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Top 10 Tasks: Virtual Assistant for Websites

Hiring a virtual assistant for websites is one of the most important decisions you will have to make. When your business is starting to take shape or when it is time for a change, your website is one of the pillars of your identity. It includes your values, mission, and other factors that can help convince a customer to purchase your products or services.

virtual assistant for websites

Many things shape the design of a website, from simple tasks like designing a logo to more technical duties like setting up an eCommerce corner. Disregarding which tasks you need, a virtual assistant for websites can easily help you reach the goals you want to achieve with your new webpage. It is important to mention that some of the tasks described below are not part of the regular virtual assistant knowledge. You will find more information in the last paragraph if you would like to know more about where to find these skilled VAs.

Virtual Assistant for Websites: Tasks

1. Webdesign

To kick off this list, we will start with the website's structure, web design. In our future world, there are hundreds of apps out there to help you create your website without hiring a web designer, such as Wix or WordPress. But, when it comes to more technical tasks, like loading times, you will need a web admin or designer.

Virtual assistants can help you with the creation process of your website. They can write taglines, embed images, and use several plugins and programs so your website can run smoothly and your clients can navigate it seamlessly.

2. Define a Color Palette

Your business's color palette will provide identity to your company. Depending on your chosen colors, your clients will be more engaged to buy your products or hire your services.

Virtual assistants can provide you with the color palette you need. They will study your company's previous images or create one from scratch that will represent your values and those of your company. Some VAs have in-depth knowledge of color theory and composition, which is an advantage when creating or redesigning a website.

3. Copywriting and SEO

SEO and copywriting are the backbone of your company's website. Without it, customers won't be able to find your website in the main search engines, and your competitors will take all those potential customers with them. Your SEO needs to be on point for your business to compete in this channel.

VAs excel in copywriting and SEO. They possess the right tools to find the correct keywords for your website, and they can create the relevant content that will interest your clients in the services your offer. Moreover, they can develop strategies and advertisements to maximize your webpage's visibility.

4. Set up an Ecommerce Store

In the last ten to fifteen years, humanity discovered the commodity of having products delivered to their homes. And with the recent pandemic, eCommerce stores have thrived in this modern market. Of course, setting up an eCommerce store on your website is much more than only creating a page for it. You need to consider the hours it will take to take pictures, upload them to the website, create an attractive description, and feature the products on your home page.

Virtual assistants can easily take over these tasks while you focus on more important things, like contacting clients about your new website. They can write the descriptions for each of your products, and some of them can even edit the photos you created to make your products shine above the competition.

5. Newsletters

Tightly related to copywriting but in a different way, newsletters are one of the most used forms of cold marketing worldwide. Within them, you can inform your customers about new products, holiday specials, and general information about your company which will attract them to consume your products.

Virtual assistants can create these newsletters with ease. They will chat with you and your marketing team to see which strategy is better for each week or month, depending on how you choose to deliver your letters and create an attractive design. In addition, VAs can also create a cold email marketing campaign through several platforms like Klenty or Apollo.

6. Customer Support

Over the last couple of decades, customers passed from being a consumer to valuable assets to any company. Their opinions and experiences with the business world have helped countless enterprises reach their yearly goals. A company that listens to its customers is destined to succeed.

Virtual Assistants can make this destiny present itself. With their over-the-top empathy and their outstanding active listening skills, VAs can take on any customer's issue and resolve it in the fastest and best way possible. Whether you install a chat on your website or have a customer service line, virtual assistants can take care of these channels so you can rest assured that your customers are treated the way they deserve.

7. Personal Shopper

In addition to customer support, virtual assistants can also take the role of a personal shopper. Personal shoppers had a rise about two decades ago and were adopted by some of the most important retail companies in the US. They help customers, over the phone or via chat, to find the products they are looking for.

They also have extensive knowledge of your catalog and can effortlessly provide sales pitches that will incentivize your clients to buy more of certain products or hire better plans to bring more revenue to your company, just as a virtual assistant will do for your business.

8. Track Deliveries

When you start an eCommerce business, you and your employees will deliver your products. But as your sales go up, you will have to consider hiring new employees to deliver your goods or go with an already established company.

Virtual assistants can help you keep track of those deliveries by creating a delivery schedule or by having constant communication with the delivery company of your choice. You can also incorporate these skills into your customer service department and provide your customers with more exact delivery dates.

9. Review Analytics and take Action

If you take a closer look at all of the tasks above, you will see that you can apply a KPI strategy to most of them. Whether you want more visits to your website or push a specific product for your clients, you will need to devise a plan to achieve the desired metrics.

Virtual assistants have experience with many companies in different industries. You can use this knowledge to your advantage and analyze your website statistics with your virtual assistant. Your VA will be able to provide insights about each of the KPIs you would like to measure and come up with the necessary strategy to get the numbers you want.

10. Website Maintenance

As we mentioned before, your website is the main pillar of your company, and keeping it in good shape is of the utmost importance. You will constantly need to check its loading speed its SEO metrics, repair broken links, and even create a mobile version.

While keeping your website up to date may not be challenging, it is very time-consuming. You might think that you can maintain it by yourself, and it might be possible for the first few years, but as you acquire more clients and your website gets more visits, problems you haven't considered before will start to appear. Virtual assistants can take care of your website and keep it competitive, so other companies like yours will have to follow along.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant for your Website

As you can see, many tasks revolve around your website. While some of them might be easy to learn for yourself, the fact is that most of them are very time-consuming. As some businesspeople say, it is better to delegate. So, start delegating some of your time and money-consuming tasks to our virtual assistants!

Here at New Age Cubicle, we thrive by making your company stand above the competition while you save part of your budget and dedicate your time to the most critical tasks in a business. If you would like to know more about our amazing virtual assistants, don't hesitate to contact us. We will find the right expert VA for your company.


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