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Marketing Goals to Reach on Black Friday

Every marketing plan includes goals that your team will use to measure the campaign's success. Each of these marketing goals will analyze several aspects of your campaign and will help you understand consumers. Marketing goals will also help you know what drives your customers to purchase larger quantities of items in a specific amount of time.

Marketing Goals

All marketing goals share a common objective, increasing the revenue of your company. With this idea in mind, you need to design marketing goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-based. You may have heard of these descriptive goals before as the acronym SMART. This acronym can guide you while creating the marketing goals we mention below.

The marketing goals we mention below are specifically for Black Friday, but you can use them all year round to measure your marketing team's success.

Marketing Goals

Before we dive into the goals, we first must understand why they are essential. Surveys held across the world have demonstrated that having a marketing plan with SMART goals can help a company increase its revenue by 376%. With a clear plan, your team will understand the company's objective and the steps they need to take to accomplish that objective. Moreover, by combining efforts with the sales team, the result of these goals will be better, and therefore, you will generate a higher income.

Marketing Goals for Black Friday

Of course, not all companies are created and managed equally. Depending on your line of business, your marketing goals will have a different weight compared with other companies. For example, if you are starting a new company, the first objective you will need to accomplish is brand awareness. On the other hand, if you are a business that has thousands of customers but struggles to make your customer buy more of your products, your primary objective should be increasing customer value.

Below you will find a list of your objectives for Black Friday. Before reading these goals and adapting them to your company, one important thing to mention is to start as early as October. Many consumers start their research for Black Friday and Cyber Monday products way before the actual sales are. And, if you are reading this article a little late in November, don't worry. These goals will also help you for the holiday season.

1. Increase Brand Awareness

The first marketing goal you need to take into account is brand awareness. Increasing brand awareness is one of the most critical objectives. Whatever your customer needs, your company will be there to fulfill that need.

Brand awareness is an individual's familiarity with a product's name, image, and qualities. If consumers associate your brand with positive experiences, they will be loyal to the company, ergo, will buy more of your products.

This goal is easier said than achieved. You will need to create a vast strategy to cover all fronts such as SEO, landing pages, and social media accounts. Here are a few examples of what you can do to increase brand awareness.

  • Online advertising

  • Physical advertising (If your business is local)

  • Sponsoring events

  • Posting on Social Media about the company's values and culture

  • Sharing materials such as articles and e-books

  • Creating a blog

These options above are just some things you will need to invest in to create brand awareness. There is also another popular choice to achieve this marketing goal, which is mouth-to-mouth. While this method will work better for a local business, due to people talking about a local coffee shop or printing place, mouth-to-mouth "advertising" has also revolutionized online companies. That's how we all know about pages like Reddit or Quickbooks.

2. Increase Customer Value

Customer value is a marketing goal that bases itself on customers' beliefs about your product. Consumers will take into account the worthiness of your product compared to your competitors. If buyers believe that your product is better than the competition or that your services are the best in the market, they are more likely to become return customers and spread the word about your business.

You can increase customer value by offering excellent customer support and having an outstanding quality team. The better quality products you can offer your customers, the more income consumers will generate for your company. Here are a few examples of how you can increase your customer value.

  • Helpful newsletters (discounts, products on sale, sneak peeks of new products or deals)

  • Educational materials

  • Promotions

  • Competitive prices

  • Brand-related infographics and videos

To measure your customer value, you will need to monitor and analyze customers' habits and metrics, such as referrals, money spent, and purchase frequency. By identifying these factors, you will create better deals for your products that your customers might be interested in.

3. Improve SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing tool companies rely on to generate more traffic on their online pages. The vast majority of big and small companies use this tool to create brand awareness and increase their conversion rate.

One great tip for increasing the SEO objective is to use web tools such as Ubersuggest and Google Adwords. These tools will help you better understand what people search across the web in sites like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. By analyzing this data and comparing it to your company's vision, you will be able to create a web page that will position itself first in the search engines and increase your conversion rate and acquire more potential customers. Take a look at the examples below to achieve your SEO goal.

  • Creating effective metadata

  • Building links and landing pages

  • Fixing website and URL issues

  • Optimizing your website for search engines

  • Creating new and relevant web content

SEO is based on keywords. The better you use a keyword within the content you created, the more visits your website will get. As mentioned before, considering keyword rankings, apps like Ubersuggest can help you define the keywords that best fit into your marketing plan.

4. Grow your Social Media Presence

Social media has been part of our lives for more than a decade. These platforms were explicitly made for people to interact with other people across their cities, states, countries, and even worldwide. By having engaging social media accounts, your reach can become much higher than if your account only exists.

As Black Friday and Cyber Monday approaches, social media is one of the best places to ask for opinions, post reviews, and, more importantly, have a direct conversation with the company from which customers are trying to buy products. Below you will find a list of things you can do to increase the quality of your social media accounts.

  • Producing and sharing quality content

  • Interacting with followers through comments and direct messages

  • Using keywords to optimize awareness

  • Using hashtags related to your company

  • Sharing polls and contests

  • Asking general questions to your audience

  • Creating a debate about a controversial topic in the comments section of a post

Social media is one of the greatest tools for marketers. To measure your accounts' growth, you need to create brand awareness for the social media account. Then engage with the people that share your company's vision and finally offer your services to these potential customers. Social media takes a while to thrive, so be patient!

5. Increase Conversion Rates

Conversion rates are defined as customers who buy a product from your website or store before leaving your site. To increase this marketing goal, you will need to generate leads first, or more specifically, quality leads. This means that you will need to attract the interest of people interested in the product you are selling. You can achieve this process by using the SEO and Social Media marketing goals mentioned above.

Once you have your leads, you need to convince them to purchase on your website or store. Although this might seem quite tricky at first, it is quite easier than you may think. Take a look at the list below. It will help you understand how to increase your conversion rates.

  • Writing strong CTAs (Call-to-action)

  • Offering satisfaction guarantees

  • Offering deals (2 for 1, buy one get one)

  • Adding live customer support (chat or phone calls)

  • Optimizing your webpage

  • Adding reviews and success stories

Most of us don't like math, but for measuring this particular marketing goal, you will need them. Just divide the number of people who performed your CTA by the total number of web visitors. After this simple operation, you only need to monitor if the percentage goes higher or lower in a defined amount of time. If the rate goes higher, it means you are heading towards your goal. If it goes lower, you will need to adjust your strategy.

Marketing Goals

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

After reading the marketing goals above, you might be wondering how to apply them to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It is pretty simple! Take a look at the steps below.

  1. Increase your Brand Awareness by starting on the weeks before Black Friday. Launch a few ads on different platforms and measure your potential customers by people who clicked the link to enter your website. Offer a newsletter to get their data.

  2. Increase your customer value by engaging these potential customers with a newsletter that includes promo codes and an additional discount if a friend or family uses that same coupon. Also, include a few articles of your blog and request their like or follow on social media.

  3. Increase your SEO by writing articles that may interest your potential buyers to generate traffic on your webpage. While you are getting potential consumers from SEO, more customers will also get to your webpage through the newsletter you sent. Have a button on your webpage that engages customers to follow you on social media, such as a 10% off if they follow you on Facebook or Instagram.

  4. Grow your social presence with the discount mentioned in the bullet point above and create several brand-related posts that will interest your audience. These posts may include a video of how you make your products or success stories about the services you offer.

  5. Finally, increase your conversion rates by offering deals a week or two before Black Friday. Consumers will have lots of discounts at their disposal, your social media accounts will grow, and your revenue will be higher.

There is a very rudimentary marketing plan. So don't follow it as it is. You also need to consider costs for all of these things that will not exceed your budget. Take it as an example only. With this example, you will understand how to apply the several marketing objectives mentioned in this article to maximize your sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Marketing goals are a simple yet effective solution to increase your company's revenue. They will help you strategize several aspects of your company and how you will direct advertisements to your potential customers. Remember, be SMART.


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