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Essential Call-to-Action Buttons you should have in your eCommerce Website

Now that 2022 is here, your eCommerce website should be on point. ECommerce sales have skyrocketed over the last couple of years due to the pandemic. But, as the pandemic slowly comes to an end, companies compete to provide customers with the best experience through their websites.

ecommerce website

To provide the best experience to your webpage visitors, you need to have a lot of Call-to-action buttons. These CTA buttons are the difference between navigating through various landing pages and making the navigation easier for your clients. Below, you will find a few CTA buttons to make your website navigation seamless.

Buy Now/Add to Cart

The first button you need to have on your website is "Buy now." By providing this CTA button to your customers, they will be able to purchase exactly what they are looking for in the least amount of time. In contrast, if your website does not possess this button, customers will have to go through several loops to complete their purchase.

A Buy now button or an add to cart option near your products on the catalog page can provide customers the fastest way to buy your products. Moreover, customers will start seeing your website as reliable and fast where they can make their purchases with a few clicks.


While technically not a CTA button, a chatbot can be programmed to answer common questions your customers may have when purchasing one of your items. Also, if you sell services instead of products, a chatbot is the perfect way to generate leads.

The chatbot will provide the necessary information of the customer at hand. If the chatbot cannot respond to one of the questions, they can redirect the customer to trained personnel or the customer service department.

Favorites/Save for Later

From the very first moment shops were created, the favorite button has been one of the most popular around the web. The ability7 to store desired products in a wishlist provides customers with the benefit of the doubt. Most of these lists are used when you are unsure of buying something but are not sure about the purchase.

Do not look at this situation as a problem. It is an opportunity. When the products marked in the wishlist go down in price, you can contact the potential customer through an email or newsletter to let them know that the product is available for a lower price. In addition, if you offer a deal with several products on a wishlist, chances are customers will be triggered by this promotion and will buy those products.


While this CTA button focuses on a product-based eCommerce website, it can easily be adapted to a service company through success stories and customer surveys. Having the review button near a product can easily make a customer decide if they want that product or not.

Just be careful with this double-edged sword. While having more reviews on a certain product might be helpful, you also need to take care of the bad reviews. Try nurturing those clients by using active listening skills and fulfilling the expectations your customer had when first buying your product. Moreover, if you answer good customer reviews, consumers will identify your brand as trustworthy and honest.


If you are a retailer, this CTA button is made just for you. By having a Deals button on every one of your pages, you invite customers to look at those deals to see what they can find. The US has become one of the biggest countries to purchase from pages like Deals or Promotions in the last few years.

Take advantage of this statistic and provide a separate webpage your customers can browse through easily and choose several products to buy them now or add to their cart. Remember to use powerful marketing words when creating these pages. The more engaged a customer is when looking at a product, the more likely they will buy the product you are showcasing.

Service CTA

For service-based companies, a service CTA is a definite must. This button does not have a particular name, but take a look at the examples below to find the best one you like. As the Deals CTA button, you need to use powerful marketing words to attract your customers.

  • Schedule a Free Consultation

  • Try now

  • Moneyback guarantee

  • Talk with a specialist now

  • Get one month free

  • Apply now for an n% discount

  • No credit card required

  • Get your Free Trial

As you can see, these buttons are made to engage customers to check your service without any strings attached. Behind these buttons, there should be a customer service representative waiting to answer any questions a consumer may have and try to convince them to purchase your services. But sometimes, having a dedicated customer service representative is not possible 24/7. You can also substitute it with a contact form or a chatbot when outside of office hours.


These are some of the essential buttons you should have on your eCommerce website. One last recommendation would be to check for your competitor's websites and other pages that have a massive success like Amazon or Coursera. These pages have a lot of CTA buttons that you can take advantage of and use on your website.

In the end, it all comes down to empathy and creativity. You need to understand the customer's journey and analyze ideas sitting in the back of your head to create a button that will make your website experience more accessible and faster to navigate. When you understand your customer's needs, you will understand how the market works and make yourself a trustworthy brand.


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