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Hire a Virtual Assistant for Marketing Departments

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

A virtual assistant for marketing can help you with various marketing tasks.

virtual assistant for marketing

Most marketing campaigns are done through trial and error. You will run ads until you find your audience and then make content specifically for that audience. Having a virtual assistant for marketing by your side is helpful. They will guide you through the process of the marketing funnel stages and tap into your company's hidden potential to improve your business model.

In this article, you will learn about the different benefits a virtual marketer can offer small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Virtual Marketing Assistants

A virtual marketer is a virtual assistant that helps you with specific tasks of your marketing campaign. They can also guide you through the different processes of a marketing funnel and perform functions that you can delegate. So you, the owner, have more time to acquire new clients or close deals.

Marketing VAs come with a lot of benefits when hiring them. Below you can find a small list of these benefits.


The best reason to hire a virtual assistant is the cost. For as little as $10 an hour, virtual assistants provide expertise in multiple fields and are well-recognized entrepreneurs of their own. VAs understand what drives a business and can become a cultural asset to your company due to most of them working from offshore locations. Most importantly, they will only charge for the amount of work you assign them to. You don't have to worry about paying benefits, taxes, or medical insurance.


Virtual marketers are workers that don't have specific work hours. They will be available 24/7 to fulfill any of your company's needs and can help you deal with picky clients. If there are any changes a client asked you to make promptly, a virtual assistant can make those changes without raising their budget or charging for these changes. Also, they will have no problem changing a strategy or a project plan while it is already running compared to marketing and advertising agencies.


Virtual marketers across the globe understand how a business works. Therefore, most of them have years of expertise that backs them up and have worked with numerous clients worldwide—giving them an edge over local marketing agencies and on-shore companies. They can perform tasks like improving a webpage's SEO, introducing advertising campaigns in your social media account, and overall making your company stand above the competition.


As remote workers, they have well-developed communication skills. They can communicate their ideas efficiently to a team and use this skill to provide a clear message when creating a marketing campaign your audience will understand and feel identified with.


Teamwork is one of the most valued aspects of a virtual marketer. They are capable of taking ideas from multiple sources, finding a way to complement each other, and applying them to your company's business strategies. Creating campaigns that incorporate different team preferences can be challenging, but virtual marketers are up to the challenge.


Virtual marketers are some of the most adaptable employees in the world. They are used to working with several companies at once and understand the needs of the different audiences these companies have. Virtual marketing assistants are accustomed to working under pressure and can retrace their steps to find simple errors which they can fix within the hour.


Virtual marketers are creative in their approach to marketing and can help you create campaigns that get your targeted audience's attention. They will think outside the box, coming up with distinct ideas that will get your product noticed. Creativity is also helpful in finding practical solutions to problems like a low conversion rate or a high cost per click.


Virtual marketers have a knack for organization and have no problem managing your campaigns, meeting deadlines, and adhering to strict schedules. They also excel at delegating tasks and enforcing deadlines, which means they are perfect for managing any project. If needed, they can also help you organize your business plan to acquire more clients even when their job is over.

Low Cost

Virtual assistants for marketing only charge for their actual work. You can pay them by the number of hours they work, as they are excellent at keeping track of time through their organizational skills. You don't have to worry about benefits, legal or medical fees.

Virtual Marketers

From a business perspective, it all comes down to what your company's needs are. Virtual marketers offer a wide array of skills, and some specialize in different marketing areas. They can guide you through processes and perform time-consuming tasks. If your company already has a designed marketing strategy, a virtual marketer is a perfect choice. They will take their time and expertise to help you reach your marketing goals.

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