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10 Ways a Virtual Assistant can improve your Small Business

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

A virtual assistant is an expert who works with small businesses to help them thrive and achieve their goals. They possess several skills that can be crucial when running a company, like marketing or bookkeeping. Virtual assistants are also a cultural asset to your company. Since most of them are located outside the US, VAs can quickly adapt to the industry you work in because of their previous experience with other companies. Their views on certain topics and their knowledge of specific subjects can be the difference between a good company and a successful company.

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Depending on how you measure success, a VA can assist in many tasks. They can take the role of your personal assistant or even go the extra mile managing your sales team. As your company starts to grow, you will need to take care of more and more duties, which is time-consuming. When a company faces this issue, normally, they hire new employees, which can be on the pricey side of things for any small business. This situation is what created the need for virtual assistants. They can take care of time-consuming tasks while saving every penny possible since you do not have to worry about paying benefits, providing training, or buying new equipment.

How a Virtual Assistant can improve your Small Business

1. Expertise

There is no doubt about virtual assistants being experts in their fields. They have worked with countless businesses in different sectors. Their knowledge and experience provide them with an open mind to take on new projects and allow them to adapt to any situation that may be an issue within your business.

2. Customer Service Skills

In addition to their expertise, a virtual assistant is also trained in the ways of customer service. They have outstanding active listening skills and are also one of the most empathic people you will meet. Virtual assistants can easily identify a problem and find a prompt solution regardless if the target is customers or company employees.

3. Adaptability

Linked to the first point in this list, a virtual assistant's adaptability provides these professionals with creative thinking and fantastic problem-solving skills. You can also assign VAs to any task you or your company needs, from scheduling meetings with your clients to more in-depth functions like creating a marketing plan or a cold email campaign.

4. Management

Virtual assistants can help your management team in several ways, but there are two main points of advantage. First, you can lower your management costs by hiring a virtual assistant who will only work for the hours you decide. Second, virtual assistants can also take the job of a consultant, helping management make the right decisions or to manage a small team of workers.

5. Tools and Equipment

A virtual assistant knows which tools are best for the job they are about to perform. One of the greatest commodities of hiring a VA is that they already possess the necessary equipment and tools for specific tasks. For example, if you would like to start a cold email campaign, chances are they already have access to the most popular platforms, such as Klenty or Prospecting Toolkit. Moreover, VAs can adapt to any tool you are using at the moment.

6. Social Media

Social media is one of the best tools in this modern era. But taking care of it is very time-consuming. You must devise a plan, create the necessary content, and schedule your posts. The problem is, this is just the first part. You also need to engage your community and nurture your leads. In contrast to the freelancer community and social media managers who are elevating their prices, virtual assistants can perform the same task for half the cost.

7. Time-tracking

It happens. Sometimes you put so much effort into a task that time flies by. Virtual assistants know that certain duties are more important than others, so they plan their time ahead to deliver results in the shortest amount of time possible. They can also provide several time management strategies for you and your team to be more productive.

8. Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is essential for any company. But it is also one of the most time and money-consuming jobs worldwide. Virtual assistants can easily take on this task due to their previous training with tools like QuickBooks. They can easily balance your books and can tell you where you are spending more of your budget and where you can save a few extra bucks.

9. E-Commerce

With all the commodities e-commerce brings, so do disadvantages come along. If you have an e-commerce store, you know what we are talking about. You have to keep track of your stock, attend to customers who contacted you through several platforms and check on delivery times to keep your customers happy. Instead of hiring a team of employees to take care of all these things, you could hire a virtual assistant. They can easily tackle these problems so you can have time to take care of what is really important.

10. Website Management

Having a website is a must for any company. Within your website, customers can find all the information they need to purchase your products or services. Maintaining a good website is the real issue. You need to update many things, such as SEO, web stores, prices, and a good overall presentation. A VA can take care of these duties for you. In addition, some of them also have a keen eye for composition and color theory.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant

When it comes to your business, you know what is best for yours. Virtual assistants are an investment opportunity that will show results in no longer than three months, compared to the six months a regular employee needs to adapt to a company. So if you are interested in making one of the best investments for your company, you can contact us here at New Age Cubicle. Our virtual assistants are eager to work with your company and reach success together. Click here for more info.


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