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How Virtual Assistant Companies can help your Entrepreneur Adventure

Virtual assistant companies excel in helping businesses no matter their size. These companies are able to provide workers with incredible knowledge and working skills to enterprises who need extra hands on deck or too busy entrepreneurs who do not have the time to deal with menial tasks.

virtual assistant companies

Throughout this article, you will learn the different skills virtual assistant companies look for in an employee and how they utilize those skills in short periods of time to work with several companies. It is essential to mention that the skills mentioned below are not the only ones a virtual assistant may possess.

These skills can be found in any virtual assistant. If you are looking for something more specific, do not hesitate to contact the virtual assistant company of your choice and ask about the availability of the skill you would wish to hire.

Virtual Assistant Companies: Skills

Customer Service

Customer service is based on active listening. You've probably heard of active listening before since it's a skill most people need to use in their jobs. It means paying attention to what the customer is saying and responding appropriately.

Whenever one of your virtual assistants resolves a customer's issue, the customer is usually happy with the outcome and will apply your solution to solve the problem. The customer may also provide you with contact information for other potential customers.

Customer Adaptability

Customers are immensely important, so it's vital that you and your team can adapt accordingly. One of the most critical virtual assistant skills is finding that middle ground between empathy with the customer's problem and following the plan or manager's instructions. VAs excel in finding this balance, as they have found many solutions to similar issues.

Keep in mind that customers can be emotional about their decision to purchase, so do not take things personally. While there are a lot of details to be applied, it's vital that you can design a customer service model that fits your company, and a virtual assistant can help you through this process.


Communication is a skill prioritized by virtual assistants. Disregarding the industry you are working in, communication will not be limited to just customers. This skill is still crucial with managers, suppliers, and team members too. It's essential that employees use written and verbal communications effectively, and VAs would have a Ph.D. if this skill can be studied in depth. Clarity will save you and your team a lot of worries.

Virtual assistant companies train their employees to ask themselves these questions when they complete an interaction. Was the message clear? If not, what can be solved? What did I learn about my team and culture? How do I better serve my customers now that I know this information? Is there anything else we can do to make this work better for our customers in the future and our team members?

Time Management

Virtual assistant companies are always looking for candidates with the best time management skills when scouting for prospects. Why is that? Virtual assistants are used to working with several clients at once. Although their job hours may vary, VAs can easily move from one client to another without getting confused about completing tasks.

Time management is essential for any VA. As more and more companies are interested in their services, virtual assistants must devise a plan that includes all of their customers' needs, their customers' clients' needs, and the VAs own professional needs.


Pete Prisco said, "Any salesman can talk a customer into buying a car they didn't want. But few can do it with a laptop." To add to the analogy, we can also say that even fewer salespersons can do it with a B2B service.

A virtual assistant can provide the necessary details to attract customers, encourage them to purchase your product, and help them decide through negotiation between the prices of what you want to charge and what they want to pay. VAs have excellent negotiation skills that can help customers feel convinced that buying your product is worthwhile, make them buy more, and recommend your products to other people.


Some people say they can sell anything, but small to large companies prefer to find employees with a strong skillset like confidence. Virtual assistants have this skill dominated. You could be amazed at how skilled VAs are and how they go above and beyond to provide that same level of service to everyone. Virtual assistants are also confident in their product or service knowledge, have a fair tone of voice, and work to be on top of their time management.

Following this skill set, they will be able to have more positive conversations with the customer and co-workers. Moreover, they also have the ability to discover problems within your company and communicate them with you in a professional and timely manner. And most likely, VAs would have also found a solution to the problem they encountered.

Contacting Virtual Assistant Companies

If you decide to hire a virtual assistant, you will have made the best decision to improve your company. Not only will a VA change the way most of your tasks are done, but they will also save you time and money while they unleash the full potential of your company.

When hiring a VA, you must first ask yourself, What does my company need? When you get to the answer and know exactly what you need, you can request a few minutes with a VA to learn about their experience managing multiple tasks and how they manage their time. How do they deal with pressure? What situations have they dealt with that required a tough decision? How do they handle conflict within their team or lacking support from other departments?

If you would like to answer the questions above, do not hesitate to schedule a free consultation with us here at New Age Cubicle. Our virtual assistants are eager to help you with your tasks so you can save money, save time, and use them for the things that really matter.


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