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Top 15: Popular Outsourced Services

Outsourced services are more helpful than you may think.

outsourced services

Have you ever feel overwhelmed whenever you are completing tasks? Chances are, that you have, and it is not your fault. Owning a small business or being a succesful entrepreneur requires a good amount of money, but it also requires a lot of available time.

Thankfully, delegation exists. If you have a team of workers, each with specific tasks to complete, you will find yourself with much more free time, but you may encounter money problems if you hire more employees than you need. This situation is when outsourced services are quite helpful.

Outsourcing certain tasks to virtual assistants or freelancers may be the difference between saving part of your budget and barely making it by the end of the month. If you are interested in outsourcing some of your duties, but don't know which tasks can be outsourced then this article is for you.

Top 15: Outsourcing Tasks

1. Bookkeeping

The first task you can outsource to a professional is bookkeeping. Bookkeeping is based on managing your finances while keeping your expenses in check. While it may seem like an easy enough task, the truth is it is very time-consuming, plus if you choose to go with a specific platfrom, you will need to learn to use it. Outsourcing your bookkeeping not only avoids any discrepancies in your finances, it will also allow you to free some time for other more important tasks.

2. Sales

Sales are one of the most important departments in a business, and with it comes thousands of trials and errors to find the right formula to make your customers buy more of one of your products. Virtual sales assistants can not only create sales campaigns, but they can also be used for cold calls, lead nurturing, and funneling.

3. Customer Service

In the last few years, customer service has become the top priority for many enterprises around the world. It is no longer about delivering the best product, it is about creating the best customer experience possible. Outsourcing your customer service to a professional can up your customer service game and can also provide your company with the ability to offer support 24/7.

4. Social Media Management

Another essential part of any moder business is social media. These platforms help company connect with their customers in a more personal manner. An oursourced worker can keep track of any inquiries your customers may have, resolve any doubts, and offer special promotions and discounts through your business's profile.

5. Real Estate

Real estate is one of the most important markets worldwide, not to mention that it is one of humanity's oldest industries. Virtual assistants can tackle tasks like listing management, client follow-ups, and managing open houses, among other related jobs.

6. SEO/Copywriting

One of the most popular way to market your company is through SEO. Search engine optimization is a term that refers to upgrading your website to include certain guidelines that will make your web pages appear on any search website like Google or Bing. Following these guidelines is quite easy, but they tend to change a lot over one year. Having an outsourced copywriter will help you stay updated about these changes while attracting more consumers to your website.

7. Cold Email Campaigns

If your business is part of the B2B industry, then you are no stranger to cold email campaigns. These campaigns will help you find potential consumers by sending emails with the help of a CRM database. While most of the process is automated by different platforms, the fact is that you will still need to filter some contacts from the database, and create an email sequence that will attract the consumer. Outsourcing this task to a virtual assistant or freelancer can help you find the time for other important tasks while being sure that your target audience is being reached by the campaign.

8. Front Desk Services

One of the simplest tasks you can outsource is front desk service. These services are even offered by virtual offices and englobe all the necessary tasks that a busy entrepreneur needs. These outsourced service includes answering phones, providing information about your business and redirecting customers to a relevant area when they have an issue.

9. Google Ads

Google ads are an exquisite way to promote your company without needing flashy images or lots of text. Virtual assistants can create an Adwords profile that suits your company's advertising needs, plus provide discoverability in all of the most used search engines.

10. Social Media Ads

Another great advantage of social media is the advertisement you can create on each one of the platforms you use. Creating ads may be daunting, but your VA can easily make the proper segmentation, create an exciting design, and advertise it across all your social media platforms.

11. Market Research

One of the advantages of market research is that it is somewhat of a simple task, but a crucial disadvantage is that it takes a lot of time to perform. Virtual assistants can take that needed time off your hands and do the task themselves so you can focus on what matters.

12. eCommerce

Virtual assistants specialize in everything remote, including eCommerce, from product descriptions to holiday banners, to connecting your company's eCommerce accounts into one platform. Take advantage of their skills and knowledge and revamp your website.

13. Medical Billing

Medical billing is an essential task for any insurance or healthcare company. While it is not a difficult task to do, contacting every one of the customers who need help with their insurance or that became late on a payment can be time-consuming. With your new virtual medical billing assistant, you can rest assured that your clients are treated nicely and that all the ledgers are transparent.

14. Web Maintenance

Without a doubt the most time-consuming task of all the list, web maintenance is one of the most popular duties to outsource to designers, marketing agencies, and virtual assistants. There are plenty of duties to perform when maintaining a website, like upgrading your site's speed or keeping up with marketing trends and opportunities. If you need help with your website, outsourcing is the perfect way to go. Furthermore, outsourcing your website maintenance can come at a lower cost than hiring a UI designer in-house.

15. Agenda Management

The last tip of the list is the bread and butter of virtual assistants. not only can they organize your schedule so you can have more free time available fro friends and family, they can also contact your clients and suppliers to clear any doubts they might have or to arrange deliveries on certain days of the week. If your Google Calendar looks stacked, a virtual assistant can help you clear the cutter.

Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant

There are many more tasks you can outsource to a freelance or virtual assistant, including marketing, sales, and entrepreneurial tasks. Whichever task you need to complete, we can help you find the right person at half the cost of a regular employee.

Virtual assistants are the perfect choice for the busy business owner. They can take any task head on and are ready to work for your company from the get-go. They are already trained and have plenty of experience working in different industries. What are you waiting for?

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