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Create the Perfect Ecommerce Landing Page

Creating an eCommerce landing page can become one of the most daunting tasks your business will undertake. You will need to consider several details when creating one and certain web design aspects that you need to fulfill to attract your target audience.

ecommerce landing page

An eCommerce landing page must be tightly related to the content and design of the marketing campaign you plan to use. In this article, you will learn a few tips to improve your landing pages for future campaigns and how having diverse landing pages for your marketing strategies may benefit your company.

Ecommerce Landing Page Design

Before getting into the content of your new landing page, you first need to settle for a design. This design will represent your company's values and objectives while keeping up with your marketing team's strategy design. If you are unsure which colors you should use, here is a shortlist of what they each represent. Keep in mind that the colors you choose should be similar to your company's palette. This similarity will help consumers identify your brand over the competition.

  • Black - Powerful, luxurious, sophisticated

  • Green - Wealth, environment, finance, and economics

  • Red - Energy, sense of urgency, sales and deals

  • Blue - Trust, security, pacific

  • Pink - Romantic, cheerful

  • Orange - Aggresive, wise, attention grabber

  • Yellow - Optimistic, youthful, attention grabber

Colors are a fundamental part of any landing page. They can attract more traffic to the website, generate more sales or, even, maintain people from buying certain products. Be sure to choose the right colors for your eCommerce landing page; if you have any doubts, you can visit this link. It will give an in-depth understanding of color theory and how to apply it in your next marketing campaign.

Ecommerce Landing Page Content

Now that you have chosen the colors you need for your landing page, you need to fill it with relevant content for your potential customers. Depending on what your company specializes in, some of the points below will differ. For example, if you are a product-based company, you might want to change testimonials for product reviews from media across the web. Testimonials and success stories work better if you run a service-based company. Take a look at the points below.


The headline is the most important part of your landing page. A headline is a title responsible for attracting consumers to read more about your company. It should complement the advertisement you are running and should have relevant SEO keywords (previously searched) that can also attract customers from search engines. Ensure consistent forms of content across your webpage that relate to the ad and the landing page.

Headlines should also be written with a lot of consideration. It has to be interesting, appealing, and attention-grabbing. If you have trouble finding the right words, a copywriter or an experienced marketer should be able to help you find the correct words for your headline. Remember to inflect the point you are trying to sell to catch the reader's attention.

In addition, be careful with your grammar and word placement. While some companies prefer local slang for their ads, not everyone will understand your ad. Your target audience should be in sync with your landing page.

Call to Action

Aside from the headline, your call to action is also one of the most vital aspects of your landing page. Having a solid call to action will help your landing page convince consumers that your product is worthy of being in their homes or serving them. After the visitor has read the headline, they need to be persuaded what to do next.

Call to action buttons should include powerful marketing words that will engage the potential customer to do something with the information they just read. A few examples are:

  • Download Now for Free

  • Purchase now

  • Free Trial

  • Schedule a Free Consultation

  • Boost your Sales now

  • Apply now for a Discount

You can learn some more powerful marketing words in this article. It is crucial that you carefully choose the terms for your call to action button. They can be the difference between having low interaction with clients and a high engagement with your webpage.

Moreover, any call to action button or link should stand out above the rest f the content of your eCommerce landing page. Orange and yellow buttons are the best colors to catch the viewer's eye.


Depending on whether your company sells products or services, a testimonial or a review is a great way to convince consumers about your product. Take a few minutes of your time to nurture your current clients and ask them for a small paragraph about their experience with your business. You can also rely on services like SurveyMonkey or other survey apps to get the best reviews.

Reviews and surveys also have another advantage. They will help you understand where your company can improve and which areas of opportunities your should fix first. Always ask for permission from your customers if you want to use their real name on the landing page; some people may not agree with it.

Images, Videos, and Infographics

Using any media on your landing page helps grab attention from consumers. As mentioned before in this blog, video is the king of media. But, if you don't have the budget to produce one, or you cannot promote your company through video (sporadic cases), you can opt for stock photography or infographics.

Canva is one of the best design apps online and can help you achieve the perfect landing page through thousands of templates and images. You can also create infographics that will help consumers better understand how your company works and how it can benefit them. Make sure to choose images that can fit on a desktop or phone screen; the more scrolling you avoid, the better you deliver your message.

Test your Ecommerce Landing Page

With the tips above in mind, you can start designing your eCommerce landing page. After you have published the landing page and the marketing campaign that goes with it, you can make several tests to see if the landing page is working. You must optimize your landing page for conversion over time. This optimization will help you measure its success. If the stats point to negative results, don't be afraid to change your landing page in the middle of the campaign; make sure to be consistent with the campaign's design and the company's color palette.

Designing a landing page is a difficult task; there are a lot of factors that need to be taken into account, and the results must be measured constantly. One last tip, ask your current customers what attracted them to your brand in the first place. By having this information, you can repeat the same strategy that worked with your existing customers and find your niche audience. A company is sustained by its loyal customers, not by one-time purchases.


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