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The Best Skills for a Virtual Assistant

What are the best skills for a virtual assistant? What are the most common ones?

best skills for virtual assistant

If you are looking to hire a virtual assistant or thinking of becoming one, there are some skills you need to take into account before choosing one or the other. The best skills for a virtual assistant are those which can create a connection between the VA, the company they are working for and the business' customers.

In this article, you will learn the best skills for a virtual assistant. Ranging from soft skills to more intricated abilities, VAs can perform hundreds of tasks for your business at half the cost of a regulart employee.

Best Skills for a Virtual Assistant

Active Listening

The first skill in this list is active listening. Probably you have heard of active listening before since it is a skill needed in almost all positions of any workforce. It consists in listening to what the customer is saying with attention and respect. After listening to the client's problem carefully, your prospect will find a solution to their problem and apply it in a timely manner.

Noy only active listening works for customers, it is also helpful with co-workers, managers and high manegement. Active listening is not a matter of attention, is about understanding what the other person is trying to communicate in the best way possible.

Time Management

Time management is an essential skill to any VA. If you are looking to hire one, know that their time management is impeccable. They will be able to handle tasks as they come while you take advantage of your newly freed time into other things that matter.

Moreover, time management is related to efficiency in the workplace. Virtual assistants will not waste time and, more importantly, they will not waste your customer's time. Always provide realistic time expectations when resolving a conflict.


Some say persuasion is a lost art, but when you look at the big picture, marketing and sales are based on persuasion. Your ideal VA should have negotiation skills to find the middle between making a profit for your business and keeping your customers engaged with your company's products. In addition, having great negotiation skills will help an employee persuade a customer that your product is worthy of their earnings and convince them to buy more.


It is no secret that those companies that adapt better to their customers will thrive. Adaptability is one of the most important of the VA's skills. It helps the employee find the middle ground between being empathic with customers and following company guidelines.

Moreover, the ability to adapt to a new working environment is why virtual assistants are preferred over regular employees. They can quickly understand what a company needs and work towards fulfilling that need.


Empathy is the ability of employees to put themselves in other's shoes. Seeing things from the customer's perspective helps workers understand their specific concerns. Candidates must demonstrate a genuine, caring, and concerned attitude towards customers. By empathizing with your customers, you will treat them like a friend and show them that your company cares about them.

Product Knowledge

There are a lot of benefits that come when your virtual asssitant knows the product they sell. Identifying problems is easier and finding a solution quickly helps your company build loyalty in your buyers. Moreover, knowing how and when to use this knowledge is an excellent customer service skill.

One great tip is to assign knowledgeable employees to management positions. They will take care of training new prospects and provide them with the product knowledge they need. And, if the worker forgets a specific thing, a leader will be there to help them, and therefore, help the customers.


A virtual assistant excels at writing. Whether they are elaborating attracting copies or creating amazing product descriptions, a VA is able to communicate clearly with customers and clients through written form. It also means having good grammar and spelling. If you’re not sure how to improve your writing skills, take an online class or read books on the subject. They always proofread what they write before sending it off. Proofreading helps ensure that there aren’t any errors in grammar or punctuation. It also makes your company's content look professional.


Lastly, on this list, we will take a look at the most important skill a virtual assistant needs to possess to perform effectively on their positions, communication. Communication is the base for working with a virtual assistant, without it, the business for which the VA works for may not take advantage of their full potential.

A good virtual assistant will have constant communication with their managers, their colleagues, and their clientele. They need to inform anyone relevant about future changes, past mistakes, and new opportunities where the company can take advantage of the VA's skills.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant

When hiring a new employee, there are a few screening processes you need to compete before having an actual employee in your ranks. You need to scan resumes, interview prospects, hire a candidate, train them, and assign them a place on the office floor. In contrast, virtual assistants are ready to work from the get go. They are knowledgable, skillful, and have had experience with dozens of companies from different cultures.

Having a virtual assistant is an asset to your company. They will be able to resolve problems that you may not have even think of, while keeping track of all necessary metrics your business needs to grow. Schedule a free consultation with us today and unleash the true potential of your company.


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