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How can a Virtual Assistant for Sales help you on Cyber Monday

A virtual assistant for sales can easily change the revenue panorama of a company during Black Friday. But, what can a sales VA do for ecommerce companies, specially if they are lookig forward to sell various products during Cyber Monday?

virtual assistant for sales

The answer is: a lot. Sales virtual assitants excel in many sales-related tasks in a business. From cold calling to lead generation, these VAs know their way around the market and possess negotiation skills that can convince an undecided customer to purchase a product.

Virtual Assistants (VA) are people who perform tasks on behalf of businesses in exchange for money. They can assist with everything from customer service to social media marketing.

Virtual Assistant for Sales

Virtual assistants can fulfill the admin tasks of most postitions in an enterprise. Specifically for this article, virtual sales assistants are workers who know the traits of buying and selling different products or services. Depending on their formation, some may be more inclined towards selling through the phone or through cold email campaigns. While others take a different approach and focus their efforts on marketing campaigns or social media market places.

Whichever you think is the right match for your business, both of them can help you in different ways during Cyber Monday. Take a look at the list below.

Virtual Sales Assistant Tasks

In this list, you will find some of the most common ecommerce tasks a virtual sales assistant can do. Their tasks are not limited to this list and depending on your VA, some tasks may change a little, but the essence of the help you can get will remain.

Product Listings

A VA can help you create and improve your product listings by comparing them to the most searched keywords by your customers. They will do extensive research about the most common keywords around the web and use those keywords creatively in your product's descriptions to attract more customers to your webpage. Providing you with more potential leads to make a sale.

Online Account Management

Many virtual sales assistants are trained to manage online accounts such as Amazon, eBay, or Facebook Market. They will take care of bad reviews that have affected you in the past and find a solution to engage with the customer who had problems with your products before.

Virtual sales reps can also keep track of your inventory across all marketplaces and your online store, a great asset to have in this holiday season. They will even work better if you can manage having all of these platforms into one.

Marketplace management

As we mentioned before, virtual sales reps are trained to manage marketplace accounts such as Amazon or eBay. These marketplaces offer solutions to retailers within their platforms that you can manage and use in your favor to drive more sales. Here are a few tasks a virtual sales rep can do for you during the holiday season:

  • Customer service

  • Review moderation

  • Inventory management

  • Product sourcing

  • Page optimization

There is also the option for marketing your product within a marketplace, specifically Amazon. Amazon offers its businesses sales statistics and analytics, which you can use to ramp up sales within the platform. These are some of the primary functions they offer:

  • Create advertising campaigns across social media and Google Ads

  • Compare data with competitors

  • Create detailed performance reports

  • Engage with audiences in social media

  • Analyze the impact generated by your seasonal discounts on the holidays

A virtual sales assistant can perform all of these tasks while you focus on different jobs you have to do during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Don't neglect the facilities this website already gives you because you don't have time.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is one of the most important channels you can use to maximize your sales. Search engines process millions of web pages daily, such as Google or Bing. It is your VA's responsibility that your web page is between those results, preferably within the first page.

An expert SEO virtual assistant can drive your potential customers to your web page, providing a positive impact. Moreover, they can also redact different landing pages which will provide your website a better position within the search engines.

Social Media Marketplace Management

Before you keep scrolling towards the end, give this last bullet point a chance. Many companies disregegard the power of social media marketplaces. Many enterprises see it as a second hand store, or a thrift store, where people can sell their used stuff for a quick buck. And while that is true, there are innovative companies that are starting to appear within these marketplaces.

It is not necessarily sink or swim, these marketplaces still offer small businesses an opportunity to grow their communities through selling products online. If you think about it, isn't that what all companies want, to engage customers while seeling products?

A virtual sales assitant can manage your marketplace profile for you. They will be responsible for featuring certain products in your social media platforms and negotiate with the potential customers to get the sale. We're not saying to upload your entire store to Facebook, but perhaps a few articles that attract attention might be the difference between a great Cyber Monday and an amazing Thanksgiving weekend.

How to get a Virtual Assistant for Sales?

Virtual sales assistants are an effective group of workers who can turn the tide of your revenue not only during the holidays, but for any season of the year. Their expertise, knowledge, and skills separate them from a regular sales person and they can work for your company for half the cost of a regular employee, plus you do not have to make space in the office for them or provide them with the necessary equipment.

If you are interested in knowing more about this outstanding virtual assistants, do not hesitate to give us a call or write us an email. We will be able to match you with the right virtual assistant so you and your business can live Cyber Monday like the big enteprises do.


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