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What Services do Virtual Assistants offer for Websites on Cyber Monday?

What services do virtual assitants offer?

what services do virtual assistants offer

With Cyber Monday knocking the front door, enterprises worldwide are looking for extra hands to accomplish their goals. When your business is starting to take shape or when it is time for a change, your website is one of the pillars of your identity. It includes your values, mission, and other factors that can help convince a customer to purchase your products or services. Most importantly, it contains your ecommerce hub.

The ecommerce section on your website should already be ready for the peak season. You already checked the site's speed, wrote every product description, uploaded all necessary images and banners, and gave your website an overall holiday feeling. If you are still waiting for a miracle to happen and get everything done, the miracle presents itself in the form of a virtual assistant.

Virtual Assistant for Websites: Tasks


To kick off this list, we will start with the website's structure, web design. In our future world, there are hundreds of apps out there to help you create your website without hiring a web designer, such as Wix or WordPress. But, when it comes to more technical tasks, like loading times, you will need a web admin or designer.

Virtual assistants can help you with the creation process of your website. They can write taglines, embed images, and use several plugins and programs so your website can run smoothly and your clients can navigate it seamlessly.

Create Landing Pages

As a business expert, you know that landing pages are the base of most of your brand awareness and sales online. The first tip for your company is to have multiple landing pages—one for each of your marketing campaigns.

Virtual assistants can create landing pages for each of your campaigns. Having multiple landing pages allows you to perform tests around specific products and marketing words your clients are attracted to. Once you find the perfect one a virtual assistant can keep it updated according to market or target audience changes.

Copywriting and SEO

SEO and copywriting are the backbone of your company's website. Without it, customers won't be able to find your website in the main search engines, and your competitors will take all those potential customers with them. Your SEO needs to be on point for your business to compete in this channel.

VAs excel in copywriting and SEO. They possess the right tools to find the correct keywords for your website, and they can create the relevant content that will interest your clients in the services your offer. Moreover, they can develop strategies and advertisements to maximize your webpage's visibility.

Product Descriptions and Images

The heart and soul of any ecommerce page are its products. The listing should include various things ranging from simple size charts to more complicated assets like 360° images. Whether you need to hire a photographer or a copywriter, you need to take all of these assets into account.

Virtual assistants can easily tak care of these tasks for you. Sure, they cannot take the pictures themselves, but you can give them the photographs and they can work their editing magic so they look amazing. Furthermore, they can write all of your products descriptions and respond to comments and questions within your website and social media marketplaces.


Tightly related to copywriting but in a different way, newsletters are one of the most used forms of cold marketing worldwide. Within them, you can inform your customers about new products, holiday specials, and general information about your company which will attract them to consume your products.

Virtual assistants can create these newsletters with ease. They will chat with you and your marketing team to see which strategy is better for each week or month, depending on how you choose to deliver your letters and create an attractive design. In addition, VAs can also create a cold email marketing campaign through several platforms like Klenty or Apollo.

Customer Support

Over the last couple of decades, customers passed from being a consumer to valuable assets to any company. Their opinions and experiences with the business world have helped countless enterprises reach their yearly goals. A company that listens to its customers is destined to succeed.

Virtual assistants can make this destiny present itself. With their over-the-top empathy and their outstanding active listening skills, VAs can take on any customer's issue and resolve it in the fastest and best way possible. Whether you install a chat on your website or have a customer service line, virtual assistants can take care of these channels so you can rest assured that your customers are treated the way they deserve.

Online Account Management

Many virtual sales assistants are trained to manage online accounts such as Amazon, eBay, or Facebook Market. They will take care of bad reviews that have affected you in the past and find a solution to engage with the customer who had problems with your products before.

Virtual sales reps can also keep track of your inventory across all marketplaces and your online store, a great asset to have in this holiday season. They will even work better if you can manage having all of these platforms into one.

Track Deliveries

When you start an eCommerce business, you and your employees will deliver your products. But as your sales go up, you will have to consider hiring new employees to deliver your goods or go with an already established company.

Virtual assistants can help you keep track of those deliveries by creating a delivery schedule or by having constant communication with the delivery company of your choice. You can also incorporate these skills into your customer service department and provide your customers with more exact delivery dates.

Review Analytics and take Action

If you take a closer look at all of the tasks above, you will see that you can apply a KPI strategy to most of them. Whether you want more visits to your website or push a specific product for your clients, you will need to devise a plan to achieve the desired metrics.

Virtual assistants have experience with many companies in different industries. You can use this knowledge to your advantage and analyze your website statistics with your virtual assistant. Your VA will be able to provide insights about each of the KPIs you would like to measure and come up with the necessary strategy to get the numbers you want.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant for your Website

As you can see, many tasks revolve around your website. While some of them might be easy to learn for yourself, the fact is that most of them are very time-consuming. Expect that some things could go wrong in the holiday season, and create a backup plan for those errors.

Here at New Age Cubicle, we thrive by making your company stand above the competition while you save part of your budget and dedicate your time to the most critical tasks in a business. If you would like to know more about our amazing virtual assistants, don't hesitate to contact us. We will find the right expert VA for your company.


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