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7 Common Tasks of Outsourced Medical Billing Assistants

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Outsourced medical billing should not scare you away. They are professionals willing to help you any way they can for half the cost while protecting your company's data privacy.

outsourced medical billing

Medical billing is one of the most important tasks of any healthcare business. Not only do medical billers work as a bookkeeper for many health related companies, they also work as a liason between insurance companies and your clientele. But, there is no actual reason to avoid outsourcing this task.

Below, you will find some of the most common tasks an outsourced medical billing professional can do. There are plenty of more tasks that these experts can perform, so if you have an specific task in mind do not hesitate to tell your virtual assistant. They will gladly assist you with any problem, concern or doubt you have.

1. Communication with Insurance Providers

As most jobs related to healthcare, one of the most important tasks of a medical biller is to communicate with insurance companies. They must follow medical testing procedures and inform insurance companies and healthcare providers about the patient's treatment.

They will also be in charge of informing the insurance companies about any relevant procedures, materials and hospice hours so they can have an accurate measure on how much to charge the patient.

2. Communication with Patients

Medical billers need to inform insurance companies about the medical procedures a patient will follow. They must also communicate with patients to get reimbursement for remaining costs uncovered by insurance providers.

Just as with the insurance companies, medical billers will inform the patients about any changes to the insurance policies, healthcare laws and any other situation that may arise while the patient is inside the clinic or hospital.

3. Coding

While most medical billers do not possess coding abilities, the ones that do have an important job. Medical coders are responsible for reviewing medical documents and transforming the treatments into codes to ensure the proper payment process from the insurance company and the patient.

Medical also billers need to keep up with new insurance companies and inform themselves about the different health plans they provide. In contrast, these professionals are experts in common insurance organizations such as Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Tricare, etc.

4. Code Review

Following the step above, medical billers must review these codes and claims to ensure their accuracy and that the codes represent the level of healthcare provided to the patient. This is one of the most critical medical biller tasks, as it represents the most amount of risk.

Furthermore, outsourced medical billing specialists have the ability to detect any discrepancies between patients, insurance providers, and medical coders and resolve them in a timely manner.

5. Reimbursement Claims

Medical billers use the diagnosis doctors provide and compare it to the results the medical coder passed on to them. With this comparison, they are able to create and submit reimbursement claims to the patient.

If any problem should arise from any claim between the insurance company and the patient, they are responsible for mitigating that issue and work a deal between the two parties so the healthcare company does not lose any of their suppliers or customers.

6. Internal Communication

Medical billers, medical coders, and doctors need effective communication between them. Effective communication between these three parties is required in case the medical biller finds any discrepancies or errors in the diagnosis, the treatment, the code, and the final costs of any procedure.

When talking about virtual medical billers, communication is key for their progress. Not only will they be in contact with doctors, patients and insurance companies, they will also need constant communication with whoever is the liason to the healtcare centers, such as staff managers, and even directives.

7. All-around Job

Medical billing is a complete job. While most enterprises have several positions for their healthcare department, most small businesses and medium-sized companies only have one person to do all of the medical biller and coder tasks. Even though this is hard to find, it can save you money instead of hiring various prospects. Medical billers can work in hospitals, clinics, healthcare centers, and long-term care facilities. Making them essential to any healthcare company.

Moreover, if you can find a medical biller with a certification that fits into the type of healthcare you provide, chances are your business will start to see some differences in insurance charges as they are experts dealing with specific medical branches.

Last Few Words

At New Age Cubicle, we know that your company's data is your most important asset. That is why we protect all of our virtual assistants and have several courses a year about privacy and data protection. If you are still unsure about outsourced medicall billing assistants you can contact us and we can resolve any concerns you may have. We will be waiting for your call. It is time to unleash the full power of outsourcing from within your company.


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