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15 Tasks of Real Estate Virtual Assistants

There are many tasks of real estate virtual assistants that can help you free some time in your busy day-to-day. From various admin tasks to others more related to property management and sales, virtual assistants are a great asset for any company or entrepreneur wishing to hire them.

Tasks of Real Estate Virtual Assistants

In this article, you will learn fifteen of the most popular tasks of real estate virtual assistants. Having a VA on your team frees time and saves you a big part of the budget since you do not have to worry about paying for benefits, equipment, or training.

15 Real Estate Virtual Assistant Tasks

1. Front Desk Services

To start this list, we'll look at the most common virtual assistant task, front desk services. From answering phones to resolving any doubts your clientele may have about your company, VAs can provide accurate information while promoting your business via phone.

2. Schedule Appointments and Showings

A great addition to the service above would be the ability to schedule meetings, appointments, and showings whenever you need to contact a specific person. They will learn your schedule by heart and arrange it so that you will even have some free time for yourself!

3. Update Property Listings

As a real estate agent, updating your property listings is a must. You know, there are several things that you need to write within a property description that will attract potential buyers to the listing. Virtual assistants can keep your listings updated. They will add or subtract all the necessary information to keep your potential clients up-to-speed about new features in a property.

4. Order Supplies

If there is one thing that separates real estate agents from any other type of workers is their creativity in designing physical forms of advertisements. Ranging from simple office supplies like pens, or USB sticks, to more complicated promotion types like billboards and benches, VAs can contact different suppliers to check prices with each one and present you with a comparison. This comparison will help you decide which supplier better fits your needs.

5. Draft and Deliver Documents

Gone are the days when real estate agents had to write everything by themselves and physically deliver everything to the client. While some people still prefer the effectiveness of printed sources, many real estate agents have opted for a more digital approach when handling important documents. This opened the way to VAs inside the property market. They can quickly draft the documents you need and deliver them to interested parties, like insurance companies or your clientele.

6. Market Analysis

All around the world, marketing agencies perform several tests to see how the market is evolving in their industry. Like any marketing agency, a real estate virtual assistant can perform tests, research new trends, and overall study where the real estate market is going. Moreover, they can even make predictions about certain property selling points!

7. Social Media

While most real estate agents kept their listings on their websites in the past, more and more agents are starting to upload their available properties to social media. If you are not social media savvy or need help thinking about what to post, a virtual assistant can tackle this task. They can create engaging content that will allow you to create a community, and as a real estate agent, you know word of mouth is a potent tool.

8. Ad Campaigns

Whether on Google ads, social media, or physically, a virtual assistant can take care of your ad campaigns with great accuracy and effectiveness. They will study your target audience carefully and create a specific segmentation for each ad type to reach more interested customers. Furthermore, VAs can classify and arrange these leads, so you only need to contact those who will grant you the purchase.

9. Study the Competition

Just as with any other industry, keeping an eye on your competitors in the real estate business is a must. While it may not be challenging, it takes a lot of time to research each of your competitors. Fortunately, saving time is why virtual assistants were created. They can analyze your local competitors in-depth and grab a few ideas from here and there to maximize your reach and, later on, your profits.

10. Coordinate Appraisals and Inspections

Whenever a house enters the market, a few steps must be followed before selling the property. A virtual assistant can schedule all the necessary factors a property needs to be sellable. From contacting an inspector to hiring a clean-up crew every time you show the house, VAs can easily coordinate with other enterprises and business owners, so you only have to worry about showing the properties and closing deals.

11. Interview Buyers

While most real estate agents like to do this task to get to know their clientele, chances are only some have sufficient time to interview all their customers. Virtual assistants can take this task off your hands so you can interview bigger prospects without worrying about the rest of your clientele. They will ask all the pertinent questions and can even show them a few at-hand properties.

12. Search Open Listings

Listings are the bread and butter of the real estate business. Without them, the market would cease to exist. Hunting for properties is one of the most exciting real estate tasks, but you need more than picking up a property. Considering all the factors you need to check before choosing a listing, a real estate VA can help you scout available listings and research them thoroughly to make an informed decision about the property.

13. Website Creation and Maintenance

As an experienced real estate agent, you know that your website offers the best presentation card. It contains all your contact information, listings, and, most importantly, your values and goals. A website is excellent, but creating and maintaining it updated to the current market may take more time than you would want. Virtual assistants are experts in keeping up with modern market trends and can optimize your website, so your clients have a better experience when visiting it.

14. Copywriting and SEO

Apart from creating your website, virtual assistants can also write relevant topics that can position your website in the top results of the most popular search engines. They can also create powerful copies to attract real estate leads and transform them from prospects to customers.

15. Bookkeeping

Last but not least, bookkeeping is one of the most popular tasks of a VA. Keeping track of your finances may seem like something you forcingly need to do yourself or hire an accountant. In reality, virtual assistants are trained to keep your finances in order and let you know of possible ways to save part of your budget. You can read more about bookkeeping tasks here.

Real Estate Virtual Assistants

The tasks of real estate virtual assistants can help you not only free some time but also increase your exposure, nurture your clientele, and overall manage your real estate business better.

If you are still not convinced that virtual assistants are the future of the workforce, you can contact us with your specific needs, and we will clear any doubts you have about working with these professionals. We will match you with one of our expert virtual assistants so you can start releasing the full potential of your real estate business.


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