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Free Marketing Ideas for a Small Business

As a small business owner, you understand that the budget can be a little tight from time to time. Eventually, this situation becomes an issue when trying to promote your brand and products. In this article, you will learn about free marketing ideas you can apply to your small business in a short period.

marketing ideas small business

There are plenty of ways you can promote your products that cost little to nothing. But, which option is best for your business? After diving into the ideas below, you need to study each option and compare it with your marketing plan. You can implement most of these options into any business plan, but some of them are worth researching to see if it is suitable for your small business.

Free Marketing Ideas

First, we'll take a look at free marketing ideas. These marketing ideas require a little more time than money. If you don't have availability to manage all of the statements below, you can check this link to learn how to start developing these strategies at a meager cost. At the same time, you focus on an essential task of a company, generating revenue.

Google My Business

The behemoth of the internet, Google, offers a lot of options to small business owners. Google My Business is one of them, and setting up an account is easier than ever. Setting up your account only requires having a personal Google account and the Maps app on your phone.

From there, you can create your business, and Google will send you a message through regular mail to confirm your business exists. After your company is verified, you will start to appear more often in searches related to your business. Make sure to add photos, descriptions, and working hours to maximize engagement.

Social Media

Social media is the best way to implement new marketing ideas you have had in the back of your head for a while. It will also give your company a brand personality and help you engage with regular and potential customers.

By creating business accounts on the leading social media platforms, you can interact with customers and post content that will benefit them. In the list below, you can find some ideas of what you can post on these platforms.

  • Promote blog posts

  • Inspirational quotes

  • Process of your product

  • Success Stories

  • Meet the staff posts

  • Run polls and request feedback

  • Infographics

Whichever type of post you decide is best for your marketing strategy, you should always stay active in your social media accounts. Having quick response rates, using hashtags, and cross-posting will help you and your company get the attention you deserve.

Moreover, don't forget Linkedin. Linkedin is a platform dedicated specifically to companies and workers. It is a platform designed to create a dialogue between professionals and to pass on tips and tricks all of us have learned in the long run. One fantastic suggestion is to check Linkedin as you would with Facebook or Instagram. Having the app on your phone and following big accounts and prospect customers will help your marketing team create brand awareness.

Cheap Marketing Ideas

In the next section, you will learn about marketing ideas that require a little investment. This investment is not always money but time. For most of the tasks below, you can make them yourself if you also have the time to learn them. There is also an option that can help you with these tasks.

Start a Blog

Most companies are proud of their blog. For the last decade, writers have been in need, and blogs are a great way to communicate your ideas to consumers. But why is blogging so important to a small business? Well, having a blog allows you to rank on Google. By using SEO in your favor, more people will find your products and, if you can convince them through your articles, they will trust your company and, therefore, start purchasing your products or services.

Having a blog is not expensive. If you have a knack for designing web pages or possess WordPress or Wix skills, you can publish a page and start writing a blog regarding your products. Unfortunately, there is so much more to a blog than just writing. You have to take into account your competitors and do extensive research on the keywords they are using. This research will allow you to create posts that people are attracted to and make you stand above the competition.

One great way to start is with local SEO. Though it takes time, you can use your location to your advantage. Take a look into your local competitors and see what keywords they are using to increase their revenue. Also, try getting listed in directories and publishing pages to your local community.

In addition, you can create infographics for your blog. Infographics are pieces of information that include images that help viewers get a better understanding of specific topics. If you don't have a graphics design background, apps like Canva will be able to help you with their thousands of templates. Or, you can also go into freelance platforms to contact a graphics designer to help you out. Overall, starting a blog is a must in this day and age.

Email Marketing Plans

While most of us mortals think email is dead, the fact is it is more engaging than ever. Consumers check their emails regularly to get coupons, learn the latest information, and get updated on new products from several companies. In the list below, you will find some ideas to use in your newsletters.

  • Provide coupons, discounts, and deals

  • Offer a sneak peek at a new product

  • Offer free trials of your service

  • Nurture potential clients

  • Offer loyalty programs

  • Provide a catalog of your products

Newsletters are one of the most used marketing plans today. Take advantage of them, and do not forget to make your subject catchy, your information concise, and your email design attractive. You will be getting email responses in no time.

Hire a Virtual Assistant

All companies function correctly due to a leader's vision and the employee's hard work. By combining both of these aspects, your small business will be able to increase its revenue. But what if you have more tasks to be done and no employees to perform them? This is where virtual assistants come in.

Virtual assistants are a new way to perform time-consuming tasks for as little as one-third of the regular cost of an employee. They can handle simple duties like scheduling your meetings and taking your calls, to more complex jobs, like nurturing clients, and help you design your marketing plan. You will not have to worry about equipment or benefits because they work with their tools and charge only for the number of hours they work. If you want a little more help without hiring a new employee, a virtual assistant is right for you.

Medium and High Priced Marketing Ideas

Since this post is dedicated to free to cheap ideas, we will only be looking into some pricey marketing ideas you can use for your small business. In the list below, you will find 20 more ideas you can use for your company that requires a little more investment than the ones above. Remember to explore these ideas in depth before choosing any of them.

  1. Apply for awards and certifications

  2. Form industry partnerships

  3. Create videos, webinars, and live Q and A's

  4. Attend networking events

  5. Host contests and giveaways

  6. Set up a referral program

  7. Rent a Billboard

  8. Print business cards

  9. Use QR codes

  10. Promote your services in community centers

  11. Advertise on local TV

  12. Connect with social media influencers

  13. Search for brand ambassadors

  14. Sponsor local sports teams

  15. Run advertisements on Social Media

  16. Join your local chamber of commerce

  17. Start a podcast

  18. Publish a book

  19. Create a business mascot

  20. Contact local media and get reviews

One thing to consider when choosing any of these marketing ideas is your type of business. For example, if you have a car dealership, a TV spot could be great for getting new customers, but using QR codes may not work at all. On the other hand, if you offer B2B services, creating videos is a great way to promote your company, while boosting your services in community centers is not the best option.

These marketing ideas for a small business are targeted explicitly to leaders who want to grow their customer base and become successful entrepreneurs. We cannot stress this enough, research before committing to any of these ideas. In this link, you can find more articles related to small business marketing ideas.


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