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Essentials for Business Travelers

Being a business traveler is more a lifestyle than a job necessity. If you are in sales, marketing, or any other department that is used to traveling, you know that there are certain things you can't leave your house without.

Whether you are a local or international business travels, this list of essential items can serve you as a checklist. But you would also want to travel light, which is why most of these items can be held in the palm of your hand or are part of the virtual world, where the only thing you need to worry about is the real-life experience you get from each of your journeys.

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Essentials for Business Travelers


Whether you are part of the modern world with a smartwatch or like a more classical style with an analog one, watches are more a necessity than a commodity. Sure, you can always check the time on your cellphone, but having a watch can also give your outfits a sense of style. Plus, there are millions of watch collectors all over the world, and the next one you meet could be one of your clients.


Headphones and earphones are a great way to disconnect yourself from reality for a few minutes. You can use them for a movie, a podcast, or music. Whichever your choice, your headphones are one the most critical items on this list. In addition, adding Bluetooth headphones to the mix will eliminate the nuance of untangling cables.

Agenda or Planner

Like the watch, you may go analog or digital with this essential item. Agendas are the best way to keep track of your time and organize it according to your most important tasks. Don't forget to add free time to your schedule. Not everything should be about work. Give yourself some time to relax at the destination you are going.

Bank Apps

One of the most fundamental apps for your cellphone is the one related to your bank. Having a bank app on your phone opens a world of possibilities and avoids many problems. Need to make a quick transfer? Use the app. Problems with your credit card? Use the app. Want to know how much you have spent on the trip without having to write everything down or keeping receipts? Use the app.

Currency Exchange app

If you are more of an international business traveler, you know that changing currencies is a real problem. Especially in countries where debit and credit cards are still not accepted everywhere. Having a currency exchange app can help you even before you start your journey. You can compare the prices of all the different currencies in the world and decide when to exchange your green gold.

Tide Marker and wet wipes

Accidents happen; that is a universal law. And when they do, they are typically minutes before something important is going to happen, like meeting a client. Tide markers are the perfect solution to those accidents. They also save you the trip back to the hotel! On the other hand, wet wipes are a must in this day and age, especially after the pandemic. Always carry a few with you; you never know when you are going to need them.


If you are an avid reader, we know you can't travel without carrying a book. Having a book with you everywhere you go allows you to use your spare time wisely and allows your imagination to run amock. Moreover, if you don't want to carry the weight of a paperback, many options are available, like Kindles, tablets, or even your phone! Just make sure to turn the reading mode on your devices.

Sunglasses/Hat and Umbrella

We all had that aunt or uncle who loved to tell us to check the weather where you are going before we left. But, as much as checking the weather may help, sometimes it is completely unpredictable. Some people say that we don't fill our suitcases with clothes but rather with "ifs." IF it rains, IF it's hot, IF we get a smear. You always need to be prepared for each type of weather, and the best two items for that are a hat and an umbrella. You can also throw sunglasses into the mix if you feel stylish or don't want your hair ruined by a cap.

Antibacterial Gel

During the pandemic, doctors and health specialists recommended that we wash our hands about 500 times a day, but as time passed, we realized that washing your hands that often wasn't so simple. Sometimes the nearest sink could be miles away. This issue is why you should travel with antibacterial gel. It prevents diseases and can also be a great conversation starter, as not many people will refuse it when you offer it.

Breath mints or Gum

Remember that colleague that always had coffee breath? If you don't, chances are it might be you. Breath mints and gum are a great alternative when you don't have the availability to use a mouthwash. Just make sure you finish these candies before meeting someone. There is nothing more terrible than someone chewing gum while they are talking. Actually, forget the gum. Stick with breath mints.

Virtual Assistant

The last essential item for business travelers is not an item but a person. Virtual assistants are remote workers who can help you organize every detail of your trip, from scheduling your flight and buying your tickets to organizing appointments at your destination. Virtual assistants are like personal assistants, but you don't have to pay for their tickets. They can also help you run your business by providing marketing strategies, cold calls, email campaigns, bookkeeping, and many more!

Life as a Business Traveler

We know that being a business traveler is no easy task. While you might enjoy your journeys, sometimes you are going to miss home, your family, your friends, and even your bed! That is why you should always carry a piece of home with you, and these items can complement your trip wherever you go.

Of course, you should always carry an ID and have a few games on your cellphone just in case. Or, if you want to know more about our virtual assistants, you can schedule a free consultation at New Age Cubicle. Our VAs are ready to take on any admin task you require and can help you to have a smoother trip.


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