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A Day in the Life of a Virtual Assistant

What is it like to spend a day in the life of a virtual assistant? If you are considering hiring a VA for your company, you need to read this article.

a day in the life of a virtual assistant

A virtual assistant's day ensures that every company they work for completes its tasks effectively. From waking up to the end of the day, a day in the life of a virtual assistant is crucial to understanding why they are the future of the workforce. Read below to find out more!

A Day in the Life of a VA

In this article, we have broken down into hours what a virtual assistant does. It is essential to remember that a VA's day may vary depending on the companies they work for. The example below is related to a virtual assistant dedicated to marketing and blog writing. You can click here if you would like to learn more about the different tasks of a virtual assistant.

8 AM

Every good day starts with a cup of coffee. After pouring the fresh batch onto the cup, our virtual assistant sits at their computer and looks at their daily planner. These are the tasks they see:

  • Write a blog article

  • Promote the webpage's products in Google Adwords

  • Review content for Social Media (deliver by the end of the day)

  • Have a meeting with the client at 3 PM

  • Update CRM and cold email campaign

As the virtual assistant checks their tasks, they arrange them in order of urgency and priority, shifting the order as shown below:

  • Write a blog article

  • Review content for Social Media (deliver by the end of the day)

  • Promote the webpage's products in Google Adwords

  • Have a meeting with the client at 3 PM

  • Update CRM and cold email campaign

The VA then proceeds to research the article they are going to write. In this case, the article is about how green products can change the environment for good.

9 AM

Our VA finishes their research on green products and checks their annotations based on their gathered information. They now create the outline of the article, including the title and meta description, and add previously researched keywords for better SEO positioning.

After creating the outline, the virtual assistant starts writing the article, making sure to follow all the SEO guidelines, including images, inbound and outbound links, and meta and robot tags.

10 AM

At this hour, the virtual assistant is still writing the blog article. Taking their time to make sure everything is perfect. They designed the images on Canva, so the webpage doesn't have any copyright issues, and they continue updating the necessary information for correct SEO positioning.

At 10:45, the VA finishes the article and schedules it for another day of the week. Ensuring everything is set up for the article's release, including a promotion post on social media. Scheduling gives them the advantage of managing their time better so they can focus on more urgent matters.

11 AM

After a 15-minute break, the VA looks at their next task and realizes that some of the posts in the social media content sheet are missing. They contact the company's community manager to ask about the missing posts. The CM responds that they are still working on those posts and will be ready by 3 PM.

In this situation, our VA must make a choice, check the ready social media posts and come back to the document after the meeting, or move on with another task and leave the review for later. They choose the latter and start working on Google Adwords.

12 PM

By reviewing their self-created buyer persona document, the virtual assistant can create the proper segmentation on Google Adwords. They know the company's buyer persona is US nationals aged 25 to 35 who like green products and help the environment. VAs know the states customers are more likely to be located in and create a filter that only applies to the US, leaving the rest of the world without seeing the ad.

After making the segmentation, they now proceed with creating the ad. The VA's task is to promote the green company's products. For this day, they need to advertise solid laundry detergent, which they do by using relevant keywords like eco-friendly and washing machine.

1 PM

Since the ad is based on Adwords, no image is required, but finding a copy that will attract attention and convince potential leads to click on the ad, takes a little more time than expected. As you remember, they have to meet with their client at 3 PM and still need to complete a task before the meeting starts.

After scheduling the ad for the amount of time it will run, they launch it and will keep track of its progress during the two weeks it will run. Once the ad has launched, they go back to see the improvement in the social media content spreadsheet. Since it is still missing a few posts, the VA needs to make the same choice again and chooses the exact same thing: Moving on.

2 PM

After a quick lunch break, the VA opens the CRM platform and checks through thousands of contacts for verified addresses. Once they find them, they filter the CRM spreadsheet and make a new one only with certified contacts. While this may be a simple task, it is time-consuming, and they only have 5 minutes before meeting with their client.

Our virtual assistant makes a quick decision and leaves the contacts uploading to the cold email campaign platform in the background while the meeting progresses. They will return to those contacts and the email campaign before the day ends.

3 PM

The meeting is going well for our VA. The client is talking about the current marketing goals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. With the help of the VA, the marketing team was able to devise a strategy that will increase their sales by 15% during this period. The virtual assistant has prepared the marketing team during August and September to be ready for these holidays

Through market research, competitor analysis, and metrics, our VA was able to instruct the marketing team into an effective marketing strategy they had learned beforehand in one of the past companies they worked with.

After the meeting is over, our VA has fifteen minutes to spare, which they use to check back on the CRM contact progress. After rectifying that the contacts are properly uploaded, they turn on the email campaign, which they only need to make some adjustments asked by the client on the second and third emails of the campaign.

4 PM

Now that the social media content spreadsheet is ready, our VA must review every post. They are ensuring that all of the spelling and grammar are flawless and that the images have a quality design that will inspire customers to buy more products.

Once they finish the review, they use a feedback template they created a few months ago. This feedback template helps the social media team see the most common errors and how to fix them. Furthermore, the VA explains in specific instances why something needs to be changed.

5 PM

Just before the end of the day, the VA looks at their task list again. They can see that they have completed all of their daily tasks and can add the next day's duties. They also look through the webpage statistics and make sure that the webpage does not present problems of any kind, like speed or broken links.

Finally, they finish their day by contacting their manager and telling them about everything they did during the day. The manager is happy with the amount of work performed, and everyone goes home except for the VA, who is already home.

Time to Rest

As you can see, a virtual assistant's day is packed with different tasks that can help your company grow a little every day. The example above is based on a real virtual assistant's life and can help you greatly if you want to be more organized during office hours.

We have one last thing to mention. The schedule above is limited to only one company. Currently, this virtual assistant works for three companies at once, making them one of the most effective VAs on the market. If you would like to try our virtual assistant services and get matched with a person like our VA above, you can schedule a free consultation with us. We'll be happy to hear from you.


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