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Generate More Leads
With A Virtual Sales Rep 

Get more quality leads in a shorter time

with your NAC remote sales team.

Virtual Sales Representative

If you’re looking for a solution to converting more prospects, increasing your sales, and generating more revenue, we can help.

Our experienced sales professionals have the skillset and knowledge to strategically generate leads, screen for qualified ones, compile data for easy tracking, communicate with prospects, and respond to inquiries.

Find the right sales rep for your business at accessible rates.

Why hire a Virtual Sales Representative?

Free up your schedule to focus on core tasks

like growing your business.

Mitigate workload and stress on your internal team.

Reduce operating cost and better ROI.

Scale to meet demand at anytime.

Outsource your sales tasks 


Lead screening and qualification

Lead generation

Client follow-up

Cold calling & emailing

Lead nurturing

Who hires a Virtual Sales Representative?

  • Startups 

  • Real Estates Brokers 

  • Tech Companies

  • Service Agencies

  • Insurance Brokers 

Hire a Virtual Sales Representative

Start easing the weight of your schedule with a free consultation.

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