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Virtual Assistants vs. Answer Phone Services: What's better for your Company?

Answer phone services have been a reliable service since their creation. But, with new advancements in technology and optimization processes, answer phone services have been left a little behind compared to other services like virtual assistants.

answer phone services

Virtual assistants are remote workers who specialize in several areas and can help your company grow. In comparison, answer phone services (APS) are employees who know your company from to bottom and can help your customers with any question regarding your company.

Answer Phone Services

Answer phone services provide receptionists who can answer customer calls for your company. Depending on the service you hire, you can have these services during the business day or 24/7. These live receptionists can take calls, provide information to the customer, transfer calls, take messages, and record contact information. They possess empathy and active listening skills, making them proficient in customer service. Below, you will find a few advantages this service offers.

No Missed Calls

When you start a business, the last thing you want is to lose a customer because no one was available to answer their requests. Answering phone services can work around your schedule, so you never miss another sales call again.

Personalized Services

When hiring a live receptionist, the company providing the services will ask you a few questions to get you started. After that, they will provide the receptionist with information packages so they can learn the basics of your company. You can also give these receptionists FAQs, scripts, or product descriptions.

Enterprise Projection

Having an answering phone service can help you create a brand that looks bigger than it actually is. Even if you are the owner of a small business that only has a few employees, this illusion makes customers think that your company is more significant than it is and creates a sense of "admiration" of sorts. Think of it this way; if you believe a company is bigger than you thought, you will trust them a little more since most people do.

Free Trials

Most answering phone providers offer free trials for you to get convinced of their service. If you are not sure that this is the right way to go for your business, you can take a free trial and do a few tests. This process is similar to what retailers do with secret shoppers. This strategy will allow you to fully evaluate their service and rectify if the service is suitable for your company.

Virtual Assistants

A virtual assistant can help you with all of the answer phone service tasks and other duties you haven't even considered. If you start delegating additional work to your current employees, they will be overwhelmed and underperform in their regular tasks. Having a virtual assistant in your company will eliminate all the extra work your regular employees have to handle. And, with the VA's expertise, you will excel in customer service. Here's a list of all the tasks that a virtual sales representative can do for your company.


Whether it is convincing clients to buy an offer through the phone or email or nurturing them after making their first purchase, a virtual assistant can help you take good care of your clients. At the same time, you are focused on something more substantial. A virtual representative is essential to the modern office, as they can help keep track of all of your clients and make sure that you stay in contact with them. They will also be able to create a community for your clients, leading to increased sales and repeat business.


One of the most dreaded jobs for small business owners is cold calling potential clients to convince them about buying a product. A virtual representative can help you with those daunting calls. They are trained to convince the client to purchase a particular item they were interested in before and provide general information about your business. It's a win for the sales team and customer support teams.

Lead Screening and Qualification

Sales VAs are experts in their field. They have a finance background that can help them identify potential leads to your business. Qualify them differently, such as the amount of income they generate for your company or the amount of money customers spend on your products. Whatever qualifiers you want to use for your company, VAs will be ready to employ several techniques to transform a customer from prospecting to loyal.

Online Account Management

If you own an eCommerce business, a virtual assistant may be the way to go for your company. Many virtual sales assistants are trained to manage online accounts such as Amazon, eBay, or Facebook Market. They will take care of bad reviews that have affected you in the past and find a solution to engage with the customer who had problems with your products before. Virtual sales reps can also keep track of your inventory across all marketplaces and your online store, a great asset to have in this holiday season.

Answering Phone Services vs. Virtual Assistants

As technology advances, more and more people are opting to get in touch with businesses through other communication channels like social media and live chats, making the telephone obsolete in some instances. Moreover, with the global expansion, we are living in, it is possible we will only communicate through virtual channels as phone rates keep going up.

Hiring a virtual assistant over answering phone services is the first step your company needs to take to have an advantage in the future. While answer phone services are reliable and trustworthy, they lack the virtual assistant's expertise and experience. If you are unsure which one to hire, you can opt for an answer phone free trial, as we mentioned before, or schedule a free consultation with us. At New Age Cubicle, care about making your company reach its full potential. Let's unlock it together!


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