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Hiring a Virtual Assistant for Real Estate Businesses

Real estate is one of the most prolific businesses in this century, and virtual assistants are one of the best add-ons to any real estate business. As more and more people decide to sell their homes to get to a new point in their lives, real estate workers are the agent of change proprietors need to make that big step. In comparison, a virtual assistant for real estate agents can be that necessary change to better the costs, improve engagement, and generate more ROI.

If you're a real estate professional, a virtual assistant can be one of the best investments you make. With the help of a virtual assistant, you can streamline various responsibilities and free yourself to focus on the most important aspects of your business. Learn how a virtual assistant can help take your real estate business to the next level.

virtual assistant real estate

In this post, you will find some of the most common tasks a real estate virtual assistant does. It is important to mention that these are not the only tasks a VA can help you with. Depending on your needs, virtual assistants can use their abilities to fix any issues your company may have. At the end of the list, you will find a short runaround of basic virtual assistant duties that you can also implement in your company.

Hiring a virtual assistant can save you time and money by allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business. Virtual assistants perform many tasks that would otherwise require an employee's full attention. They can take care of administrative duties, research information on behalf of clients, and even handle customer service calls.

Virtual Assistant: Real Estate Tasks

Cold email and calls

Cold emails are an essential part of any business strategy. They're also a great way to learn how to write effective emails that will get results. One of the first tasks a VA can take in your real estate business is cold calling and emailing. By contacting potential customers via phone or email, a virtual assistant can create a convincing sequence of emails to arouse customers' interest in your services. Virtual assistants excel at copywriting skills and are also experts in customer service.

Moreover, they are also capable of handling a CRM database. Since they are fast learners, they will be able to use any software of your own choosing while nurturing your clients in every email or call they respond to. If you have not tried cold contacting before, a real estate VA will be able to guide you through the process; from the first warming up emails to the creation of cadences, your real estate business will see growth in no more than six months.

Updating website

Having an updated website is a must in this day and age. While you would still need to hire a web designer to help you with certain settings and design options, virtual assistants can easily maintain the website afloat without any issue.

VAs can perform tasks like blog writing, design (depending on the host), listing updates, and many more! As more and more clients are interested in your listings, keeping them updated is more important. We know that real estate agents like to experience non-stop showings, so why not leave the rest of the website work to a virtual assistant tailored for real estate?

Listing and Materials Marketing

Whenever you get a listing, there are a few things that any real estate agent needs to do before even showing it. You need to contact a moving crew if the last tenants left something, contact a cleaning team to get the premises ready for a showing, and even a photographer to get wonderful photos of the place you are about to sell.

It is so time-consuming.

Virtual assistants can take care of these tasks and more so you can focus on what matters: selling. VAs are capable of scheduling all of these services with great accuracy, so the listing will be ready before you know it. They can also take care of materials, such as pens, cups, banners, etc.

Seasonal Gifts and Closings

If you are part of that wonderful percentage of real estate agents who like to send gifts to your clients during a holiday or when you close a deal, then a virtual assistant is what you need. Do not get us wrong, giving gifts to your customers is a fantastic practice, but it is also very time-consuming.

Virtual assistants can help you buy whatever is necessary for you and your clients. Whether it is just a small gesture like a bouquet or something more well-thought like a gift basket, you will only need to worry about getting to know your client; the rest, a VA, can perform excellently.

Property Research

As a committed real estate agent, you know that property research is one of the most tedious tasks you need to do. There are several professionals you need to contact and a ton of research you will need to do before giving the property your seal of approval. This research can even involve stepping back in time and going to a library to find particular records.

Real estate virtual assistants are the best friends of research. Whether they are in a remote location in the US or somewhere around the world, VAs have the necessary tools to obtain a complete analysis of specific properties. They can also present their findings in a way you understand and can speed up the process of choosing listings to promote.

Social Media Management

Handling a social media platform looks simple enough, right? Have you taken into account the different types of content your company needs? Or the best hours to post on each forum depending on your industry? The answer to those questions is most likely, yes, of course, you have. But do you have the time to do them all and carefully plan ahead? Probably not.

Virtual assistants can also help you manage and monitor your social media accounts. From replying to comments and fielding inquiries from interested buyers, to keeping track of reviews and ratings on web listings, a virtual assistant can help ensure that your business has an active presence on the web at all times. They can also take steps to increase your visibility across multiple platforms, boosting engagement with potential customers and helping you generate more leads for your business

Calendarization and Property Showing

Finally, a virtual assistant for real estate can handle all of your appointments, meetings, and showings with spot-on precision. Whether it is just making sure you stick to a showing calendar every other day or updating your agenda so you can see what comes next, VAs have no problem handling a schedule, even if they are in a different time zone!

There are other ways a Virtual Assistant can help your business tasks, for example:

  • Bookkeeping

  • Design

  • Marketing

  • Sales

  • Answer Phone Service

  • Social Media Ads

  • SEO and Adwords

  • Insurance policies and medical billing

Virtual Assistants: Real Estate

Virtual assistants are becoming more and more popular in the workplace. They have many advantages over regular assistants, such as 24/7 availability, lower cost, and higher productivity. This availability is why it is not surprising that real estate businesses are using them.

There are many benefits of hiring a VA for your business in the real estate field. One of the most important ones is that you can hire them on a part-time basis, which means that you don't have to pay them as much as you would if you were to hire them full-time. If you want to know more about the services we offer, you can contact us and talk about your business needs. We are eager to help.


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