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Virtual Assistant for Creatives: 14 Tasks

A virtual assistant for creatives is more helpful than you think.

virtual assistant for creatives

We all relate virtual assistants as workers who can take care of admin tasks around the office, so you and your employees have more time to focus on important things, like developing new marketing strategies or nurturing your clients. But VAs can also help creatives in so many ways.

For a virtual assistant to be able to work with an artist, we need to boil down everything to the simplest terms. In essence, many tasks an artist completes are tightly related to those of an office, hence why a virtual assistant for creatives is the perfect choice for freeing your schedule. Below, you will find 14 tasks that a VA can do in the artist's name.

14 Virtual Assistant Tasks to help Creatives

1. Schedule Presentations and Shows

Events are the life essence of any artist. To be able to perform in several venues or to present their work in galleries is a relatively easy task, but it can become one of the most time-consuming ones.

Virtual assistants can easily contact several venues and ask about their different requirements. Plus, since they will know your career to perfection, they will be able to assess which places are better marketed than the others—giving you more exposure while you focus on creating new pieces or rehearsing.

2. Social Media Content

Social media has been part of our lives for quite a while now, and if you are still not comfortable with all that comes with any social media platform, you might be missing out on the best thing about these marketing tools.

Creating content is one of the best tasks you can assign to a virtual assistant. They know graphic design and can quickly find your niche audience so your masterpieces can be seen and heard all across the globe.

3. Community Management

Tightly related to the point above, a community manager is a worker who has great empathy, amazing active listening skills, and superb customer service. They will be responsible for responding to your fan's doubts, answering comments, and creating engaging messages for your fans to keep loyal.

Virtual assistants excel in community management. They possess the skills mentioned above and many more that can help your social media platforms grow like never before. In addition, they can create ads based on your community's interests and use that information to elevate you even more.

4. Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is a necessary evil. Long are the days that we can spend our budget without having to worry too much about our expenses. Bookkeeping is the perfect way to keep your balances in check, so you do not go over budget and start having problems in your artistic career.

Bookkeeping is one of the most common tasks of a virtual assistant. They can take care of your entrepreneurial business by registering your expenses and earnings. They will be in charge of balancing your books, so you will not have to worry if you are going over budget.

5. Website Maintenance and Updates

As an artist, you hear all sorts of things about your website. Some artists don't even have one. If you are part of this group, you need to understand that you are losing a lot of reach by not having one. The usefulness of targeted Google Ads and having all your information in one place is beyond comparison.

Virtual assistants can help you build your website and keep it updated with your new material or event dates. They can even go the extra mile and add a direct link to other websites where you can buy tickets for your events.

6. E-commerce

Primarily dedicated to visual artists, having an eCommerce store on your website can change the tide of how many productions you can sell at any given time. Plus, you can also offer deals for special days like Black Friday or Christmas.

Even if you are not a visual artist, a virtual assistant can help you create an eCommerce landing page on your website to maximize sales. Moreover, since everything is coming from your website, you can also use SEO strategies to increase your reach, therefore increasing sales.

7. Writing

Writing is one of the top-grossing marketing jobs in the present era. As companies start making more relevant content using keywords, the competition you may find in search engines can be quite ferocious.

Don't worry a virtual assistant is not going to be your new composer, but they can write about different topics in your website's blog. These topics can range from similar keyword usage to experiences they can transform into written form.

8. Email Management

Have you ever woken up on any morning, checked your email, and seen the icon with that dreaded 999+ badge? Chances are you have. Keeping your email neat seems like a harder challenge than it is, but who has the time to do so?

The answer is virtual assistants. A VA can arrange your emails in any sort o that that seems fit for your lifestyle. They can create several filters for the emails to go to different folders and even get rid of those tedious subscriptions of pages you only visited once.

9. Cold Email Campaigns

Every artist knows that if there is one thing they absolutely have to write by themselves is the artist's statement. Sure, different artists use different kinds of "presentation cards," like press kits. But, now that you have written it, what will you do with it?

Virtual assistants can take great care of this document by creating cold email campaigns to help you find prospective buyers, similar artists, or new fans. Furthermore, they can create CRM spreadsheets to help you find the right contacts within the industry as you develop your art.

10. Contact suppliers

If you are a photographer, a painter, or a graphic designer, then you know that suppliers are one of the most important aspects of being a visual artist. They provide you with the necessary ingredients to create your new masterpiece.

Virtual assistants can take this task off your hands. Sure, contacting the suppliers or going to the art store yourself is a great feeling, but isn't it better if you already have everything at your disposal whenever you feel like it? Yes, we know.

11. Graphic Design

On the other side of the spectrum, if you are not a visual artist, you may need help transferring the ideas in your head to a physical or digital format. Do not stress yourself; we all are good at some things at not-so-efficient at others.

That is why virtual assistants are the perfect choice to fulfill your graphic design needs. VAs are very creative and can transform your wildest ideas into images that attract, enamor, and transform prospects into your most loyal admirers.

12. Photo and Video post-production

Even if you are not a photographer or a videographer, chances are that you have dabbled with these two titans in the past. Post-production is one of the most time-consuming tasks in any profession. Not only do you have to make everything look realistic, but you also have to have the right skills and tools to make an image work.

Virtual assistants are no strangers to these two titans. They can confront them head-on and create something that includes your style, your artist's voice, and the feelings you most represent. Furthermore, they can pinpoint the exact audience the content will work for.

13. Arrange portfolios

Whether you are interviewing for an enterprise you want to work with or updating your website, a portfolio is vital for any artist who wishes to move on in their career. Sure, nobody knows your work as you do, but sometimes some fresh new eyes can help you land a client.

Similar to studying the competition for a company, a VA can research your potential clientele and provide you with several options when presenting your portfolio. They can help you choose which works of art are better and tailor your content for the customer.

14. Front Desk Services

Last on this list of tasks of virtual assistants for creatives is front desk services, and this one is a given. Virtual assistants can take care of your calls, provide relevant information to your prospects and create a seamless flow between them and the people they are talking to. They can also use these leads to create a list of potential clients and suppliers.

As a Work of Art

Virtual assistants are the future of the workforce. They are located worldwide, so that they can serve as a cultural asset or a scheduling option. Even better, you will not have to worry about paying for their equipment, training, or benefits; they are ready to work from the first week you hire them.

If you would like to know more about how we can help artists reach their full potential, you can schedule a free consultation with us today. You can explain your needs to us, and we can match you with one of our excellent virtual assistants.

As simple as that.


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