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15 Virtual Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Virtual marketing relies on digital platforms to accomplish specific goals and strategies from any company. Below, you will learn several plans of action and ideas to improve your virtual marketing. It is vital that you perform a conscientious scan of your business before trying one of these options. The better you know your company, the more you can take out of a marketing strategy.

Virtual Marketing Tips

1. Deal Sites

To start these virtual marketing tips, you can contact deal sites like Slickdeals or Honey to promote your products. Everybody who loves a good deal has a great chance to be on these platforms, which can eventually drive more clients to your door.

2. Cold Email Marketing

Cold email marketing can help your business find new prospects and clients. In contrast with the last tip, this one is more oriented toward B2B companies. The first thing you will need is a CRM platform. Then you will need to verify the contacts are active. Lastly, you will need to create a sequence of emails. After you make the initial contact, it is up to your sales team to ensure the sale.

3. Start a Blog

Whether you are a local or a global company, having a blog can help your business get more brand awareness with keywords. Keywords need to be chosen carefully to implement an SEO strategy in your webpage. With this SEO strategy, your website will start to appear more frequently in search engines and, therefore, drive more traffic to your website.

4. Infographics

Pages like Pictoline have become quite popular over the last decade. Due to the need for condensed and short information, infographics are in a high time demand more than ever. Infographics help explain complicated ideas through text and illustrations. Although a designer is recommended for this particular trip, you can also use Canva to design this type of content.

5. Comparison Guides

Whenever you design your website, you will need to face the challenge of offering your products or plans understandably. Comparisons are great sources to achieve this task. Comparing your different products or services or even comparing yourself with the competition can be the difference between an interested buyer and a potential customer.

6. Share 101 Guides

Sharing is caring. If you are an expert in a particular topic or regularly visit a page with guides and courses that can easily match your target audience, you should start sharing this type of content. These articles do not necessarily have to be in-depth or super long. They just need to have the correct information to keep the reader engaged.

7. Share Top 10s

Like this article, top 10 lists and posts are one of the most viewed types of content over the internet. Try choosing topics related to your company and always add one of them in one of the spots. You will also need to select your keywords carefully for this recommendation, as some keywords can only be used in this type of format.

8. Go Mobile

Whether you are a B2C or a B2B company, developing an app for your services can be one of the most profitable decisions you will make. Apps can be an easy way to engage your clients while also providing subscribing options to things as simple as eliminating ads. If developing an app is out of the budget (because it can be quite expensive), you can optimize your website for mobile versions. Keep in mind that most of the internet is now scoured through these devices.

9. Try different Social Media Platforms

Social media has become one of the most important means of advertising in the last few years. If you already have an established presence on platforms like Facebook or Twitter, you can try pushing content on other popular social media like TikTok or Reddit. Always have in mind your target audience when attempting this virtual marketing tip.

10. Join on Daily Trends

Being active in social media is the best way to get new followers, present products, and nurture your clients with customer service options. But, part of being active also requires your community manager to jump on several trends, whether local or global. Remember to use hashtags and be creative with your responses.

11. Instagram Stories

You might think that Instagram stories are a way for people to share small video fragments of their daily life. And that's is true, but so it is for businesses. Having a few stories with your employees or building excitement for a new product are great ways to use this type of content.

12. Keep track of your competitors

Now known as Metaverse, Facebook Business Manager can provide you with the data of your competitors through their Pages to Watch feature. Follow your competitors and see how their content works with their audience, improve it and apply it to your strategies.

13. Try a Social Media Contest

Social media contests are one of the oldest ways of marketing on platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. Contests are great ways to engage your audience and obtain new followers. Just keep in mind that if you are a service-based company, contests might not work very well with your plan. In addition, try to limit the prizes to things related to your business. Otherwise, you will have a lot of followers that will not match your target audience.

14. Use Hashtags

While some social media managers say that hashtag strategy is starting to go downhill, the fact is that you can still get a lot of interactions using hashtags. The limit for each post or comment is 30 hashtags, so make the most out of them by including trending topics, targetted communities, and related keywords.

15. Hire a Virtual Assistant

There is no doubt that virtual assistants are one of the best choices in the market when it comes to virtual marketing. With their expertise and ability to stay updated on trends and strategies, VAs can easily handle any social media platform. They can also free up your time by handling menial tasks, and they can also save you money due to their low cost.

Virtual Marketing

Virtual marketing has become one of the most popular means of marketing in the last decade. With the addition of social media to the mix, creating brand awareness and getting new clients has never been easier. But understanding most of this topic requires a lot of time and, if you want certifications, can cost a lot of money.

Virtual assistants already dominate the skills required for any virtual marketing campaign. Plus, they can handle duties like bookkeeping, sales, and medical billing. Whatever you need them for, they will excel. Schedule a Free Consultation with New Age Cubicle and see why virtual assistants are the future of the workplace.


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