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Temp Agency: Know the Basics

A temp agency is a link between temporal workers and businesses who need staff for short periods of time. If you are looking to hire new employees because you are expanding or have a business project requiring more helping hands, a temp agency may be one of the best solutions for you.

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Of course, some things are too good to be true, and with temp agencies, there are quite a few pros and cons that you will need to consider before deciding to hire one. In this article, you will learn what temp agencies are, their hiring process, and some of the most common comparisons between their advantages and disadvantages. In addition, you will find one of the best alternatives to temp agencies at the end of this post.

What is a Temp Agency?

We will first dive into the actual definition of a temp agency. Also known as a temporary employment agency, a temp agency connects businesses and workers who need a job for a short period of time. Many enterprises use these firms to fill their ranks as their duties are more project-based. Examples of these companies include catering agencies, contractors, graphic design, and printing.

While businesses contact temp agencies to get employees for a limited time, they also save on things like equipment or benefits they provide to their employees. On the other hand, employees may contact temp agencies to work between regular jobs or make a little money on the side. Freelancers and traveling workers are also known to reach these types of firms.

What is the Process of a Temp Agency?

Now that the definition of a temp agency is clear, we can move on to their process. You may have contacted a temp agency before without you even noticing it, especially if your business is related to the food industry. Below, you will find the steps a temp agency typically follows when hiring an employee and how they work with companies.

You can view their process as a type of circle, and it is easier to understand via an example. First, a worker approaches a temp agency to look for a temporary job. They provide the agency with their skill set, abilities, and an overall idea of how, where, and when they have worked before. After this initial contact, the temp agency will look into their records and try to match the worker with the right business. For example, our Worker A is proficient in general tasks like serving tables and customer service, as well as admin tasks like bookkeeping and marketing.

From the standpoint of the business, they will contact the agency and provide them with the things they specifically need. After the company does this step, the agency will look into their records to match the perfect worker with the company. For example, our Company B is looking for someone proficient in bookkeeping. So, the temp agency matches it with Worker B.

At this point, you may be wondering why worker A and Company B did not meet; the skills matched the vacancy. And that is the thing about temp agencies. They do not carefully place employees where they need to be. These agencies are a fast way to get a job but not the best way to get a workforce for your company. You will find an explanation for this example on the subtopic below.

Temp Agency Pros and Cons

As we explained in the subtopic above, temp agencies are a little bit more destined for the worker than companies. Sure, the company still gets the employees they want, but they do not get the employees they need. Let's take a look at some of the pros and cons of hiring a temp agency.


  • Fast Employee Acquirement Rate

    • Temp agencies already have workers waiting in line for the next job.

  • You get a "Free Trial" on several workers simultaneously.

    • Disregarding the industry you are on temporary employees can make you realize which type of worker you prefer to work with.

  • Cheap and easy to contact

    • You can easily find most local temporary agencies on Google Maps or a quick web search. Most of their prices are quite affordable, and they can provide a few plans that may fit your needs.


  • Ironclad Contracts

    • Some Temporary agencies only have one type of contract, thus leaving you understaffed or overstaffed.

  • No Control

    • When you work with a temporary agency, you do not get to choose which employees go to work with you. They take a batch of workers who match your job description and send them to you.

  • Indefinite Performance

    • This bullet point is tightly related to the one above. Since you cannot choose or even see some of the workers' resumes, you are stuck with who the agency will send you. Maybe you will get an excellent worker whom you make a connection with; perhaps someone won't even show up. It is like flipping a coin.

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The Alternative to Temp Agencies

Virtual assistants are experts in their fields that can help your business in any task your regular employees or yourself don't have the time to do. In contrast to temp agency employees, VAs are trained in several areas like marketing, sales, customer service, graphic design, and much more. Depending on your company's needs, you can find several VAs willing to do those tasks for almost half the price.

In addition, you can hire a virtual assistant for an indefinite time. Some VAs have a project-based schedule and will only work for you for the project's amount of time. In comparison, other VAs can work on your core tasks for an indefinite time. The more time your company hires a VA, the more you will save in the long run versus hiring a new employee or a temp agency. You can also interview your potential virtual assistant before they start working with you.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Temp agencies can help your company thrive if you are able to find the right deal, which can be difficult. In comparison, virtual assistant agencies scour hundreds of resumes, perform the relevant tests, and train their workers to be the best in any company they work for. In addition, VAs have worked with dozens of companies from different parts of the world, providing you and your company a cultural asset that can't be equaled.

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