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What to Expect when Hiring a Virtual Personal Asssistant

When hiring a virtual personal assistant, there are a lot of factors you need to consider before you share your values and ideas with someone outside your company. Of course, their salary is the first issue, but other factors can also come into play like adaptability, teamwork, and the most important of all, results.

virtual personal assistant

Virtual personal assistants are experts in their fields, ready to assist you with any task that you need help with. While their skills vary from assistant to assistant, they all have a thing in common, help you with your company's or personal duties so you can save time and money.

Virtual Personal Assistants

If you have worked in the entertainment industry before or have experience in big companies, you perfectly understand the role of a personal assistant. Personal assistants are workers who dedicate their hours to help someone in a higher position, like CFOs or CEOs. They take care of scheduling their meetings, make sure they are on time wherever they need to be, and most importantly, keep track of all of the tasks the "client" commends them.

In a panorama like this, you might wonder how a virtual assistant can be adequate for a personal assistant's job? Virtual personal assistants do not need to be near their clients 24/7. As technology advances, communication channels have improved how we interact with each other. In addition, platforms like Google Workspace or Trello brought a new perspective to companies who were used to working on spreadsheets and company memos.

All of these advancements make the virtual personal assistant's job possible, plus, they introduce other types of benefits that a regular assistant cannot handle.

Recruitment Benefits

Recruitment is up to 3 times as expensive for businesses as it is for virtual assistants. You save a lot of money on payroll, taxes, and overtime employee benefits by investing in a virtual personal assistant. So even if your business has only one employee, you'll benefit from these savings.

In this situation, contacting a virtual agency is the best way to go. They will take care of the recruitment process and choose the best candidate to help you with your tasks. All you have to do is Schedule a Free Consultation with the agency and keep good communication with your new virtual personal assistant.

Training and Equipment Benefits

Virtual assistants don't need to be trained before they work and can perform their job remotely, saving money on equipment and offices space. In comparison, employees are an expensive option as they will require training before they start working, meaning this process can cost you a lot of time.

Moreover, you also need to provide them with the necessary equipment and a designated space, which tend to be expensive. A virtual assistant works to provide support for your company. They might take on tasks such as order processing, client coddling, personal shopping, etc. And like we mentioned before, they already have a lot of expertise in their fields.

The best part is, you don't need to worry about them learning the necessary knowledge and skills from previous tasks. Plus, if your company does project-based work, you can hire a VA for a specific project and don't have to pay for them after the task is complete. It sure beats hiring somebody full-time!

Productivity Benefits

When working for a company, you can't always stay focused for an extended period of time. That's why it's essential to take short breaks to refresh your mind and concentrate on the current task again. The important thing is not only taking these breaks but also making sure you mention them in employee agreements so that everyone knows their rights and limitations. It's important to work with happy team members, but don't forget that they are there to do a job.

Virtual assistants work for the time you assign them and can help your business with specific tasks. Once they complete these tasks, they will give 110% to another assignment and produce optimum results for you and your business. Moreover, they will not charge you for any extra hours because they will complete the projects you assign them on time. Lastly, most virtual assistants are located around the world, providing you, your company, and your customers, with a 24/7 contact benefit.

Expertise Benefits

Virtual personal assistants are experts in a lot of fields. Some specialize in marketing, like social media and copywriting, others prefer a finance approach, like bookkeepers and medical billers, and some indulge in topics like design or sales. It doesn't matter which tasks you need help with. By contacting a virtual agency, you will acquire one of the most productive and intelligent workers in the labor scope.

You can also take advantage of this expertise by integrating virtual assistants to different teams in a company. Having a fresh eye input in old problems is always recommended. Having a virtual assistant in your small business is a benefit you cannot pass.

No Unexpected Results

Hiring a virtual personal assistant can help you keep all of your meetings properly scheduled, your social media managed, your travel appointments in check, and overall give you a sense of security that an expert simplifies everything you need to do for your company.

Every day, lots of people are turning to personal assistants as technology is getting better and more efficient. They are becoming more valuable and reliable with each passing day. Take your company into the future and hire a virtual personal assistant today.


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