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5 Best Small Business Marketing Tips for Black Friday

Try this best marketing tips for small businesses!

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The peak season is almost here. And with it a lot of chances to increase your revenue through your carefully thought marketing strategies. Black Friday and Cyber Monaday are two of the best days to promote your brand and products in any given year.

Most people venture into different websites during these two days to find the perfect gifts for their loved ones and to get an opportunity to buy what they always wanted. This reason is why your company needs to prepare and create a marketing plan that is welcoming to the new arrivals and effective getting new customers. In this article, you will learn some marketing tips that will help you maximize your sales during this ramp-up season.

Prepare your Social Media

Social media is a great way to connect with potential consumers and loyal customers. You can answer any doubts that come to their minds and can convince prospects to buy your product while keeping a consistent posting to promote your company's values and mission. This tip is not a secret, but using your social media pages to promote several deals can help bring your sales strategy to your online presence. Here are a few examples divided by social media platforms on making your profile fit for Black Friday.

  • Facebook

    • Cover Image

    • Profile Picture

    • General Posts

    • Targeted Posts

  • Twitter

    • Cover Image

    • Profile Picture

    • General Posts

    • Promo Links

  • Instagram

    • Cover Image

    • Profile Picture

    • Promo Pictures

  • Pinterest

    • Profile Picture

    • Special Catalog

  • Linkedin

    • Cover Image

    • Profile Picture

    • Holiday Post Sharing

These are just a few ideas of what you can change to make your profile more appealing. The point behind changing this general images in your profile is to make customers know about your promotions when buying your products or services. Just be careful when posting any of this material. Make sure it goes along with your company values and target audience.

Start an Email Campaign

There is no better way to connect with your clients than sending an email filled with the best promotions and a few super-saver deals. Email campaigns are one of the most effective tools at your disposal. According to a study from Shopify, email marketing is the number one source of all conversions on the internet.

The first step to creating a successful email campaign is deciding what the objective is. From there, you can extend to what your subject will be, what to include and not include in your message, and which are the best deals to offer through the campaign. Try to be direct and get to the point of the email quickly. Moreover, make sure there aren't any broken links, that the format goes in harmony with your message, and that the email has the right colors for the peak season.

In addition, try to include a design where your customers can see some promotions you offer and then a link to a landing page with all of the items on sale. If you can't hire a graphic designer for this task, you can try apps like Canva or hire a virtual assistant to complete the task for you.

Develop a Special Product/Deal

If your business bases itself in retail, you can create a product that goes with the high sale season. Ranging from tech bundles, new flavors and decals of your products to christmas cookies, having a special item can guarantee sales in this part of the year.

If your business is service-oriented, try offering deals and discounts to your clients related to the season. For example, a holiday deal where clients get free trials if they subscribe to your newsletter or a two-for-one when offering software.

There are plenty of options you can choose from when creating a deal, but don't forget to make the proper calculations first. In addition, you can also create holiday bundles. These bundles will be filled with your latest products and can include a special gift for your customers. Just make sure to keep your budget tight. You don't want to overspend; otherwise, January will be a little rough.

Offer Holiday Services

This tip is more oriented to brick-and-mortar businesses. Shopping can be stressful to customers too. There are a lot of lines, and getting the particular product doesn't always go their way. By offering holiday services, like gift wrapping, or the possibility to reserve a few products will make their shopping much more accessible.

Plus, if you offer wrapping services, customers who use them will also become "walking advertisements" for your company. Whoever receives the gift might also ask where the product was bought and will most likely visit your online or physical store.

If you are not on the physical side of the business, you can offer holiday-themed gift cards or coupons for the services you offer.

Collaborate with others

We all know that there is more value in giving than receiving. So, why not take a chance with a few business partners? Partnering with other businesses gives you the possibility to create cross-business discounts, distribute coupons of your products and create a bond between your business partners and your company.

The best plan of action is to partner with companies that offer complementary products or services to what you offer. For example, if you run a grocery store, you can partner with your local farmer's market to provide organic products that will bring walkers to your store, or if you offer tech products you can partner with a local repair service for full-year guarantees.

If you have an online business, this recommendation might be a little trickier. You will have to explore different options for your business to complement another and work a marketing plan between each marketing team. For example, if you offer a bookkeeping business, you can pair up with a bookkeeping software business to attract consumers' attention.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are an excellent time for businesses. But it takes more than just putting up a few ads to reap the benefits. You will need to put some thought into your campaigns for this festive season, too. A marketing campaign is one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal to make your business thrive.

With the tips mentioned above, you will create an atmosphere that will attract new consumers and establish loyalty from your regular customers. Make sure to maintain the budget in check and that every strategy you use is directed to your buyer persona.


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