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The Alternative to Job Boards: CEO Edition

As CEO, you know job boards are a platform that helps businesses and prospects connect. These platforms possess several filters to match the right candidate with a company, like a salary or previous business expertise. But, depending on the job board you choose, there are several disadvantages you may encounter, regardless if you are looking for a new employee or a new job.

In this CEO Edition article on job boards, you will explore the most effective alternative to job boards in the market. While job boards may take several days to find the right candidate for your enterprise, the alternative can take care of your admin tasks while saving you the money you would spend with a premiere plan on a job board. Find out more below!

job boards

Job Boards: Definition, Advantages, and Disadvantages

Before learning about virtual assistants, it is vital to understand why job boards are an excellent option for finding new employees. But with every advantage they have, you will need to consider a couple of factors before using one.

A job board is an online platform that allows enterprises to post the position or positions they need to fill at any given time. Chances are, you have used one in the past to find a new prospect or to compare your current tasks with the competition. Job boards are a great source of information for the modern entrepreneur.

Job boards are not simple connection sites anymore.

In the early days of the internet, sites like Indeed or Monster were only a medium between a business and a prospect. After the initial connection is established, the company and the candidate will have to schedule an interview, and the rest of the communication will be up to them.

Nowadays, a job board does so much more than that. It can allow enterprises to filter their candidates faster than ever before while also allowing candidates to find all the relevant information about a company, like location, salary, and the required skills. Job boards can also provide several helpful articles about recruitment and job positions. And can even help a student decide which career path to take.

Flipping the coin to the negative side, as job boards start to grow their market, some of the things listed above may come at a hefty price, especially filters. Most job boards are free to use for prospects and companies, but if you want more of the platform, you will have to take a part of your budget to do so.

Potential employees' cons are a little simpler than those for companies. Most commonly, employees would only need to pay a fee if they want to have more exposure on their resumes. The best example of this fee is Linkedin Premium. While Linkedin evolved into a social network, its primary function is still to connect people with brands. Other job boards allow candidates to see specific company data like salary, phone number, or address.

Returning to companies, job boards have several plans for recruiters to choose from. These plans may include simple filters, like college degrees or previous admin experience, but can also include more in-depth filters like software proficiency or references from other companies. Some businesses even go the extra mile and elaborate tests within the platforms for candidates to resolve, allowing these companies to make a better prospect selection. Of course, these plans range from low to very high prices, depending on what your company wants to test and filter out.

The last disadvantage of a job board is what comes next. After your recruiting team or yourself receive the filtered resumes, you will have to check them individually and then perform interviews with the candidates you deem worthy. Lastly, you will have to make a decision and choose the right candidate for your company. You will also have to provide equipment, train, and give them a general rundown of how your company is reaching for success. On average, this process takes about two to three weeks, plus a big part of your budget.

Virtual Assistants: The Alternative

Virtual assistants are remote workers who can perform admin tasks while you focus on different things. They are experts in their fields, simultaneously working with one or several companies, giving them the title of the best time managers worldwide. They also possess their equipment and do not require benefits like bonuses or insurance as a virtual agency pays them. See below to learn more about how you can save money and time when hiring a virtual assistant.


The first advantage of hiring a virtual assistant is the cost. When hiring an employee, you will need to take care of their social security, a full-time salary, training, and provide access to the necessary tools—not to mention the fact that lunches and breaks are also paid for, either with money or by sacrificing productive hours. With a virtual assistant, you can leave all these monetary concerns in the past. Virtual agencies take care of their employees while they work for your business. All you pay is their fee for the number of hours you need.


When looking for an employee, you must consider what your company needs. Then, you will post a job online, assess the candidates' skills, and interview the best prospects. After hiring the employee, you must train them for a particular task, and they will perform based on that training. In theory, it sounds perfect. But, wouldn't you like a little bit more while maintaining the budget in check? VAs are highly skilled professionals with extensive training in various tasks to help your company thrive. They also offer a wide range of marketing, social media, customer support, and bookkeeping skills. Some of them even have photography, design, and video capabilities!


Taking on a new job role can be challenging for new employees. They must adapt quickly to the company's processes and guidelines while managing their tasks. New workers may need time to adjust to your company's organizational structure and learn about everyone's responsibilities. It can also take time for them to build connections with their colleagues and other departments so they can work together more effectively. A virtual assistant offers flexibility to your small business. If there is a significant amount of work, they will manage their time effectively, so you get the best results. If it is a low season, they will adapt to the low traffic and engage and maintain relationships with your regular customers. It is a win-win situation.


Most virtual assistants are business owners too. VAs understand the pressure and commitment that is needed when it comes to running a business. They use their previous experiences and knowledge to help you run your operations smoothly and efficiently. As a result, they provide peace of mind and allow you to enjoy the success of your business. They are focused on solutions because they understand a company's process to get a beneficial outcome. Hiring a VA is like hiring a friend. They will listen to your concerns, understand them and present you the plan that will convert into resolutions.

Job Boards vs. Virtual Assistants

While a job board is a straightforward way to hire an employee, your company uses a lot of its time and budget to find the right candidate; plus, you will also have to provide the new employee with a full ride into your workforce. In contrast, virtual assistants are workers who can start working to improve your company from day one. As CEO, you will not need to worry about the extra costs as everything is already covered by a virtual agency or the virtual assistant itself.

If you want to know more about how a virtual assistant can help your company grow while saving money and time, you can schedule a free consultation with us at New Age Cubicle. Our expert virtual assistants are ready to take on any admin tasks your company needs and provide you with insights to improve your process. So, you must choose, save money and time, or spend all your budget on recruiting campaigns. We will be waiting.


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