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Top 15: Best Social Media Manager Tools

All across the globe, marketers and community managers use a variety of social media manager tools to reach their objectives. Whether your company only needs to schedule posts within a certain week or needs to create a marketing campaign, several social media management tools can help your company reach its goals.

social media manager tools

Many tools on the internet can help you with various tasks. Whichever platform you choose, you need to prioritize your needs instead of the cost. Most of the social media management tools you will encounter offer the same basic support, like scheduling, responding to comments, and in-depth statistics. But some of them offer more options than others. In the list below, you will find our Top 15: Best Social Media Manager Tools.

1. Hootsuite

To kick off this list, we have Hootsuite. Hootsuite is one of the most popular social media management tools and has over 15 million users worldwide.

  • Pros

    • Manage all of your social media in one platform

    • Measure your social ROI

    • Run social media ads

    • 30-day free trial

  • Cons

    • Handles a point system to create reports

    • Custom URLs are more expensive than other platforms

    • Has had trouble with Facebook images in the past

2. Buffer

Buffer can offer clean and intuitive tools that can help you reach your social media goals; plus is also one of the cheapest options in the market.

  • Pros

    • Ability to create landing pages

    • Great analytics reports

    • Easily schedule your next posts with their calendar feature

    • Canva integration

  • Cons

    • Can't view incoming mentions

    • Can't respond to comments in real-time

    • Accounts are easy to set up but lack a real-time connection

3. Sprout Social

Sprout Social combines several tools a social media manager would use into one easy-to-use platform. It is also the only platform to offer CRM solutions.

  • Pros

    • Great reports and analytics

    • Easy to use interface

    • Offers a free trial

    • Advanced audience targetting

  • Cons

    • Pricing is a bit expensive

    • Lacks connection to YouTube and TikTok

    • Advanced analytics will likely double your initial investment

4. Social Pilot

SocialPilot is one of the best platforms for live social media tracking. While their developers boast about their analytics, some of their other features are great for small and medium-sized businesses.

  • Pros

    • Campaign success analytics

    • Powerful team collaborations

    • Post drafts and approvals

  • Cons

    • Lacks lead generation

    • Targetting specific audiences is unavailable

    • No competitor analysis

5. MavSocial

Like most platforms in this Top 15: Social Media Manager Tools, MavSocial is a hub where you can manage most of your social media platforms at once. It is also one of the cheapest solutions if you don't need advanced reporting or ad management.

  • Pros

    • Centralized visual content storage and management

    • Licensable content

    • Fully customizable management of teams and brands

    • Mobile access

  • Cons

    • Reports might be buggy or take a lot of time to load

    • Diffucult to navigate UI

    • Lacks quality control if more than ten social media accounts are added

6. Later

Formerly known as Latergramme, Later is a social media hub focusing on Instagram posts. While it also offers options for other platforms, Later is best used when paired with Instagram.

  • Pros

    • Hashtag Analysis

    • Offers a visual planner

    • Instagram stories scheduling

    • Provides best times to post relevant content

  • Cons

    • No bulk uploads

    • Limits the number of posts in a month in low-price plans

    • Analytics can be improved

7. Agorapulse

If you are part of a medium-sized business, Agorapulse may be the right tool for you. You can engage your community, download reports, and schedule content from the same hub.

  • Pros

    • Customer interaction history

    • Competitor analysis

    • Shared content calendar

    • Great KPI programming and development

  • Cons

    • Content calendar can be a little challenging to use

    • A/B Testing unavailable

    • Limited size image uploads

8. Zoho Social

Zoho Social is one of the top-rated social media hubs in the world. The platforms offer a wide array of accessibility options for small to large companies.

  • Pros

    • Sentiment analysis

    • Broad channel coverage

    • Post success predictions

    • No latency in lead transfering

  • Cons

    • No Google form integration

    • Subscription plans cannot be modified

    • Extra team members come at a high price

9. Falcon io provides many similar functionalities as every other social media management platform. The difference comes when we compare the platform's integrations, like MailChimp, and Google Analytics.

  • Pros

    • Great interface

    • Strong listening module

    • Great content organization

    • One of the best platforms for engaging customers

  • Cons

    • Slow speed

    • Reports lack flexibility

    • Mobile app has only a few features compared to desktop

10. Sendible

Positioned as a productivity tool for agencies, Sendible is a centralized hub where you can manage your social media platforms and create a single campaign throughout them.

  • Pros

    • Keyword search

    • Workflow management

    • Automated routing and prioritization

    • Multiple account management

  • Cons

    • Lack of tagging features

    • Constant profile reconnections

    • High price against competitors

11. Brandwatch

A little different from the options in this list, Brandwatch provides its clients with tools to listen to and analyze social media conversations to extract insights, ideas, and data to increase a company's ROI.

  • Pros

    • Great API connection with several platforms

    • Great report flexibility

    • Highly programmable setups

    • Efficient and fast data downloads

  • Cons

    • Lacks alerts variety

    • Lacks some basic automated features

    • UI can struggle with reports imaging

12. Salesforce Social Studio

Salesforce Social Studio is a platform you should only use if you work for large companies. While they have a lot of exciting features that may appeal to the regular entrepreneur, Salesforce is the highest-priced platform on this list.

  • Pros

    • Provides rich and verifiable data

    • In-depth analytics and reports

    • Real-time lead detection and fast indexing

    • Great technical support

  • Cons

    • Complex setup

    • Outdated interface

    • Deep searches present bugs and glitches

13. Tailwind

Built specifically for Pinterest, Tailwind provides many features related to this platform, such as post scheduling, pin analytics, and scalable Pinterest activity.

  • Pros

    • Ability to create Smart Loops

    • Uber friendly UI

    • Tutorial Videos

    • Safari and Chrome extensions

  • Cons

    • Community section could use an update

    • Instagram posting and scheduling options are still in development

    • Occasional slow loading times

14. Tweetdeck

While TweetDeck is used explicitly for Twitter, it is worth mentioning since some companies based their entire social media interactions on this platform.

  • Pros

    • Completely free

    • Great scheduling options and account management

  • Cons

    • Analytics are virtually non-existent

    • Service has been known to go down without warning

15. Virtual Marketers/ Virtual Social Media Managers

Virtual marketers can take the job of all these platforms at once. They can easily gather in-depth analytics through several platforms and present the results to your marketing team in an easy and understandable way. They can also help you with your social media plan and give you a cost-benefit report of the aforementioned tools.

Although their work might be a little bit more expensive than subscribing to a plan of any of the platforms below, hiring a virtual marketer can help you reorganize your market department, plus they will already know how to handle the majority of the platforms available.

Social Media Manager Tools

Social media management tools are very diverse, and it's up to you to find the right one. To discover it, determine what your goal is and whether you need a lot of features or need something that can be just as powerful with less. The better you know your company and understand its needs, the more chances you will find a social media management tool you like.

Remember that most of these platforms offer a free trial so that you can test them out, or if you are interested in the virtual marketer, you can schedule a free consultation with us here at New Age Cubicle. We'll be waiting.


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