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Top Customer Service Skills to look in a Prospect Employee

Whether you work in a service-based company or manage a team, customer service skills are important to any position. Sure, some positions will not handle customers, but having these traits is an advantage over other companies.

customer service skills

In this article, you will learn the different skills that a customer service representative must have and how these skills will help you convert regular consumers into loyal customers. In addition, we will also provide you with a cheaper solution than hiring an employee.

Customer Service Skills

Active Listening

The first skill in this list is active listening. Probably you have heard of active listening before since it is a skill needed in almost all positions of any workforce. It consists in listening to what the customer is saying with attention and respect. After listening to the client's problem carefully, your prospect will find a solution to their problem and apply it in a timely manner.


It is no secret that those companies that adapt better to their customers will thrive. Adaptability is one of the most vital customer service skills. It helps the employee find the middle ground between being empathic with customers and following company guidelines.

Conflict Resolution

In most job applications, you will find requirements along the lines of "out-of-the-box thinking." This type of thought is oriented to conflict resolution. The candidate you are looking for must be creative with their responses and solutions to keep your customers happy and fulfill their needs.

Conflict resolution tightly relates to decision-making. The better decisions an employee makes, the more problems they will resolve.

Effective Communication

Prospects you interview must have excellent communication skills. Communication will not only be with customers but also with managers, suppliers, and team members. Written and verbal communications are essential to all customer service representatives. They must transmit their message directly and effectively to your customers. The clearer the message, the more doubts you and your team will avoid.


As we mentioned in the skills above, empathy is the ability of employees to put themselves in the customer's shoes. Seeing things from the customer's perspective helps workers understand their specific concerns. Candidates must demonstrate a genuine, caring, and concerned attitude towards customers. By empathizing with your customers, you will treat them like a friend and show them that your company cares about them.

Time Management

Great customer service demands a quick response from your customer service team. Prospects must be able to manage queries and client queues rapidly to demonstrate to the customer that your company is always present to resolve any of their concerns.

Moreover, time management is related to efficiency in the workplace. Employees will not waste time and, more importantly, they will not waste your customer's time. Always provide realistic time expectations when resolving a conflict.

Product Knowledge

There are a lot of benefits that come when your customer service team knows the product they sell. Identifying problems is easier and finding a solution quickly helps your company build loyalty in your buyers. Moreover, knowing how and when to use this knowledge is an excellent customer service skill.

One great tip is to assign knowledgeable employees to management positions. They will take care of training new prospects and provide them with the product knowledge they need. And, if the worker forgets a specific thing, a leader will be there to help them, and therefore, help the customers.


One of the most vital customer service skills is patience. Employees should be able to maintain themselves calm in any situation. This specific skill not only applies to angry or confused customers, but it also applies to working with a team. Patience is the ability to understand others despite our differences in thoughts or skills.


Some say persuasion is a lost art, but when you look at the big picture, marketing and sales are based on persuasion. Your ideal prospect should have negotiation skills to find the middle between making a profit for your business and keeping your customers engaged with your company's products. In addition, having great negotiation skills will help an employee persuade a customer that your product is worthy of their earnings and convince them to buy more.


Some people say that you can sell absolutely anything with confidence, even if it doesn't exist. Confidence is a customer service skill that makes your employees go above and beyond other companies. Unfortunately, it is the hardest trait to find in the working world. A confident employee should know the product or service they are selling, have a soothing or authoritative tone of voice and have amazing time management skills.

You could say confidence is the result of all of the skills above, but even if a candidate excels in all of the traits, they need one more thing. Motivation. Motivating your employees is essential to your company's growth. Without cause, even the perfect employee will fail at simple tasks, and your customers will be left stranded. Motivate your employees with easy-to-reach goals and benefits. Or, if the employee is an outstanding member of the team, consider providing them with a raise.

Virtual Customer Support Assistants

As promised in the introduction to this article, here is a cheaper solution than hiring a new employee. Not every small business has an HR department to help them through hiring. Sometimes companies can have five people working remotely, although it's probable they don't possess the recruitment skills necessary to know how to hire an employee. In this case, it is better to look for a professional worker to guide you through the procedure. Furthermore, outsourcing the specific position, you are looking for could be a better option.

Since the pandemic, many outsourcing and offshoring companies have thrived because of their effectiveness and low cost. When comparing outsourcing companies to hiring employees, you'll find that most professionals are also leaning to outsource their work than being employed directly with a company. It allows workers better time management and increases motivation.

It is also worth mentioning that some companies are specifically created to search for remote workers for you. These companies take care of the screening process. They will help you work with professional candidates who already possess the tools for the type of work you are looking for—giving you more flexibility in your schedule to take care of other vital activities.

Here at New Age Cubicle, we provide companies with outstanding virtual assistants that will help your business grow and increase your ROI. Take advantage of our 50% off discount for the next two months and schedule a free consultation here.


Skills are essential to all companies. The more skills you can find in your employees, the better. But, you need to make your screening process as tight as possible. In the end, you will have to evaluate candidates and may have to sacrifice a few skills for knowledge. Take a few hours from your schedule when assessing candidates.

Moreover, if you have the urgency of hiring someone before the end of the year, try one of our Virtual Assistants and unleash your company's full potential.


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