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Best Name Ideas for your Business (Ecommerce Issue)

Choosing a name for your business has become somewhat of a daunting task today. You not only have to think of catchy names consumers can remember, but you also need to take into account several factors like SEO positioning, trademarks, and overall different requirements that did not matter much in the past.

best name ideas for business

In this article, you will find some of the best name ideas for a business designed for your eCommerce company. Whether you sell products online through your store or prefer to distribute through other channels like Amazon or eBay, these names will give you the edge over your competitors.

General Recommendations

Before jumping into the example, here are a few recommendations from across the web that can help you settle for a name. Of course, these recommendations are just that, recommendations. You will get to choose your company's name, and if you choose a title that means a lot to you, stick to that name. It is your company.

  • Use the same letter for a compound name (Best Buy, Delta Dental)

  • Pick an original name not too similar to your competitors

  • Use a name that represents what you sell

  • Choose an easy to pronounce and easy to spell name

  • Be memorable but not too unique

  • Get feedback on the terms you choose

  • Be happy with the name you choose

The last bullet point is critical. By choosing a company name you like, you will subconsciously want your company to grow. As some people say, it is easier to work in something you like than working with something you had to choose.

Best Name Ideas for Business: Ecommerce

Below, you will find the best name ideas for business, eCommerce version. These names come from several pages across the internet and others that we made ourselves. Remember to keep in mind the general recommendations above. There will also be a few recommendations about what the company could relate to in each bullet point. Happy picking!

  • Percepta (Security)

  • 9 Yards Media

  • Crowdstage (Social Media)

  • SiteDept (Web design)

  • Compost-it (Design)

  • SiteDept (Web design)

  • Salesify (Sales, SaaS)

  • Virtual Visions (Media)

  • Color 9 Creative (Design)

  • Brandopedia (Marketing)

  • Fearless Media

  • Metalogic (SaaS)

  • Vertigo Media

  • Buzzwords (Copywriting)

  • Targetician (Marketing)

  • Logicful (SaaS)

  • Sale Surge (SaaS)

  • Inter-content (Copywriting)


  • Compass Mortgage

  • Top it Off (Fashion)

  • Star-eyed (Jewelry)

  • Remember-Retro (Retro store)

  • Shopulse (General retail)

  • Ecommerce Tree (General retail)

  • Merchangrab (General retail)

  • Fantasity (Children's Apparel)

  • Cavawear (Women's apparel)

  • eClothing (General retail)

  • Black Tie (Men's apparel)

  • Suncoast Pets

  • eRegal (General retail)

  • Urban Unreal (Youth apparel)

  • Kitty Corp (Pets)

Sports and Health

  • Wolves' Bane (Natural Products)

  • Lynx Optics

  • Marathon Physical Therapy

  • De-range (Sporting goods)

  • Relx (Health)

  • Novacare (Medical)

  • Serenity (Assisted Living)

  • Sports Troop (Sporting equipment)

  • Athletim (Sports)

  • Full Factor (Bodybuilding)

  • Zenwear (Sports apparel)

  • Healthnomic (Medical)

Food and Services

  • Nova Riders (Shipping, moving)

  • Cloudrevel (Cloud services)

  • MetConnect (Dating)

  • Cafferino (Coffee Shop)

  • Balagrill (Restaurant)

  • The Codfather (Restaurant)

  • Ground Floor Consulting (Gardening)

  • Food Tribe (Restaurant)

  • Landscapists (Outdoor design)

  • Waterproofit (Plumbing and electricity services)

  • The Breelancers (Produce)

  • Foodie Fairy (Produce)

Arts and Technology

  • Saga Innovations (Tecnology)

  • Composey (Music)

  • TechTack (Technology)

  • Audica (Music)

  • Infotech (Technology)

  • Crunch Culture (Blog)

  • High Hive (Technology)

  • Silverfox Dynamics (Technology)

Travel and Transport

  • Tourish (Touring)

  • Drivemo (Automotive)

  • Pacifica (Travel)

  • MotoRing (Automotive)

  • Bioternity (Environment)

  • Earthlight (Environment)


  • Kaboom Fireworks

  • Secure Smarter (Security)

  • Formonix (Manufacture)

  • Legalbright (Legal)

  • True Cargo (Shipment)

  • Facturan (Accounting)

  • Legalia (Legal)

  • X Factory (Manufacturer)

  • Eaglewood (Woodshop)

  • Built Goods (Manufacture)

Name Ideas for Business

Choosing a company's name is quite a task. It will be something that will represent you, your co-workers, and, most importantly, your values. A company's name should be able to stand on its own and represent the owner's objectives and traits.

While coming up with a creative name might seem like the best way to go, you also need to research the SEO related to your company's name and understand the challenges that come when choosing an innovative title. In contrast, if you opt for a simple yet memorable name, you will also have to face a few obstacles when ranking in search engines and dealing with the competition. As the movie would say, you need to choose wisely.

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