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Staffing Solutions for your Marketing Team

Your marketing team is one of the most important departments in your company. They are responsible for generating leads and guiding consumers through the marketing funnel. They are heroes with their everyday work. Unfortunately, they can't do everything at once. As experts in their fields, they take the necessary time and precautions for a campaign to be successful.

staffing solutions

Your marketing team is also great at meeting deadlines, but they need a breath now and then, and that is okay. Staffing solutions were developed for precisely that, giving your team a breath of fresh air and the ability to delegate tasks to other employees.

In this article, you will explore staffing solutions for your marketing team. These solutions can help you through Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and all year round.

Staffing Solutions: Virtual Assistants

As the name implies, virtual assistants are remote workers that can help your marketing team in various ways. They are also expert marketers and come at almost half the cost of a regular employee. VAs will help your squad through the marketing funnel and will take care of repetitive tasks.

By providing these daunting tasks to a virtual marketer, your marketing team will have more time to focus on what matters. Here are a few examples of what a virtual assistant can do, especially a virtual marketer.

  • SEO management

  • Social media management

  • PPC and PPV Ad management

  • Campaign management

  • Campaign strategizing

  • Website maintenance

  • Blogging

  • Community Management

Virtual Assistants are an excellent staffing solution for your company. Most VAs only charge for the amount of time they work for your company. Making them low-cost, flexible, and available to any of the challenges your marketing team struggles with.

Virtual Assistants are recommended for any company but have proven their worth with small businesses, startups, freelancers, consultants, and more!

Staffing Solutions: Marketing Agency

Black Friday can cause a lot of stress for your marketing team way before November. They need to create campaigns and strategize through consumers' minds to drive sales through the roof. It is a very stressful situation!

A marketing agency may be able to take that pressure off your hands. Marketing agencies specialize in creating effective campaigns that can help your company increase its revenue. With the help of various tools at their disposal, an agency will be responsible for designing the campaign, strategizing around it, and delivering satisfactory results. They will also keep track of several metrics that you need to consider for your next marketing campaign.

Below, you will find a list of examples of what a marketing agency does.

  • Business, product, service, and competitors research

  • Content creation

  • Core marketing and sales pieces creation (website, presentation, ads, email campaigns)

  • Social media management

  • Marketing consulting

  • Advertising strategy development

  • Collect, interpret and implement marketing data

These processes are mainly what a marketing agency does. First, they learn about your company and your product. Second, they compare the information they gathered with your competitors and with the market. Then, the agency creates a strategy around generating leads, and finally, makes the content that can achieve the goal your company and the agency decided about.

Marketing Firm

A step above the marketing agency lies the marketing firms. Marketing firms are agencies that offer more solutions to any marketing problems or ideas you may have. They have lots of experience working for several companies and helping you increase leads, build brand awareness, and grow your company's reputation within the market.

Marketing firms do most of the tasks an agency does, but with added tools and processes. Take a look at some functions a marketing firm can do below.

  • Act as an in-house marketing team

  • Guide clients to land better opportunities for their companies

  • Act as an outsourced CMO

  • Tools advice (SEO, ABM, CRM)

The list above is a little smaller because a firm's tasks also include all the agency's duties. When hiring a marketing firm, you don't need to look for an expert employee. Most of their workers are already experts in their fields. The downside of marketing agencies and firms is their cost, which can be on the expensive side of the spectrum, especially compared to virtual assistants.

Hiring Extra Employees

Of course, the first solution you thought of to help your marketing team was hiring more help for your company, but before you do, you need to consider the costs that come when hiring a new worker. New employees need to go through training and adaptation processes. These processes will help you understand your new worker's strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, the employee will learn the company's procedures and can create bonds with other workers that, in the long run, can significantly benefit your company.

Another advantage of hiring an employee is that you can train them to do what the company needs. And, if you are lucky or follow this guide when hiring an employee, you will uncover abilities the employee did not know they had and exploit them fr the benefit of the company.

The main disadvantages of hiring an employee are time and money. Time is of the essence in the marketing world these days. The faster you can train a new hire will greatly improve the adaptation process and offer better results. But even when you only take a month to introduce a new employee, that month is gone.

The second main disadvantage is the cost. Hiring a new employee comes with a care package, benefits, uniforms, equipment, desk space, and more, depending on your company. If you do not want to pay for these benefits, try hiring remote workers like virtual assistants. VAs can save you all the money in equipment. Or, if you have considered a bigger budget, you can try going for a marketing agency or firm.

So, Which One Should You Choose?

Well, it depends. Most of these professionals will be able to resolve any marketing problem you have. It is going to depend on what exactly your company needs. For example, if you already have an idea in your mind of what your marketing strategy is or want to offer an extra helping hand to your marketing team, then a Virtual Assistant is the best choice. They will effectively handle any marketing issues you may have while your marketing team takes care of other essential things. Moreover, hiring a virtual assistant will save a big part of your budget. You can destine it to other materials, like advertising or branding.

On the flip side, if you or your marketing team need ideas, strategies, and goals, then a marketing agency or firm will be better for you. Just make sure to consider the cost when hiring any of these two solutions since they are more expensive than hiring an employee or a virtual assistant.

All in all, you have to research within your company to realize what your specific needs and goals are. After you have talked to your managers or made a business assessment, you can start researching online for that particular task that your company needs to complete.

If you decide on a Virtual Assistant, New Age Cubicle is here to help you. All of our VAs are experts in their field and can also take duties off your hands like bookkeeping, medical billing, and more. Contact us for a free consultation and stay in touch for Black Friday deals.


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