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Boost Productivity
With a Virtual Medical Biller 

Improve your revenue cycle management by outstaffing your billing department while saving up to 75% of the cost of an in-house employee.

Virtual Medical Biller

Many community health practices don’t have the budget or time available to maintain an entire billing department, find a replacement when an employee leaves, or keep up with the healthcare industry’s ever-changing needs.

Our service allows your practice to utilize the staff you already have, to conduct and manage the first half of the revenue cycle on-site.

At the same time, a trained NAC virtual biller carries out the remaining tasks specifically tailored to your business at one quarter the cost of a billing service provider or an in-house billing team.

Unlike other billing companies, our biller will be a part of your team and dedicate all their time to you and yours only.

Why hire a Virtual Medical Biller?

Boost Productivity.

Increase Client Engagement and Satisfaction.

Fewer Errors and Faster Insurance Payments.

Reduced Operating Costs.

Outsource your medical billing tasks  

Electronic claim submission

Aging A/R recovery

Denial management

Insurance eligibility verfication

Payment posting & reconciliation

Monthly reports

Who hires a Virtual Medical Biller

  • Skilled nursing facility

  • Assisted living facilities

  • Nursing homes

  • Home health agencies

  • Non-medical home care agencies 

  • Hospice agencies 

Hire a Virtual Medical Biller

Save time and money when you work with our remote billing VAs.

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