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Virtual Business = Virtual Assistants: Advantages of Virtual Assistants vs Employees

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

The virtual business market has grown over 40% in the last five years. Having an online business has never been easier. With several tools all over the web, you can find assistance for your marketing teams, provide customer support and keep track of your finances. But eventually, those tools will come up short if you take into account the creativity a human being can bring to your team. Not to mention your time is limited, you can only fit so many tasks into your schedule. So, maybe it is time to hire a new employee.

Or is it?

Virtual Business = Virtual Assistants: Advantages of Virtual Assistants vs Employees

Hiring a new employee comes with many benefits. You will have effective communication with your team and a person who will dedicate his time to the company. Also, meeting prospective employees in person is a perfect way to assess their capabilities and skills. But it also comes with a cost. Hiring a full-time employee is a significant investment, especially when your company is small. In addition to salaries and benefits, you will need to allocate part of your budget to provide your employees with the necessary equipment and training as well.

So, what other options do you have? It is always essential to understand that you should not delegate more work to your current employees. For example, the potential employee might be responsible for time-sensitive tasks that require an in-depth understanding of a project while still adapting to the company. It is much more beneficial to have workers focus on their specific duties instead of assigning them additional work. This way, they can deliver the highest quality work in the fastest amount of time. That is where virtual assistants come in.

Virtual assistants (VAs) have diverse skills that can be put to work instantly when you hire them. Expertise in SEO, social media management, bookkeeping, and customer support are some of the skills you can find in a virtual agency. You can have all of this expertise while allowing your regular employees to stay focused on their duties. Moreover, VAs will save you money, and most importantly, time.

Another significant advantage of hiring a VA is the diversity. While hiring an employee ensures the availability of their work, hiring a virtual assistant offers a different approach to certain topics that you may not be aware of. Most virtual agencies are links between enterprises and experts all across the globe. These experts can provide a fresh perspective and come up with creative ideas. Creative ideas that have worked for another market and apply them to your specific target audience.

And the process is quite simple too!

You need to contact the agency of your choice, describe your necessities to customer support, and they will find the correct person that fits your company. Your new virtual assistant will work per hour a week or per month, depending on the task you need to complete. You can rest assured that virtual assistants will free up your time and allow you to focus on other aspects of your business. Many virtual agencies also offer different services depending on your needs. You can have a VA only working for a specific project or hire them full time through the agency.

A virtual business requires a little more work than a regular company. You will need to communicate effectively with all of your employees to ensure the growth of the company. In the upcoming holiday season, communication will be crucial to assure sales and grow your market. So, if you need some extra help to commit fully to your company's objectives, bring in some more hands on the deck. Building a team of virtual assistants is your best choice.

Virtual staffing agencies offer a wide variety of skilled remote workers that can be hired for a small price, compared to hiring several employees. If you need to create brand awareness, you can hire a virtual marketer to make a marketing plan, a virtual graphic designer yo help you with your content, and a virtual assistant to take care of your schedule. If you want to increase sales, you can hire a virtual sales rep. A virtual sales representative will help you with lead generations, client follow-up, and lead nurturing. If you need help taking care of finances or insurance transactions, you can hire a virtual bookkeeper or medical biller.

Virtual assistance options are there for the taking. You can mix and match all of these services for a low price while assuring company success. Virtual workers have become an integral part of any business that needs to save on overhead costs and time for particular assignments. Virtual assistants can take care of all the tasks your business needs with accuracy, promptness and are also very affordable. If you are not convinced yet to hire a virtual assistant, here are some advantages of doing so:

Advantages of hiring a virtual assistant


The first advantage of hiring a virtual assistant is the cost. When hiring an employee, you will need to take care of their social security, a full-time salary, training, and provide access to the necessary tools—not to mention the fact that lunches and breaks are also paid for, either with money or by sacrificing productive hours. With a virtual assistant, all of these monetary concerns are left in the past. Virtual agencies take care of their employees while they work for your business. All you pay is their fee for the number of hours you need.


When looking for an employee, you must consider what your company needs. Then, you will post a job online, assess the candidates' skills, and interview the best prospects. After hiring the employee, you must train them for a particular task, and they will perform based on that training. In theory, it sounds perfect. But, wouldn't you like a little bit more while maintaining the budget in check? VAs are highly skilled professionals that have extensive training in various tasks that can help your company thrive. They also offer a wide range of marketing, social media, customer support, and bookkeeping skills. Some of them even have photography, design, and video capabilities!


Taking on a new job role can be challenging for new employees. They must adapt quickly to the company's processes and guidelines while still managing their own tasks. New workers may need time to adjust to the organizational structure of your company, as well as learn about everyone's responsibilities. It can also take time for them to build connections with their colleagues and other departments so they can work together more effectively. A virtual assistant offers flexibility to your small business. If there is a significant amount of work to do, they will manage their time effectively, so you get the best results. If it is a low season, they will adapt to the low traffic and engage and maintain relationships with your regular customers. It is a win-win situation.


Most virtual assistants are business owners too. VAs understand the pressure and commitment that is needed when it comes to running a business. They use their previous experiences and knowledge to help you run your operations smoothly and efficiently. As a result, they provide peace of mind and allow you to enjoy the success of your business. They are focused on solutions because they understand a company's process to get a beneficial outcome. Hiring a VA is like hiring a friend. They will listen to your concerns, understand them and present you the plan that will convert into resolutions.

Virtual Business = Virtual Assistants: Advantages of Virtual Assistants vs Employees

So, why would you hire a virtual assistant for your virtual business?

The online market has never been more present and prevalent than it is today. It is an integral part of every type of business model, whether you manufacture and sell your products online or offer business-to-business services. The web market is also accesible and wide-reaching, and as such, it's at the height of its popularity. And after the pandemic, most office buildings are still closed due to the effectiveness of remote working and the impact it has on modern workplaces.

Hiring a virtual assistant will ensure your company's success. At the same time, it will save you money. Money that you can repurpose to increase the budget of a marketing campaign, invest in new ideas for the future, or expand your market across the globe. In addition, virtual assistants can provide your small business with ideas and cultural assets that will bring a higher income to your company.


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