to make critical decisions based on the information collected.

The Basics: You do not need a lot of money to start your own market research company. Mostly software and analysis tools. The one thing you need to start is business and marketing knowledge.

36. Web Development

Quality web development is in high demand right now. As a web developer, you can specialize in the creation of websites or in maintaining already existing web pages. You will also need to update yourself in new programming languages and website trends.

The Basics: Technical skills are a must, but personable skills will be essential too. Web development is not something we can all understand easily. Take a little extra time to create easy-to-understand content like a website, a social media page, or a blog.

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37. PR services

If you know someone who knows someone, then PR services might be the business for you. Most PR's operate as freelance workers or as a contact to a more prominent company. For example, suppose you have a friend that is into voiceovers and you know a casting director for commercials. In that case, you can introduce them and charge a fee when the casting process is over.

The Basics: Starting as a PR requires a little more than knowing people. You will also need to have negotiation skills and understand how the entertainment or journalism business works.

38. Accounting/Bookkeeping

Having the gift of numbers is heavenly. Why not use that skill for helping others' finances? The vast majority of businesses need to pay taxes and can't afford an in-house accountant or bookkeeper. You will need to record financial transactions, value assets, and sometimes take care of the payroll.

The Basics: An accounting or bookkeeping business does not require a lot of money, other than software and online tools. Once again, it is about the bond you generate with your customers. Everyone needs an accountant or bookkeeper. Go the extra mile.

39. Paint and decoration services

Painting and decorating are vital to most homeowners and business owners. Paint and decoration services include manual labor and knowledge of color theory and composition. While it may sound like a lot, there are common techniques you can research online.

The Basics: This type of work is time-consuming, so make sure to consider the amount of time you will need to complete a project. Additionally, you would need to check with suppliers in your area to find the right tools you need for every project at a smaller price.

40. Legal Services

Majored in law? Legal services may be one of the most profitable ideas on this list. You can offer your legal expertise to customers who need help with contracts, claims, and disputes.

The Basics: In contrast with other ideas in this list, legal services require a license to practice law. Depending on your area of law, you will need to create basic legal documents that can be used with several customers more than once.

41. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is where you list supplier products on your online store without purchasing the stock upfront. This eCommerce method works for people who want to build their online store but do not have the space needed for lots of merchandise. Unlike an online store affiliate, you will still sell products without the inventory but control the buying process.

The Basics: You will need transportation. You can use your car if you want, but consider buying a van. The more products you can fit, the more deliveries you will be able to make. Therefore, your income will be higher.

42. Pool Cleaning Services

If you live in one of the warmer states, chances are that many people have pools in their homes. Keeping these pools clean requires constant maintenance, meaning there is a need for professional cleaners. One tip for a pool cleaning business is to partner with local companies that sell/install pools to offer your services alongside theirs.

The Basics: Consider buying a van or using your vehicle as a transport method. Most of the pool cleaning business requires you to work on-site. Additionally, try looking into reviews for the material you are going to need. The fewer chemicals you need, the better.

43. Proofreader

Proofreaders read and edit documents to assure correct use of the language. They specialize in grammar, spelling, and typography. The amount of written content uploaded to the web has dramatically increased; therefore, the need for a proofreader has increased.

The Basics: Invest in only software. Grammarly, Rytr, and Writer are the most common apps proofreaders use. You will also need a great understanding of the English language. Approach local writing businesses and promote your work online.

44. DJ

The entertainment industry is in high demand. Although the need for a DJ was a little low during the pandemic, as restrictions lift, these music professionals are becoming more required across the country.

The Basics: You will need a passion for music and an intermediate understanding of how DAWs work. At first, you will need a computer and a PA, but consider investing in decks, mixers, lights, and props as the business grows.

45. Nutritional Services

Recent studies have shown that many people are starting to take more care of their health every day but do not know which diet is best. Nutritional services are one of the businesses with the highest demand at the moment. You will work with people to find an appropriate nutritional diet for their body type and needs.

The Basics: Check with your local authorities if you need a certification. Build nutrition plans that can be adapted to the clients' necessities and create a website for promotion. Blogging is a great way to promote this small business idea under 10k.

46. Stylist

Also called hairdressers, stylists are professionals dedicated to cutting and styling their customers' hair. Most marketing will rely on word of mouth. Still, if you would like to open a barbershop or a salon, you must advertise specifically to the locals. Another way to expand your styling business is by scheduling appointments in your client's homes.

The Basics: There are a lot of online courses and certifications available. You will also need to understand the health and safety local guidelines in your community and preferably get relevant insurance sorted.

47. Tattoo Artist

Tattoo artists have been one of the most trending freelancers in the last few years. One of the most beneficial aspects of this small business is that you do not need to open a parlor yourself. Instead, you can just rent space in an established parlor and manage your clients via scheduling appointments.

The Basics: A tattoo course is imperative. You have to learn how much the needle needs to perforate the skin to avoid scarring. There are different types of equipment you can look into depending on your needs. Take into account most tattoo marketing will be done through Instagram and word-of-mouth advertising.

48. Dance Instructor

With the recent boom of Tik-Tok, dance instructors are busier than ever. From traditional styles like ballet and salsa to more modern styles such as hip-hop and reggaeton, dancing instructors have perfected their marketing skills in the last couple of years.

The Basics: Creating a dance program for the different styles you know is the first step. Remember to take into account the different skill levels your students may have. The second step is to define your target audience. While there is no age limit, starting with a specific group of students, like teenagers or older adults, is a good choice. After you have attracted your base audience, try to expand your market to other audiences.

49. Martial Artist Instructor

For the last 40 years, martial arts have been a popular way to teach discipline to kids. Martial arts instructors provide their students with expert knowledge in one or several disciplines like Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and Kung fu. Being a martial arts instructor requires discipline and an understanding of the human body.

The Basics: A flexible space to rent is ideal. It doesn't have to be a dojo; any open space with the right equipment will do. As a business with a high risk of injury, you must be fully insured and certified in teaching martial arts.

50. Mystery Shopper

A mystery shopper is a person, or a group of people, paid to visit a particular store and evaluate their customer service and products. Mystery shoppers will assess different aspects of a business and then report them to said business manager.

The Basics: Establish a relationship with your local stores. Like many other businesses in this list, mystery shoppers work primarily with local companies. Some colleges and universities also offer jobs to students as mystery shoppers, so starting to run advertisements in these places will help you understand the market.

51. Sports Instructor

Football, soccer, baseball, and basketball are some of the most common sports you can teach as a sports instructor. You can work with local teams from schools, businesses, and community centers.

The Basics: You need to be personable and have a level of coaching qualification at a college or university level. Knowing first aid and recovery therapy are a big plus. Try to get in contact with local schools and sports clubs. There will be a lot of competition, so make sure your skills and expertise stand above the rest.

52. Makeup artist

As a makeup artist, you will have to ensure that every one of your customers looks good. It could either be for an event, a movie, a TV show, or even a Halloween party. Makeup artists have a fantastic eye for color and composition.

The Basics: Materials and makeup are the first investment you would like to make in this business. Try contacting suppliers for a lower price. In addition, try certifying yourself in different styles such as FX makeup and high-fashion makeup.

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53. Aquarium Cleaning

Most fish and amphibian enthusiasts have a large aquarium. These aquariums are difficult to maintain and even more laborious to clean. As an aquarium cleaner, you will have to take special care of the pets while knowing each specific animal's chemicals and treatments.

The Basics: First and foremost, you need to have a pet caring background and chemical and cleaning process knowledge. Try to partner with a local pet store and a chemical and tool supplier.

54. Painter/Cartoonist

If you are a talented painter or cartoonist, try to transform your hobby into a business. However, the art world may be quite competitive due to the number of active artists. Try finding your niche based on the style you are using.

The Basics: Try contacting a local art gallery or newspaper. You will need to build relationships to have your work appraised and sold. You will also need a designated space for working on your masterpieces and supplies.

53. Virtual Store

Are you looking for a way to earn extra income without having to work long hours or take on more debt? Then maybe starting your own online store is right for you. Fortunately, goods and novelty items are not the only thing you can sell online. Website designs, stock photos, and layouts are common services you can offer through several platforms like Streamlabs, Adobe Stock, and Canva. Take into consideration that all marketing will be digital. Set apart a portion of your budget to advertise on social media.

The Basics: Before publishing your work on different platforms, consider making the designs in different colors. By making the same design in a different color, you can market your work to a broader target audience.

54. 3D Printing Services

3D printing services have never been more in demand. Whether it's action figures, prosthetics, novelty items, or a simple cup, printing things has never been easier. Take advantage of this market and start your novelty store, or offer your services to other small businesses.

The Basics: Most 3D printers can be found quite easily on sites like Amazon and eBay. They have reasonably decreased their prices in the last year, and most of them offer excellent quality. Also, take a look at the materials you are going to need. For materials, it's essential to compare between suppliers.

55. Online Courses

If you have a skill you would like to teach others, setting up an online course is a perfect choice. Make a learning plan and start recording yourself explaining this plan. If you have editing skills, the initial investment will be a lot less than if you don't. Pages like Domestika, Coursera, and Crehana can help you set up your course and study the market.

The Basics: You need to record everything before setting a web page and marketing your content. You will also need a good camera and a microphone. The more professional the course looks, the more attraction it will generate.

56. Jam and Jelly Company

The best friends of bread are jam and jelly, and the truth is they are not hard to produce. You will be able to choose from different flavors and make your combinations. You can also take advantage of the low ongoing expenses.

The Basics: Some of the supplies you will need include a juice extractor, a fruit slicer, a grinder, and a pulper. You can find these items in a regular household, but consider that you will need bigger pieces of equipment when the business thrives. Don't take it for granted. Try contacting local shops about distribution. When talking to them, make sure to take samples with you. Samples ensure sales.

57. Apparel business

Whether you like designing clothes or just want to print a design on a T-Shirt, the apparel business is booming right now. From chic designs to a superhero logo in a shirt, clothes are something that customers are looking for.

The Basics: The first step to an apparel business is having an inventory. If you design the clothing yourself, make sure you have enough designs to sell over a year. Suppose you decide to make prints on generic T-Shirts. In that case, you must have T-Shirts in all sizes and have an agreement with the printing company if you cannot afford a printer for the moment.

58. Printing Services

Tightly related to the idea above, printing services include many branches in which you can specialize. Printing t-shirts, mugs, mousepads, or even photographs and posters are some examples.

The Basics: A printing machine. The printer machine will depend on which specific novelty you would like to print. Most of them have a similar price, so corroborate your market research before choosing one printer.

59. Handyperson

Eventually, something breaks down in our homes, and the need for a handyperson is always constant. Being a handy person requires tool skills and general knowledge of how the plumbing and electrical systems work in a house. You can also specialize yourself in a specific trait of a handyperson, like flooring or carpentry.

The Basics: You will need to invest in a good set of tools, but most importantly, you will need a certification. Ask your local authorities about what you need for certification. Also, try contacting suppliers for materials to be a little cheaper but of good quality.

60. Vending Machines

For the last small business idea under 10k, vending machines have always been a stable source of income for many families. With a market value of $8 billion, vending machines only have a cost between $1000 - $3500, so the possibility of having two models to start is available.

The Basics: Just like in real estate, location is everything. Choosing a good spot to put a vending machine may be challenging, but keep it simple. Contact local schools, universities, and businesses that have a large number of people walking through the same place.


You don't have to be an expert to start a business. In fact, many people who started their own businesses had no prior experience. Take advantage of your initiative and start now!

Selecting a small business idea comes down to personal choice. The first investment is the most important of all. It will allow you to see how a business works from the inside and what requirements are crucial to generate income from said business. Never hesitate to ask for help. The more information you can gather before the opening day, the better.


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